Top 18 Captivating Photography Spots in Rishikesh

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Rishikesh, a fascinating town in Uttarakhand, situated in the tranquil foothills of the Himalayas, offers several photography opportunities. One can plan a journey through Uttarakhand tour packages, especially in Rishikesh, and consider the enchanting sights waiting for you.

There are many places to visit in Rishikesh known for its stunning natural beauty, pilgrimage spots, amazing adventures, popular ashrams, and rich cultural heritage. 

Whether you’re capturing the sacred Ganges River, ancient ashrams, or lush landscapes, here are some significant 18 photography spots in Rishikesh:

  • Triveni Ghat
  • The Beatles Ashram
  • Parmarth Niketan Ashram
  • Sheesham Jhari
  • Shree Neelkanth Mahadev Temple
  • Ram Jhula
  • Neem Beach
  • Goa Beach
  • Namami Ganges Resort
  • Kaudiyala
  • Rishikund
  • Lakshman Jhula
  • Kunjapuri Devi Temple
  • Neer Garh Waterfalls
  • Camp Brook
  • Rajaji National Park
  • Captivating treks in Rishikesh
  • Adventure activities

1. Triveni Ghat


A holy spot located on the River Ganga, Triveni Ghat is where the rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati join to serve as the best photography spots in Rishikesh. 

One can capture the evening aarti in Rishikesh which is particularly auspicious and attracts visitors from around the world. One can’t miss the chance to capture the spiritual ambiance and the costume of the pujaris during the aarti. 

Triveni Ghat is one of the best places to visit in Rishikesh for one day and serves as an ideal destination that offers a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere for capturing photographs.

2.  The Beatles Ashram


This ashram was once visited by the famous band in the late 1960s. The place is covered in vibrant graffiti; it’s a captivating spot for photographers. 

This ashram in Rishikesh features scenic landscapes, meditation caves, and vintage architecture. One can explore and capture the abandoned buildings and structures through the stunning shots which are the best photography spots in Rishikesh.

3. Parmarth Niketan Ashram


This beautiful Ashram set against the background of the Himalayas, offers stunning views of the river and the surrounding landscape. This Ashram is known for its yoga, meditation programs, and ayurveda. 

There are beautiful gardens and statues that provide an opportunity to capture moments of thoughtfulness and spiritual contemplation. Attending the morning Ganga aarti gives a magical photo opportunity to capture the mystical ambiance and the divine beauty of the Ganges at dawn.

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4. Sheesham Jhari


Sheesham Jhari in Rishikesh provides a blend of natural beauty and architectural charm. Sheesham Jhari is a serene place of worship situated amidst the lush greenery of Sheesham trees. 

Tourists visiting this place find solace and the peaceful environment invites spiritual connection. One of the best photography spots in Rishikesh where you can capture candid moments or scenic views.

5. Shree Neelkanth Mahadev Temple


Shree Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, nestled amidst the charming Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand, India, is a revered Hindu pilgrimage site dedicated to Lord Shiva. A historic Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, located amidst lush green mountains and offering panoramic views.

Whether seeking spiritual solace or admiring the serene beauty one can capture the divine essence of  Neelkanth Mahadev Temple serving as one of the best photography spots in Rishikesh.

6. Ram Jhula


Ram Jhula is known for its scenic views. As you walk through the bridge, you will see the Himalayas on the top and the Ganga River gushing down in full flow. It does make one of the photography spots in Rishikesh where you can capture the hanging bridge over the Ganges River, offering stunning views of the river and surrounding landscapes, and is also a prevalent photography places in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is one of the captivating places to visit in Uttarakhand, ranging from scenic hill stations and spiritual hubs to adventure-filled landscapes and serene lakes.

7. Neem Beach

Image source: Tripadvisor

A serene beach along the Ganges River is a picture perfect place in Rishikesh. Whether you desire a peaceful retreat, thrilling water activities, or a soulful rendezvous with the Ganges, this hidden gem has it all. This place offers great opportunities for river rafting and a scenic location for captivating photography spots in Rishikesh.

There is a plethora of adventure sports in Uttarakhand which serves as a bliss for adventure enthusiasts offering a wide range of thrilling outdoor activities amidst its stunning landscapes.

8. Goa Beach

Image source: Tripadvisor

There is a charming spot in Rishikesh known as Goa Salvus Beach, which is also known as “Mini Goa Beach”. It’s a secret gem in Rishikesh, located close to Tapovan, offering a beachy backdrop similar to the one in Goa, with incredible views of the hills and forests around. The crystal clear waters of the Ganges at Goa Salvus Beach attract travellers seeking solace and the river’s restorative properties.

This place is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, providing a peaceful escape and serving as the best photography spot in Rishikesh for those who visit.

One of the best things to do in Uttarakhand is explore this hidden gem offering a unique experience amidst the natural beauty of the region.

9. Namami Ganges Resort

Image source: Tripadvisor

Whether you seek adventure or relaxation, Namami Ganges is one of the best photography places in Rishikesh. The soothing vibes of the Ganges envelop you creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere. It is a luxurious resort offering a picturesque environment, with lush green gardens, a flowing stream, and a perfect location for capturing photography spots in Rishikesh.

10. Kaudiyala

Image source: Tripadvisor

Kaudiyala is a small village in Rishikesh located along the Ganges River. This place is a hidden gem undiscovered by many Travellers. This place in Rishikesh offers breathtaking views and a serene environment. The Magnificent landscapes of this place serve as a great opportunity for visitors to capture the best photography spots in Rishikesh.

This place offers various opportunities like beach camping, trekking, and White River Rafting for Visitors. This place is an adventure hub for visitors.

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11. Rishikund


An ancient Pond known as the “Pond of the Sage” near Triveni Ghat, offers a spiritual and scenic location serving as the best photography spots in Rishikesh. One can find solace and relaxation at Rishikund due to its calm ambiance and good picturesque location.

12. Lakshman Jhula


Lakshman Jhula in Rishikesh serves as a vital tourist attraction in Rishikesh. There is a suspension bridge that connects the Topvan and Jonk. A hanging bridge over the Ganges River offers magnificent views of the river and surrounding landscapes, which serves as a popular photography spot in Rishikesh.

13. Kunjapuri Devi Temple


Situated high on a hill, this temple provides a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains, making it an excellent location for capturing panoramic shots. As the first rays of dawn touch the temple spires, devotees gather to witness the spectacular sunrise, a moment of sublime connection with the divine. 

With beautiful views of the majestic Himalayas and the Ganges River winding through the valley below, Kunjapuri Devi Temple offers not just a religious experience, but a soul-stirring encounter with nature’s grandeur and making it one of the best photography spots in Rishikesh.

14. Neer Garh Waterfalls


A scenic waterfall located near Lakshman Jhula, offering a picturesque for the best photography spots in Rishikesh. This place is also known as Neer Gaddu Waterfalls, is surrounded by lush greenery and plenty of beautiful butterflies fluttering around wildflowers. It’s often described as a wonderland, making it an ideal location for the best photography place in Rishikesh.

15. Camp Brook


This is approximately 9 kilometres from Laxman Jhula in a charming village called Ghattu Ghat. This place offers luxury camping which is  a perfect blend of natural beauty and tranquillity. It is an ideal place for capturing stunning photos in a picturesque setting of luxury, nature, and adventure in the heart of Rishikesh. 

The tranquil beauty of Camp Brook can serve as one of the beautiful places to celebrate New Year in Uttarakhand offering a peaceful and scenic setting amidst nature’s embrace.

16. Rajaji National Park


This park is famous for its diverse wildlife, including large carnivorous mammals. Located near Rishikesh, It offers Jeep safaris to explore the inner regions of the park and spot wild animals in their natural habitat. 

It serves as the best photography spots in Rishikesh for capturing wildlife photography to capture diverse bird species and other wildlife along the banks of the Ganges.

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17. Captivating treks for photography


Rishikesh, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, offers various captivating treks in the diverse landscapes ideal for photography places in Rishikesh. Some best treks in Rishikesh like the Valley of Flowers, Hari Ki Dun Trek, and Kuari Pass Trek provide a great opportunity to capture lush meadows, diverse flora and fauna, and panoramic mountain views.

18. Adventure activities


One can capture the thrill of adventure activities like rock climbing, river rafting, trekking, and camping to showcase the adventurous spirit of Rishikesh.

These photography spots in Rishikesh offer a variety of sceneries, from tranquil rivers and spiritual ashrams to scenic waterfalls and lush green gardens, making Rishikesh an ideal place for photography enthusiasts. One can capture photography around sunrise and sunset for soft, warm lighting that enhances the beauty of landscapes and subjects.

When is the best time to visit Rishikesh for photography?

The best time to visit Rishikesh for photography is during the months of October to February, when the weather is pleasant, and the landscape is lush and vibrant after the monsoon season.

Are there any photography restrictions in Rishikesh?

There are no photography restrictions at most public places or tourist spots. However, it’s important to be respectful of local customs, especially in spiritual or religious places like temples. Some ashrams or private properties may have their own rules regarding photography, so it’s advisable to inquire beforehand.

What makes Rishikesh a great destination for photographers?

Its scenic beauty, stunning landscapes, cultural diversity, wildlife and birdwatching, thrilling and adventure activities make Rishikesh a great destination for photographers.

What photography equipment should I bring to Rishikesh?

You can bring a DSLR or mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses, including a wide-angle lens. Carry extra batteries and memory cards. A lens cleaning kit and portable light source can also be handy for various shooting conditions. Lastly, opt for a comfortable camera bag or backpack to carry your equipment during treks or walks around Rishikesh.

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