Mumbai Loses The Last Of 7 Bungalows In Andheri

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The City of Dreams recently lost a crucial piece of history when the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation(BMC) tore down the city’s most historic building. 

Only recently, the Times Of India published an article, where the BMC stated that the Bungalow was in a ruinous state and issued a notice to the owner of Ratan Kunj to vacate the Bungalow as it would collapse very soon. 

The Bungalow was known as the Shanti Niwas and it was the last remaining of the 7 Bungalows in Versova. These Bungalows were built by a Gujarati Patsi Family in the year 1898. The heir of the Family who was an Irani Lady, used to live here in the Bungalow in the year 2005. 

These bungalows were renowned because each of these bungalows was built by some of the most influential people in India during that time, which included Sorabjee Talati, Maharaja of Kutch, the Khambattas, Dadabhai Naoroji, Maharaja of Gwalior, the Chinais, and Rustom Masani. 

When the Talati Villa fell, the only existing piece of architectural history was the Shanti Niwas which was built by the Chinais. 

When BMC issued a notice, one of the co-owners of the Bungalow challenged BMC that the bungalow was in no imminent danger. It was also claimed that the notice was a part of the conspiracy to evict them from their own home because a local builder coveted the land and had intentions to redevelop the land. 

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