10 Travel Luggage Suitcases To Elevate Your Travel Game

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When travelling or planning a trip, it is essential to take good care of your travel luggage so that you don’t lose anything valuable on the trip. For that, it is important to take care of all your belongings, but how do you do that? 

Well, the most important thing to keep your travel luggage safe is to buy a suitcase and make sure your suitcase is of good quality and durable. You need to check its strength and durability before making the purchase. 

Let me help you with that and give you a list of options for travel luggage suitcases to help you choose the best one. 

1. American Tourister Hardsided Luggage

Source : Amazon.in

American Tourister is a popular and prominent brand that gives a variety of options for travel luggage suitcases which are solid and durable. However, the best suited for travelling is the American Tourister Hardsided travel luggage suitcase which has a capacity of 108 litres and is made using polycarbonate on the outer surface, and there are 4 wheels for easy movement. The suitcase comes in the dimensions of 53 x 32 x 79 cm.

2. VIP Aristocrat Century Suitcase Set

Source : Amazon.in

Another popular brand VIP, whose name you must have definitely heard, is also one of the popular travel luggage suitcases. This suitcase is best suited for trips as well as for business purposes. 

Made from premium polyester fabric, this suitcase restricts against water and wear and tear. The bag also has a side handle that lets you ideally grab the handle. 

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3. Safari Sonic Hard Sided Polycarbonate

Source : Amazon.in

This travel luggage suitcase comes in a set of two trolleys and in fine blue colour. The Safari Sonic Hard Sided travel luggage is scratch resistant and is made of fine-quality polycarbonate on the outer part, and top-notch fabric on the inside.

It comes with a capacity of 41 litres, with push-handle buttons, and refreshing interiors.

4. Nasher Miles Hard-Sided ABS and PC Travel Luggage

Source : Amazon.in

This hard-sided set of two trolley bags is perfect for cabin luggage and is known for its impact strength and heat distortion resistance. For doubly secured baggage, they have a twofold loop zipper. 

This travel luggage suitcase has a 360-degree spinner and a retractable telescopic handle. 

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5. Aristocrat Baleno Maroon Softsided

Source : Amazon.in

This impressive travel luggage suitcase comes in blue colour with a design that is soft-sided, is made using top-notch quality polyester, and comes with a soft casing. 

The bag has two pockets in the front, and corner guards, besides this product comes with 2 compartments and 4 wheels. 

6. Polo Club-USA Polycarbonate Hard 24.4 Inch Suitcase

Source : Amazon.in

This bag weighs around 3.5 kg, is available in a set of 3, and comes with four spinner wheels with spacious interiors. 

This suitcase comes in different colours and is probably the best choice for a travel luggage suitcase. This bag is appreciated for its metallic zippers, lightweight exterior zipper compartment, and wear and tear resistance. It also has a TSA lock in all of its bags.

7. 3G Atlantis Smart Series ABS 4-Wheel Hard-Sided Travel Luggage

Source : Amazon

This robust travel luggage suitcase comes in a beautiful black colour with a hard-sided design. 

It comes with a hard casing and is made of polycarbonate material on the outer side. 

The luggage set has a telescopic handle and is versed with 4 wheels for easy manoeuvrability, and is available with 2 spacious compartments, this luggage set also has a USB port to charge your phones. Isn’t it the best travel luggage suitcase?

8. 3G Atlantis Smart Series Polycarbonate Hard-Sided Travel Luggage Suitcase

Source : Amazon

This bag is made of high-quality polycarbonate material with impact resistance, and outstanding strength, ensuring complete security of your valuables while you are in transit. 

Since it is a 4-wheeled trolly, it is easy to manoeuvre and make it simple to pass through crowds. 

The spacious interiors are designed carefully to keep your accessories and clothing in place. With its practical and sturdy design, it is a good choice for a travel luggage suitcase. 

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9. Urban Forest Check-in Trolly Bag

Source : Amazon.in

These bags fall in the category of Best Suitcase & Travel Luggage, which comes up with an impeccable luggage set that’s available in two sizes, 67cm and 78cm. 

The set has been made using polypropylene material, ensuring a versatile appearance, durability, and also lightweight. 

It also comes with multi-organizer sleeves and cross-competition belts. 

10. Amazon Basic Set Of 3 Softsided Travel Luggage Suitcase

Source : Amazon.in

Again this bag falls in the Best Suitcase & Travel Luggage category and is stunningly attractive with absolute durability and strength, offering a safe and reliable space for storage with multiple compartments. 

Whether you are going for a business trip or for a vacation, this is probably among the best travel luggage suitcase. 

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