Lodhi Garden, Delhi’s Timeless Beauty: Timings, Entry fee

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Imagine being in a place surrounded by historic monuments and greenery where even the pigeons of Delhi come for their ‘me time’. So ‘tum kese piche rahoge’, experience the blend of history and serenity of ‘Dilwalo ki Delhi’ at Lodhi Garden. So Pack your bag and get to the most sought after destination in our India package. 

Nestled in the heart of Delhi Lodhi Garden is spread across 90 acres and is both a green space and a treasure trove of history. This place can bring you calm from the hustle and bustle of the week and can become your perfect weekend getaway inside Delhi.  

As you wander through the garden pathways you will encounter multiple tombs and architecture that transports visitors to an entirely different era. The monuments of Lodhi Garden in Delhi are a perfect mix of Mughal and Afghan architectural designs. Delhi is also one of the best historical places in India and Lodhi garden is the perfect blend of history and nature.  

Lodhi Garden in Delhi also offers lush greenery and blooming flowers, making it a soothing escape from city life. It is the perfect place to take a quiet stroll, read a book, and even practice yoga.

History of Lodhi Garden


As the name suggests, the roots of the Lodhi Garden are linked to the Lodhi Dynasty (1451-1526 AD), which ruled Delhi during the 14th and 15th centuries.  Particularly Sikandar Lodhi who was the second ruler of the dynasty is said to have started the construction of the park. He built several structures inside the garden including the Sikandar Lodhi Tomb. 

After him came his son Ibrahim Lodhi who was defeated by Mughal ruler Babur. During the Mughal period the garden underwent several changes in its layout and functionality. Again during the British rule this place was converted into a public park.

In 1936, Lady Willingdon, the wife of the then Viceroy of India, initiated the development of the garden into its present form, with pathways, lawns, and additional plantations making the  history of Lodhi Garden changed a testament of time.

 How to reach Lodhi Garden


There are various ways to reach Lodhi Garden, with local transportation you can easily reach Lodhi Garden. If you are a Delhite or are coming from nearby areas you can get a taxi or local buses. Several buses have routes passing through Lodhi Garden location.

  1. From Cannaught Palace you can take bus route bus 522 or 520
  2. From South Delhi you can take bus route number 392, 433 or 433A.
  3. From north Delhi you can take bus route number 181, 181A or 181B
  4. From East Delhi you can take bus route number 309A, 309EXT, 309ST
  5. From West Delhi you can take bus route number 433 or 433A

The scheduled routes may vary so it is recommended to check with Delhi transportcorporation or online bus planner before visiting.

Other than that you can also choose for metro, the nearest metro station to Lodhi Garden location is the Jor Bagh Metro Station, which is a part of the Yellow line. From the metro station, the Lodhi Garden is about 15-minute walk.

Confused about how the Delhi metro works? 

Check this suggested read for better understanding of Delhi metro lines

Suggested Read- Delhi Metro Cards

Best Time To Visit Lodhi Garden


Best Season to visit Lodhi Garden

Usually the months from October to March are considered the best season for travellers. Winters are usually considered the best time to visit Northern India as the temperature during this season ranges between cold to comfortably warm. 

Lodhi Garden in New Delhi offers a lush green picturesque setting with its blooming flowers and well-maintained lawns, etc. Lodhi Garden often hosts cultural events in the garden such as music and art exhibitions and these events are mostly hosted during winter.

Best time during the Day to visit Lodhi Garden in New Delhi

During the day you if you want to avoid maximum crowd then early morning offers a serene atmosphere for jogging, yoga, etc. Evening is also a pleasant time to visit the garden, during evening the garden is illuminated creating a magical atmosphere for visitors. 

Best things to do in Lodhi Garden

Some of the best things to do in the Lodhi Garden are

  1. Enjoy the two most famous tombs of the garden, the Sikander Tomb and the Mohammad Shah’s tomb. Both the toms reflects the architectural style of the Lodhi dynasty and the Sayyid dynasty. 
  2. Another point of attraction inside the garden is the Sheesh Gumbad, a tomb that is decked with blue color tiles which shows the artistic sensibility of the Lodhi dynasty.
  3. Next is the Bara Gumbad, which is a structure with a huge dome and is believed to be serving as the gateway to a larger complex.
  4. Athpula or the Eight- piered bridge is another architectural marvel that adds to the scenic charm of the garden. 
  5. The national Bonsai Park is another wonder of Lodhi garden that you absolutely can’t miss. 

Activities to do in Lodhi Garden

Some of the activities to do in Lodhi Garden are:-


The Lodhi Garden has a diverse range of bird species, such as the parakeets, mynas, pigeons, kingfishers, egrets and many more. The garden’s greenery, peaceful environment and water bodies makes this place the perfect inhabitat for birds.

Nature trials

One of the most underrated activity that you can enjoy here is the nature. Take your stroll around the large greenery and enjoy the calm of the garden.

Yoga and meditation

You can also enjoy calmness through yoga and meditation, away from the chaos of the city. Find a quiet spot in the garden to stretch, unwind and connect with your mind, body and soul. 


Whether you are a professional or like taking pictures for fun this place offers plenty of picturesque settings to explore. 

Cultural Events 

This garden also hosts cultural events like art and music shows sometimes so you could also be a part of these events and experience happiness. 

Restaurants Near Lodhi Garden


There are cafes and restaurants near this garden which could be considered as some of the most instagrammable cafes of Delhi. 

There are also some of the restaurants near Lodhi Garden that will help you enjoy the beauty of this place while keeping your yummy full and are also considered as the best restaurants in Delhi 

Lodi- the garden restaurant

Checkout the Instagram page:- https://www.instagram.com/lodi_thegardenrestaurant?igsh=MWNxYzA5bTBmbmN0dA=


Checkout the Instagram page:- 


Indian Accent – The Lodhi

Checkout the Instagram page:- 


Top Hotels Near Lodhi Garden

Top Hotels Near Lodhi Garden

Some of the top hotels near Lodhi Garden for a pleasant stay are:- 

The Claridges

Checkout the instagram page:-


Ambassador, New Delhi- IHCL

Checkout the instagram page:-


Park Inn by Radisson, New Delhi

Checkout the instagram page:-


The Ashok

Checkout the instagram page:-


Attractions near Lodhi Garden


Some of most common attractions near Lodhi Garden are 

  1. Khan Market
  2. National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum
  3. Humayun Tomb
  4. Purana Qila
  5. Rashtrapati Bhavan

Lodhi Garden in delhi timings 

Lodhi Garden in Delhi timings are:- 

6 am to 8 pm during October to March

5 am to 8 pm during April to September

Lodhi Garden ticket price 

There’s no Lodhi Garden tickets price, the entry is free for everyone.

What are the opening hours of Lodhi Gardens?

The opening hours of Lodhi garden is 6 am or 5 am sometimes.

Is there an entry fee to visit Lodhi Gardens?

There is no entry fee to visit Lodhi Garden.

.Are there any restrictions on activities within Lodhi Gardens?

 No there are no restrictions on activities within Lodhi Gardens.

.Are guided tours available at Lodhi Gardens?

Yes there are but there are also fraudsters to be careful.

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