Experience Nakshatra Sabha In Uttarakhand: An Astro Tourism Campaign!

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Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board and Starscapes, joined hands to start Nakshatra Sabha In Uttarakhand. It’s all about experiencing the magic of the night sky! This program offers a bunch of fun activities like stargazing, watching the sun, taking cool space pictures, and camping under the stars. The aim is to bring together people who love space, adventure, and exploring, all while enjoying the stunning scenery of Uttarakhand. 

The Tourism Secretary of Uttarakhand’s government is excited about this project. They think Uttarakhand could become a top spot for people who love astronomy and travelling and also by developing Nakshatra Sabha it will be a great place for Astro Tourism In Uttarakhand. 

Uttarakhand has lots of forests and cool nature trips, it’s not hard to get to big cities, and there are plenty of places to stay, like cosy homes you can rent. All these things make Uttarakhand a perfect place for people who want to explore space and have a good time.

Nakshatra Sabha In Uttarakhand will kick off in early June at George Everest in Mussoorie and will go on until mid-2025. It’s going to have lots of cool events all over Uttarakhand. You can watch stars and do fun stuff in places like Uttarkashi, Pithoragarh, Nainital, and Chamoli. There will also be talks by smart people who know a lot about space to teach you interesting things.

Nakshatra Sabha In Uttarakhand not only helps people in Uttarakhand learn about astronomy and tourism but also helps their economy and protects the night sky. They’re training locals to become experts in these fields. They want to make sure the stars stay visible by making rules to protect the dark sky. This will help keep Astro Tourism In Uttarakhand for a long time.

Starscapes, along with local groups, travel companies, and people who rent out homes to visitors, will help train and support these projects. They’ll work closely together to make sure Nakshatra Sabha goes well and lasts a long time. This will be good for both tourists and the local economy.

What Is The Preservation Of Night Skies?


Preserving night skies means keeping the natural darkness of the nighttime. We do this by cutting down on extra lights that make it hard to see stars and planets. It’s important for animals that come out at night and helps save energy too. We can do this by using lights that point downwards and don’t waste energy. By keeping the night sky dark, we can enjoy looking at stars, helping animals, saving energy, and making tourism better for the environment and people’s health.

Hence, Nakshatra Sabha in Uttarakhand offers a thrilling journey for astrology and travel enthusiasts. It helps protect the night sky and helps the local economy. By teaming up with Starscapes and locals, Uttarakhand aims to be a top spot for astro-tourism. 

Let’s enjoy exploring space while taking care of our natural world for the future!

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