8 Language Learning Apps For Your Next Trip Abroad

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When you are travelling to a foreign country, you have to think about a lot of stuff, like what you are going to pack, the essential items, all your documents, and the language learning apps that you may need abroad in order to convey your message or understand the culture of the place. 

If you are travelling to a country where English would be enough, then your basic English would work too, however, if the country has an entirely different language, then you need to understand the basics of that language. 

You must be thinking about how you will learn an entirely new language in a few days, and it wouldn’t matter because you won’t be able to learn it completely, so why make an effort? 

However, you should know that there are several language learning apps that teach you new languages, so you can take full advantage of that. I will be introducing you to some apps that help you learn new languages. 

1. Google Translate

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Now this doesn’t even need an introduction because we all know Google Translate and have been using it for a long time now. However, we have used it only for the purpose of having fun, but it is a great free tool for you to use during your international trip. 

Google Translate can convert up to 100 languages, and you can directly point at the text written, and the app will translate it into the language of your choice. 

You can even save phrases or sentences you like and use them daily. The ease of access this app provides makes it very user-friendly, plus it’s free, so that’s an added advantage.

2. Duolingo

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Duolingo is another language-learning app that is free of cost and gives users the advantage of learning new languages through a game. The app has 30 languages, and over 1.2 billion users are using the app to learn new languages. The app has a totally different approach to teaching the new language, as one can engage in tasks and earn points. 

You can take the beginner’s lesson and then perform various tests to see your improvement. 

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3. Memrise

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The app offers 16 languages for you to learn; however, on the website, you can find almost all languages, so it’s up to you whether you want to learn through the app or the website. You can choose your level, and then the app offers various keywords and phrases through videos and texts that you can use for learning. You can also find a leaderboard to see the competition. This is another way to compete as well as learn a new language. If you want access to more languages, you have to take the subscription. 

4. Rosetta Stone

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Rosetta Stone is probably the oldest app for learning another language, and it’s not free. You have to subscribe to access the app and enjoy its benefits. You have to pay $11.9 to get a 3-month subscription for one language which you want to learn. Unlike other apps, it does not give you access to all other languages unless you take a subscription for that as well. 

Take out at least 30 minutes every day if you want to learn the new language, and also utilise the money you paid for its subscription. 

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5. Babbel

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Another app that allows you to learn a new language is Babble. You can take the subscription of $6.9 per month and take 10-15 minutes every day to learn new phrases and sentences. Users are asked to fill in the blanks and use several phrases to learn the new language easily. It gives access to several languages but it’s not free of cost.

6. Busuu

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Busuu is a language app that provides the most common languages which you may need if you are travelling abroad, such as Chinese, Spanish, French, and a total of 12 languages. It promises to teach you the language if you just spare 10 minutes of your day. Once you choose a specific time of the day, the app notifies you of the exact time and also provides you with a study plan. 

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7. Drops

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This app is probably the best app for learning a new language, offering 35 different languages. It wants you to only take 5 minutes out of your busy schedule to pay attention to the learning process. Now you may think that 5 minutes is too less, but if you think about it, 5 minutes doesn’t feel like a task and also helps you have a laser focus. Whatever you learn in these 5 minutes is likely to stay in your mind for a longer time than taking out an hour. 

If you want to have better access to the new languages, then upgrade to the premium version.

8. Pimsleur

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This app promises to give you a basic understanding of a language in 30 days if you use it consistently. It offers 50 languages and also tracks your linguistic progress. Pimsleur has an audio player that helps you listen and understand the pronunciations as well. 

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The apps listed above are some of the best free and paid language learning apps for you to learn a new language, especially when you are travelling abroad. However, even if you are not travelling anywhere but are keen on learning a new language, these apps are the way to go.

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