MM Fun City: Insights Into Largest Water Park Of Chhattisgarh!

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Raipur is a city where the past whispers secrets to the future, seamlessly intertwining heritage with the rhythm of progress. Amidst this evolution, entertainment flourishes, offering a diverse array of unique experiences. 

As summer heat sets in, people often look for aqua relaxation and there is no better place than MM Fun City in Raipur for this reasonable promise. Not only this water-themed park is best for amusement but it also sets the tone for all the ages from exciting water rides to electrifying rain dance. It’s a proper spot to beat the heat and have fun with friends and family. 

So let’s embark on a journey to get more insights on MM Fun City, its timings, ticket fare, and the cool tourist places to visit in Raipur to pack your day with fun and adventure!

About MM Fun City Raipur

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MM Fun City Raipur is the largest water park of Chhattisgarh. This most loved and refreshing escapade lies in Raipur’s city centre, which is mostly revered for its water-based attractions. Right from its inception in 2010, it always succeeded in entertaining its visitors with its amusement services and modified timely to meet and greet the generation’s demands. It is ideal for all ages of people making it a memorable one-day trip with its impeccable services, thrilling rides and top-class services.

​The park’s attractions mainly include a Ferris wheel, high sliding water rides, car dash, Chinese wheel and other video games that make the visit worth it for everyone. Moreover, to make the trip more enthralling it offers live performances, magic shows, and exhibitions which can surely turn your day outing more laughter and memorable.

MM Fun City Raipur also got a special appreciation for its sustainable efforts by the Chhattisgarh Government like solar power installation, recycling systems and greenery levels.

What’s Best About MM Fun City Water Park?

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Here are the few things that make the MM Fun City Water Park standouts the best in the segment:

  1. Largest Water Park Of Chhattisgarh: MM Fun City Water Park is the largest in Raipur and has a variety of amusement options for all ages of people.
  2. Variety Of Water Rides: MM Fun City Raipur has an exciting array of water rides that can pump adrenaline for the thrill enthusiasts at the core like ‘Tornado Twist’, ‘Aqua Drop’, ‘Wave Pool’, ‘Family Raft Ride’, ‘Lazy River’, etc.
  3. Hygiene and Safety Standards: MM Fun City Water Park upholds high safety measures to avoid accidents in amusement rides. Immediate caretakers all across the park will aid you in every moment.
  4. Family-Friendly Nature: This amusement park is designed to cater for the needs of all ages of people. Family can enjoy, relax and have multiple cuisine exploration along with the kids.
  5. Serene Surroundings: Its greenery plantations amidst the water attractions make the MM Fun City more attractive, making it a destination you’ll find hard to tear yourself away from.
  6. Events & Entertainment: MM Fun City often hosts special themed events, private parties, live entertainment, music concerts and also festival-themed carnivals to entertain its visitors with an extra layer of amusement.
  7.  Photography Services: As you enjoy the water games, most of the time it is hard to carry your own devices to bind your moments. Fortunately, professional photography services are available here, allowing you to effortlessly preserve your memories.

MM Fun City Raipur Timings

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MM Fun City operates throughout the week including some public holidays, However, timings may vary along with the special events.

  • Monday to Friday: Morning 10:30 AM to Evening 6:30 PM
  • Sunday & Public Holidays: Morning 10:30 AM to Evening 7:00 PM
  • Restaurant Timings: Morning 10:30 AM to Night 11:00 PM.

This timing can vary more for special events like New Year, Holi and other festivals. It may take at least 5-7 hours to enjoy the whole potential of this park so plan your visit accordingly.

MM Fun City Raipur Ticket Prices

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Mm Fun City Water Park ticket prices vary along with the age and the days:

MM Fun City Ticket Price: Monday To Friday

  • Ticket Fare Per Person(Stags): 650 Per Head 
  • Ticket Fare Per Family: 550 Per Head.

MM Fun City Ticket Price: Sunday & Other Public Holidays

  • Ticket Fare Per Person(Stags): 700 Per Head 
  • Ticket Fare Per Family: 600 Per Head.

You will be charged extra for the video games and food which are not included in the package.

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Things To Do In MM Fun City

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Here are the things to do in MM Fun City when you visit this place next time:

  1. Water Ride Experience: MM Fun City has a very diverse range of water rides that have thrill and entertainment. From the exhilarating water roller coaster to the serene aqua ride, each attraction is included in your ticket package, ensuring you can experience every ride at least once.
  2. Wave Pools: Wave Pool is something you can have relaxation blended with the entertainment. Here, you’ll enjoy moments reminiscent of the ocean, with timely waves that add to the excitement.
  3. Kid Zone: Not only for the adults, kids can also have their own selection of rides which are specially designed for their safety and entertainment.
  4. Arcade Game Zone: Immerse yourself in a wide array of games that will put your skills to the test, offering rewarding outcomes. From thrilling car dashes to captivating video games, exhilarating races, and engaging ball games.
  5. VR Experience: Don’t miss thrilling Virtual Reality games and videos next time you visit MM Fun City. This immersive experience is a must-try for all ages.
  6. Rain Dance: There’s no better way to conclude your water-filled joyous day than by joining the exhilarating rain dance. Anyone can groove to the rhythm of timely songs under refreshing showers!

Best Places Near MM Fun City

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Explore these best places near MM Fun City for added moments:

  1. Purkhauti Muktangan Museum: Purkhauti Muktangan is a cultural gem and is a must-visit heritage site that lies in the city of Raipur with a proper blend of history, art, heritage and antiques.
  2. Nandan Van Zoo: Offering an off-beat retreat amidst a diverse array of wildlife species, it’s the ultimate destination for relaxation and a memorable safari experience
  3. Mahakoshal Art Gallery: It is a popular gallery showplace in Raipur. It has a diverse collection of sculptures, paintings, and hand-crafted items providing a vibrant glimpse of the indigenous culture.
  4. Ghatarani Waterfalls: Along with the views of Kanger National Park you can also enjoy the natural elegance of Ghatarani waterfalls which offer breathtaking views and trekking experience.
  5. Energy Park: You can enjoy the botanical and shrub garden of Urja Park also known as Energy Park for a casual stroll in the evening.
  6. Telibanda River: A marine drive of Telibanda River along the sightings of the birdlife and street food offers you the best experience.

Restaurants Near MM Fun City

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Here are the best restaurants near MM Fun City to try:

  1. MM Fun City Food Court: You can enjoy all the times of beverages, snacks and main courses at the convenience of the food court inside the park.
  2. Cinnamon Restaurant: At hardly a distance of 2.3 KM Cinnamon Restaurant offers multiple cuisine options.
  3. Manohar Restaurant: If you have a love towards Chinese cuisine with a mix of north Indian you can try Manohar restaurant.
  4. Nukkad, The Teafe: This cosy place has options of continental, Chinese and also Indian at an affordable range. 
  5. The Great Kebab Factory: Indulge in an extensive selection of grilled delicacies and flavorful dishes.

Hotels Near MM Fun City

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Try this list of Hotels near MM Fun City when you visit Raipur:

  1. Hyatt Raipur: ​Hyatt comes at a luxury and comfortable location around 13 Km from MM Fun City. Best for business class and people who prefer high-level amenities and services.
  2. Courtyard By Marriott: This contemporary accommodation has top-class amenities and best-in-class services for its guests.
  3. Hotel Babylon Inn: ​Babylon International Hotel offers its visitors high-level comfort and convenience with international dining options and amenities.
  4. Singhania Sarovar Portico: This place offers luxurious stays, dining options and banquet options at a convenient location.
  5. Piccadilly Raipur: With a distance of 4 Km Piccadilly offers upscale accommodation along with exceptional dining options and amenities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are theme parks and water parks the same?

Theme parks and water parks offer different experiences. Theme parks focus on amusement rides and attractions, whereas water parks offer aquatic fun elements.

What is the name of the water amusement park in Raipur?

The name of the water amusement park in Raipur is ‘MM Fun City’.

What is the entry fee for MM City Raipur?

MM City Raipur entry is free. However, to enjoy the amusement rides you will be charged with additional charges.

What is the ticket price of Raipur water park?

650/head for stags and 550/head for family on weekdays. 700/head for stags and 600/head for family on holidays.

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