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Marine Drive, also known as the Queen’s Necklace, is one of the city’s most well-known Landmarks. It is the best location to experience stunning sunsets and to indulge in leisurely walks. Every day thousands of tourists assemble around the area to experience the exquisite views of the city’s skyline. 

Marine Drive is also Mumbai’s most craved residential location that shows off luxurious multi-storey apartments and individual bungalows. This highly developed area is in massive demand. Mumbai’s citizens preserve a special place in their hearts for Marine Drive and \are with some other places to visit in Mumbai.

History Of Marine Drive


Although it is praised as one of the pinnacle places to visit in Mumbai, this distance of road wasn’t sooner planned as a tourist attraction or a spot for grind. In reality, this beachfront promenade came to life as the outcome of a failed reclamation project.

Back in 1919, the Backbay reclamation scheme was commenced by the British Government in Mumbai. Its goal was to connect Nariman Point with Malabar Hill through a lovely path that might be coated with beautiful office buildings, apartment blocks, and public squares corresponding to the Oxbridge quads. 

But by 1920, it became clear that the project turned into an ill-deliberate move. Though the project was initially launched to reclaim 1500 acres of place, a much smaller region was subsequently reclaimed because of mistaken planning. 

Out of this reclaimed vicinity, around 17 acres of land have been used to assemble this lovely promenade. It was constructed by late philanthropists Bhagojisheth Keer and Pallonji Mistry. Over the next couple of decades, this stretch of road saw several iconic buildings displaying the Art Deco style. 

The buildings lining this road have become home to the city’s rich and famous personalities, including top Bollywood stars of yesteryears like Nargis and Suraiya. But it’s far typically the stunning view of the Arabian Sea that made this location a desired spot for people to spend some enjoyable moments amidst the chaotic lifestyles of Mumbai.

The Queen’s Necklace


Marine Drive of Mumbai proudly wears the crown of “The Queen’s Necklace” all thanks to its charming view that will leave you breathless. As the sun bids farewell, a paranormal transformation takes position. The streetlights gracefully line the complete stretch, comparable to a string of radiant pearls, delicately embracing the coast. 

The captivating lighting fixtures, dancing towards the backdrop of the majestic Arabian Sea, create whimsical surroundings, making it an irresistible leisure spot for both locals and curious tourists. Strolling along this surprising necklace,  illuminated with gentle moonlight, is an adventure that will stay with you for an eternity.

Scenic Beauty And Iconic Landmarks


Marine Drive of Mumbai offers more than just a walkway, it delivers a scenic view of the Arabian Sea on one aspect and the cityscape packed with tall buildings on the opposite. The refreshing sea breeze, the soothing sound of the waves crashing, and the sight of kites soaring excessively inside the sky all contribute to the charm of this place. 

During your drive, you will come across numerous famous landmarks which include the historical Taraporewala Aquarium and the esteemed National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA).  

Leisure Activities And Cultural Hub


Marine Drive of Mumbai is a popular destination for leisure sports and attracts people of all ages. The locals frequently accumulate here for morning and evening walks, whilst joggers make use of the properly paved walkways. 

Families also enjoy the various picnic spots by the sea, discovering solace in the serene background. In addition, there are some street food places near Marine Drive that sell spicy street food, ranging from pav bhaji to Bhel puri, which adds to the enthusiastic atmosphere of the area.

Marine Drive is also recognised for hosting various cultural events and celebrations. Festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri come alive here with colourful processions and vibrant music, surely showcasing the cultural spectrum and unity of Mumbai.

Things To Do In Marine Drive Of Mumbai

There are lots of activities that you may take bliss in at Marine Drive to make your experience memorable and exciting. Whether you need to calm down and unwind, or have a laugh and journey, or learn something new and exciting, you may find something to suit your mood at Marine Drive. Here is a list of things to do in Marine Drive which you should not miss out on:

1. Watch The Sunset


One of the most popular things to do in Marine Drive is to witness the outstanding sundown over the Arabian Sea and admire the changing colours of the sky and water. You can take a seat at the promenade or the rocks and enjoy the view with your loved ones. You can also take some brilliant snapshots and videos of the sunset and share them with your friends and family.

2. Walk Along The Promenade


Another one of the common things to do in Marine Drive is to take a leisurely stroll along the 3.6 km long promenade that runs parallel to the street and feel the breeze on your face. You can stroll at your own pace and have a look at the people and activities around you. You can also interact with a number of locals and travellers and make a few new friends.

3. Eat Street Food


Marine Drive is also an extremely good place to have fun with a few delicious street foods, in particular at Chowpatty Beach, in which you can locate a variety of snacks, such as pav bhaji, bhelpuri, pani puri, kulfi, and so on. You also can attempt some of the nearby cuisines, which include vada pav, misal pav, Kanda bhaji, etc. You also can quench your thirst with some fresh drinks, along with coconut water, lemonade, lassi, and so on.

4. Enjoy The Nightlife


Marine Drive is also an energetic spot to revel in the nightlife of Mumbai, as its miles are illuminated with lighting fixtures that resemble a string of pearls and create a stunning contrast with the dark sea. 

You can also see the city’s skyline lit up with colourful lighting fixtures and feel the strength and vibrancy of the city. You also can visit a number of the nearby pubs and cafes that offer music, drinks, and entertainment.

5. Take A Drive


Marine Drive is likewise a super location to take a drive alongside the six-lane road and revel in the views of the ocean and the town. You can also rent a motorbike or a vehicle and explore the vicinity at your very own pace. You can also stop at any factor and take some pics or relax for a while.

6. Cycle Along The Promenade


Marine Drive is also a good vicinity to cycle alongside the promenade and enjoy the fresh air and scenery. You can rent a cycle from one of the vendors near Chowpatty Beach or you can carry your own. You can also be a part of some of the biking companies or occasions that are organised at Marine Drive, which is one of the best things to do in Maharashtra.

7. Take Selfies With Statues


Marine Drive is also a place where you may discover statues of some well-known personalities who have contributed to the town’s records and culture, together with Lokmanya Tilak, R.K. Laxman, Ramon Magsaysay, and so on. You can take selfies with them and learn more about their lives and achievements.

If you’re travelling to Mumbai in the period of the monsoon season, Marine Drive is one of the great locations to revel in the monsoons inside the city. Waves actively crash over the place during excessive tide.

In addition, Marine Drive is a popular spot for fireworks on Diwali and the immersion of Ganesh statues at Girgaum Chowpatty at some point during the epic annual Ganesh festival.

Hotels Near Marine Drive Of Mumbai


When it comes to experiencing the best sea views in Mumbai, Marine Drive wins palms down. So if savouring these peaceful surroundings any time of the day is on your mind, you must absolutely check into a hotel near Marine Drive. 

Imagine the comfort of simply walking up to Marine Drive and enjoying the sea breeze each time your heart desires. A, bliss right? To experience everything that you should dip yourself down Here’s a careful study of the beautiful hotels near Marine Drive according to all available budgets.

InterContinental Marine Drive

Best for: A Mid-Budget Stay

Perfect for: Business Travellers

What to expect: A tremendous mix of well-appointed, comfortable rooms, and trendy community facilities for work, make this hotel a perfect desirable choice for commercial business travellers. Make use of the in-house meeting planner to attend to your busy plan.

Dining: Not too many options here with simply one gastro-pub within the hotel however the rooftop bar, Dome, makes up for it with great cocktails and 360-degree views of the Arabian Sea. So, What’s stopping you?

USP: Luxury for less is entirely the USP here. With rooms costing as reasonably priced as what a dinner at any of the fine dining restaurants in Mumbai near Marine Drive might cost, you’ve been given a wonderful bargain here.

Add-ons: Flexible check-in and checkouts.

Tax: Starting at Rs. 7,500

Sea Green Hotel

Best for: A Budget Stay

Perfect for: Family Holidays, Budget Travellers

What to expect: Sea Green Hotel delivers a primary, easy stay, perfect for people who may not have the price range to spend lavishly on luxurious hotels in Mumbai but still desire an excellent view and a significant place. But while choosing this motel, consider it’s all about the place and comes with absolutely no extras!

Dining: There aren’t any restaurants near Marine Drive but they can serve you breakfast in the room on request made prematurely.

USP: The Queen’s Necklace Suite has a balcony from where you can revel in the beautiful sea views.

Add-ons: Free parking and free wifi

Tax: Starting at Rs.4000

The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Best for: A Luxury Stay

Perfect for: This Hotel is perfect for Both Business and Leisure Travellers

What to expect: Super luxurious stay at this iconic hotel, associated with the very essence of Mumbai. Taj Mahal Palace Hotel offers over 500 rooms in styles, modern and vintage-world, applicable for business and enjoyment respectively. Perfect for those with a regal preference!

Dining: With 9 restaurants near Marine Drive, inclusive of the legendary Wasabi, Morimoto, a Japanese dining room that serves sushi and rare sakes, and vintage favourites like Golden Dragon which serves Chinese cuisine, you may be spoilt for choice in the hotel.

USP: Its location on Colaba’s doorsteps, dealing with the sea, is its biggest attraction.

Add-ons: History and artwork come alongside for free when you book a room at the enduring Taj Mahal Palace, and take an artwork tour of the motel for a unique in-residence interest.

Tax: Starting at Rs. 13,000

Hotel Marine Plaza

Best for: A Mid-Budget Stay

Perfect for: It is perfect for Family Travellers

What to desire: The hotel rooms are basic but comfy. Marine Drive sits bang contrary to the hotel.

Dining: Five outlets including the pool restaurant and a restaurant that looks as if a ship will hold your kids extremely cheerful.

USP: With Facilities like a child sitter on call, 50% off on family relaxation programs, and packages that provide free food for children for the duration of the weekend and greater, this hotel is sincerely exquisite for a huge family visiting together.

Add-ons: For people who are looking for more area, the Special Suites offer three spaces, a Living Room, a Dining Room and a Bedroom, all with extremely good views of the Arabian Sea.

Tax: Starting at Rs. 7,000

Places Near Marine Drive Of Mumbai

Chowpatty Beach


A famous beach at the northern end of Marine Drive this is recognised for its street food places near Marine Drive, cultural activities, festivals, and recreational activities. You can revel in a number of good snacks in Mumbai, consisting of pav bhaji, bhelpuri, pani puri, kulfi, and many others at Chowpatty Beach.

Taraporewala Aquarium


India’s oldest aquarium is home to a number of marine and freshwater fish species in expansion to aquatic flora, coral reefs, and sea shells. You can see some outstanding and unique fish, such as lionfish, clownfish, angelfish, butterflyfish, and so on. 

Kamala Nehru Park


A public park positioned on Malabar Hill that gives panoramic viewpoints of the city and features a massive shoe shape inspired by a nursery rhyme.

Hanging Gardens


Also called Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens, these are terraced gardens located on Malabar Hill that have animal-formed hedges, flower beds, fountains, and a sundown point. You can admire a few stunning flora and fauna at Hanging Gardens.

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Best Time To Visit Marine Drive


The Best time to visit Marine Drive is in the morning and the nighttime. If you wake up early, you can head to the spot between 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. During this time you could notice health freaks running alongside the walkway. You also can watch the sunset and enjoy the splendour of the clean sea at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special in Marine Drive Mumbai?

When viewed at night from an elevated point anywhere along the drive, the street lights resemble a string of pearls in a necklace.

Marine Drive is on which ocean?

Marine Drive is a three km long sea-facing road that curves along the Arabian Sea coast.

Which station to go for Marine Drive?

The nearest railway stations to Marine Drive in Mumbai are Marine Lines Railway Station and Churchgate railway station.

Why is Marine Drive so famous?

Marine Drive is also known as the Queen’s Necklace because, when viewed at night from an elevated point anywhere along the drive, the street lights resemble a string of pearls in a necklace.

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