Leh Ladakh in November: A Detailed Travel Guide.

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As winter knocks on the door with a cold breeze, you will experience dropping temperatures and fluffy snowfall. The usual temperature in this month ranges from a maximum of 7°C to a minimum of -7°C. Plan your trip with our Leh-Ladakh tour packages to witness the beauty of Leh Ladakh in November.

Though winters are considered an off-season for Leh due to its challenging environment for many travelers, for adventure seekers it would be a heavenly experience.

It snows in Ladakh in the month of November. You will find snow at some high-altitude places like Chang La Pass and Khardung La Pass. Even Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake, which are low-altitude regions, experience snowfall in November. The mountains are covered with white and shiny snow, which looks amazing and will leave you speechless.

Ladakh is most famous for its Hall of Fame Museum, wonderful landscapes, blue skies, highest mountain passes, exciting adventure activities, Buddhist monasteries, and many more.

Some amazing reasons to visit Leh-Ladakh:

  • Amazing scenic beauty: This wondrous place needs no introduction. Ladakh is a place where time stands still, and you will be amazed to see the scenic beauty. Amidst the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges, this place calls out to travelers and trekkers as well, who can set out on a journey that will help them find themselves all over again.
  • It is also considered to be the world’s highest desert. The clear blue skies, where the stars shine bright at night, and the charming lakes in Leh Ladakh are the raw beauty that knows how to attract travelers.
  • Cuisine: You will be exploring the varied kinds of cuisine that are not only local but also from neighboring countries. You will be experiencing the warm team, traditional momos, and even thukpa.
  • Magnetic Hill: If you want to see the magic happen, Mag netic Hill is the best place to visit. The natural phenomena are situated 30 kilometers from Leh, on the way to Alchi and Kargil.
  • Warm welcome! Travel to Leh Ladakh, offers you an amazing vacation with your loved ones. You can even go enjoy trekking, biking, and many more activities with your friends, relatives, and loved ones. The place serves every tourist well and will leave a mark on their memory.

Is it good to visit Ladakh in November?

Moreover, safety is also a prime concern for travelers. So! Worry not, Ladakh is safe to visit in November by all means, including a road trip to air travel.

You will encounter cold, and roads might get blocked for a short duration, but November is still considered one of the best times to visit Ladakh.

There are fewer tourists who visit Ladakh in November because road trips are quite difficult this month. However, they are well equipped with emergency kits and follow safety protocols. The weather conditions, although very challenging, lend the region a heavenly beauty as the landscapes of Ladakh become blanketed in a pristine layer of snow. The snow-capped mountains and valleys create a mesmerizing panorama that is sure to leave any traveler in awe of nature’s grandeur.

Many riders will ask, “Can we go to Ladakh in November by bike?”


If you choose a trip to Ladakh in November on bike, then it will be a big challenge for your physical and mental fitness because nights during this season are extremely cold. In short, you should avoid planning a trip to Ladakh via bike in November because the cold temperature on Srinagar-Leh Highway routes, when combined with a bike trip, might become a dangerous decision for you! It is suggested to take your car for the Ladakh trip in November. However, if you love watching the snow and want to enjoy skiing and other adventure sports, Leh Ladakh weather in November would be an excellent choice to plan a Ladakh trip.

So! How do I reach Ladakh in November?

A road trip couldn’t be possible due to a blocked road with heavy snow. Though flying is the only way to reach Leh Ladakh in November, The Manali-Leh and Srinagar-Leh highways are generally closed by October-November and November-December, respectively.

Most of the guesthouses, homestays, and hotels are closed for the winter, and you will find costly options available.

The best places to visit Leh in November are:


Nubra Valley: In November, you will be experiencing the snow-covered mountains at their peak and stunning views of the majestic Himalayas, Zanskar Valley which is famous for Chadar Trek and the Karakoram Range. The valley is actually at an even lower altitude than Leh City and does not receive a lot of snow in November. This is the best place to visit in Leh in November, as you will be able to visit all places in Nubra, including Diskit, Hunder, Turtuk, and Panamik. Plan your Ladakh tour in November with us for your unforgettable experience. 

Location: Leh district, Ladakh

Timings:24 x 7

Pangong Lake: Among the most visited places in Leh, Ladakh, this lake will be frozen. However, it did not freeze completely in November. The mountains surrounded by the Pangong Lake look amazing and will attract you towards them. Travelers in Leh Ladakh tour packages, especially couples in Ladakh honeymoon packages, will get the opportunity to click Instagram worthy Leh Ladakh pictures with the lake and the snow-capped mountains as the backdrop. One more exciting fact about this place is that many Indian films, like 3 Idiots, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, and Dil Se, have been shot here. 

Location: Leh district, Ladakh

Timings:24 x 7

Leh Palace: This is the largest town and the capital of Ladakh. Overlooking the Ladakhi Himalayan town of Leh, the Leh Palace is an important historical landmark and the best place to visit Leh in November. Here, the weather in November offers an enchanting view of snow-clad mountain peaks. Many visitors encounter some of the best places to visit in Leh in November, like Magnetic Hill, Shanti Stupa, and many more.

Location: Namgyal Hill, Leh, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir 

Timings: 8AM to 5PM

Thiksey Monastery: Thiksey Monastery is a Buddhist monastery and those who seek an insight into the Buddhist culture while traveling in our Leh Ladakh packages are in for a treat. Located on top of a hill in Thiksey at an altitude of 11,800 feet, approximately 19 kilometers east of Leh,Ladakh. Since the monastery possesses a huge number of stupas, idols, statues, apparel, and many more elements that give a glimpse into the culture, this monastery is loved by those traveling in our honeymoon packages and is a trademark of all Leh Ladakh tour packages.

Location: Leh-Ladakh-Manali Highway, Jammu & Kashmir

Timings: 7AM to 7PM

Hemis Wildlife Sanctuary- Hemis Wildlife Sanctuary is located at a high elevation of 17000 ft in the eastern part of Ladakh district in Jammu and Kashmir, north India. Hemis National Park has the distinction of being the largest national park in South Asia and is globally famous for its snow leopards. Hemis National Park has arguably the highest density of snow leopards in any protected area of the world. If you want to visit this exciting and adventurous park, then you must check out our customizable Leh Ladakh tour packages.

Location: Eastern Ladakh district, Jammu and Kashmir

Timings: 9AM to 5PM

Pathar Sahib Gurudwara: Gurudwara Pathar Sahib is located 25 kilometers away from Leh, in Ladakh. On those adventures on the Ladakh tour in November, discover the chilly weather with mountain views and refreshments. Be prepared if you are willing to endure the cold Leh ladakh weather in November and want to witness the white beauty of Ladakh.

Location: Leh-Kargil Highway, Leh Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir

Timings:  6AM to 7PM

The best month to visit Ladakh


There is not a particular time to visit this beautiful place. However, the most popular time for visiting Ladakh is from May to the end of September, when the temperature is warmer. The Leh weather is sunny and warm; moreover, Ladakh lies in the rain shadow of the Himalayas.

Summer is usually the peak season for tourism in Ladakh, and this is the best time for those who want to go trekking.

Upon researching, we found that the best time to visit Ladakh is during the summer season, from April to July, as during this time the temperature falls somewhere between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius. Between April and mid-May, there is no heavy snowfall, and the summer season slowly takes over the place.

During November-March, you will witness the extreme cold deserts of Ladakh. Since, the Leh ladakh weather in November is utmost chilling and amazing to experience

Amazing packages at WanderOn

An escape to Embark on your journey to Leh-Ladakh, with our exciting and adventurous tour packages. At WonderOn, we provide the best customized travel packages according to your budget and preferences. 

Either you are planning your travel journey with your partner, a group of friends, or your family, we ensure to make your travel experience worthwhile with us!

Let’s plan your Ladakh tour in November together for an enchanting event. If you wish to plan your trip to Ladakh in November, you will encounter the many beautiful monasteries and hills covered and plated with white snow for mesmerizing views.


November presents a unique opportunity to experience the enchanting beauty of Leh-Ladakh, in a different light. From pristine landscapes to vibrant local culture, Leh Ladakh has something to offer to its adventurers. Despite the colder temperatures and occasional snowfall, this off-season period offers travelers a chance to explore the region in a more serene and cold atmosphere. With fewer crowds and lower prices, it’s the perfect time to embark on an unforgettable journey to this Himalayan paradise.

So, pack your warmest clothes, be prepared for adventure activities, and step out to discover the mesmerizing landscapes, rich culture, and warm hospitality of Leh Ladakh in November. Your memorable experience awaits in this breathtaking corner of the world.

Are there any ATMs in Leh?

Leh is equipped with ATMs owned by Punjab National Bank, Axis Bank, Jammu and Kashmir Bank, and the State Bank of India.

What kind of tourist vehicles are found in this region?

The vehicles with high ground clearance are most favorable in Leh, Ladakh. Tourists can find the Sumo Grande, Xylo, Toyota Innova, Mahindra Scorpio, Tavera, Qualis, XUV, and Tata Safari. Tourists can also rent a motorbike in Leh.

What kind of clothes should we bring during the Ladakh trip?

During winter, if you are trekking to the peaks at 4000 meters above sea level, you need warm woolen clothes. In summer, rain and snowfall can occur, and if you are traveling during this season, you should carry windcheaters and raincoats. If you are more into trekking, a pair of waterproof shoes is a must. Moreover, T-shirts and shorts are good clothing options during the daytime, but after sunsets, the climate gets chilly and one requires a jacket and pullover. 

What is the ideal duration for the Ladakh trip?

The duration depends on your plan and itinerary. Generally, it takes 5 to 10 days to cover the major destinations in Ladakh. If you are an adventure lover and trekking is your main goal, then you may have to increase the duration, as some long trekking trails took a long time to complete.

How can we reach Ladakh?

The best way to travel to Ladakh is by flight. Leh Airport is well-connected with major cities like Delhi, Jammu, Chandigarh, Srinagar, and many other places through direct and connecting flights.  If you are traveling by road, then there are two different routes leading to Ladakh, one from Srinagar and another from Manali. A road trip couldn’t be possible in November due to a blocked road with heavy snow. Though flying is the only way to reach Leh Ladakh in November, the Manali-Leh and Srinagar-Leh highways are generally closed by October-January.

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