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New Year is just a month away, and we know that you cannot hold yourself back from all the excitement that you are feeling, the rush of happy hormones, and the chaos of attending some of the best New Year Events in India and just take the best Christmas and New Year Tour Packages, to make it more memorable for you. 

Well, like every year, there are plenty of 31st December events in India, all lined up and waiting for you to book your slots. 

You can hear the jingle bells ringing already, right? Well, don’t worry, for we have got you covered and have curated a list of all the New Year events in India that will take place this year, all set to blow your mind. 

Let’s see where exactly these events are going to take place so that you can plan your trip well in advance and make the most of your New Year celebrations with some of the most fabulous parties. 

List of New Year Events In India 2024

1. Kasol


Kasol is the haven for youngsters who are looking for a weekend getaway and has become a hotspot for the young generation. Almost every week, there is someone or the other travelling to Kasol to escape the chaos of the cities, and we get that because sometimes the mundane life. 

Some of the best parties you can attend in Kasol are: 

  1. La New Year Festival 8.0: The party will take place at Parvati Shangri to welcome the New Vibes in an absolutely lovely place to welcome the new beginnings with old friends because there is nothing better than that. 
  2. Parvati Magik (V): Celebrate new beginnings with love and unity, a gathering of psy music, an art, and cultural fest, and a magical dance floor to keep the party alive, and watch the amazing fireworks.
  3. New Year Tandav 2023-24: Do your New Year Tandav at one of the best New Year events in India at Zaranka, at the Psychedelic parties which are the talk of the town and there is no reason why you should miss any of it. Camp at the riverside on the Manikaran road and watch the amazing fireworks. 
  4. New Year Celebration 2024: Enjoy the pulsating beats and electric vibes at Kasol Rave near the Kasol River, nestled in the heart of the Parvati Valley. As the music blends with the sound of nature, it will make you realise why Kasol is one of the best places to celebrate New Year In India. 
  5. The Hippyland New Year Celebration: With the Hippies coming to the town, you know the party is going to be a lit one, so get ready and tie your laces, for you are in for an extravaganza of music, food, and unlimited drinks for a night to remember. 

2. Bangalore


Bangalore is undoubtedly the IT Hub of India, and these IT guys surely know how to party after being drained all year; they know how to blow off some steam. Get ready for some of the best New Year parties in Bangalore

Let’s check out some of the best New Year party venues in Bangalore:

  1. New Year Party Las Vegas 2024:  The party will take place at Taj Yeshwanthpur, and 10 lucky couples will get a chance to win a luxury stay at the Taj property; how cool is that? Bring your partners, lovers, and friends along to ring in the New Year with a bang and make it the best New Year celebration of your life. 
  2. Magical Miami Night 2024:  Be a part of the Magical Miami Night 2024 at Radha Hometel to celebrate the most magical time of the year. It is your night to make forget all your worries and dance your heart out at the New Year Carnival and be a part of one of the best New Year Events in India. 
  3. Gala Night 2024; A New Year’s Affair: Attend the fabulous Gala Night at the Inaara Hotel in Bangalore for a night to remember, with a bunch of surprises awaiting. Enjoy unlimited food, drinks, and a party that you will never forget.

3. New Delhi


What the capital city can offer, no other place can offer and there is no doubt about it, and what can be better than a New Year Party in Delhi

The capital city boasts of a nightlife that will keep you grooving all night long, so you can imagine the intensity of the New Year celebrations here. 

Let’s check out the list of the best New Year events in India taking place in Delhi:

  1. Indore Music Festival: You can hop on a group tour to Indore Music Festival from Delhi, for there are several packages available and attend the most amazing music festival of your life at Sarai Rohilla Railway Station Power Office.
  2. Goa Group Tour: Hop on to the group tour to Goa for this New Year celebration because parties in Goa are lit and make the most of your New Year by hopping on to the Goa trip, because it cannot get any better than that. 
  3. Run For Success 10k: Start running from DLF Galleria Mall from Gate No. 3 Mayur Vihar Phase 1, and enjoy the last day of the year by completing a 10 km challenge, and get a certificate of participation, and t-shirts as well. 

4. Mumbai


Mumbai is the city that never sleeps because they are partying all night, and when it comes to the best New Year parties and events in India, Mumbai should be in the top 5 list. 

Hop on to some of the best parties in Mumbai:

  1. Group Trip To Goa: You can join the group tour to Goa and make your bookings now so you don’t miss out on this crazy trip. Book your slot now. 
  2. Indore Music Festival: You can also be a part of the Indore Music Festival 2023 on 31st December to give an amazing farewell to the current year and welcome new beginnings with wide arms and an open heart. Join the group tour from Mumbai To Indore. 
  3. Pondicherry Trip:  You can take a trip to this beautiful place Pondicherry for a laid-back New Year celebration. 
  4. Cafes & Restaurants: Besides these amazing group trips, you can visit any popular restaurant, cafe or hotel, and there will definitely be a party going on, so make sure you visit their official websites and book your slots before they are sold out. 

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5. Indore


Folks from Indore, get ready to be surprised by what your city has to offer this time and attend some of the best 31st December events in India, all in Indore. So buckle up, for you are in for a crazy adventure. 

31st December Events in India in Indore:

  1. Jungle Music Festival 2023-2024: Attend the musical night at the Jungle Music Festival at the Ahinsa Parvat, and celebrate your New Year in style. Expect 3 genres of music, with DJ nights, a musical group, camping under the starry sky, bonfire nights, and special beverages served on one of the best New Year events in India.
  2. Himachal Group Tour: If you are planning to celebrate New Year in Himachal, then join the group tour from Indore and ring in the New Year with like-minded travellers and away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. 
  3. Jodhpur-Jaisalmer Festival: You can also take the group trip to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer starting 29th December at 7 p.m. from Indore Railway Station platforms 6 and 5. 

6. Chhindwara


If you are looking for New Year events in India somewhere near Chhindwara, then be a part of the Satpura Music Festival and enjoy a night full of merriment with some rocking DJ performances, unlimited booze, food, and live entertainment. What more can you ask for? 

31st December Events in India in Chhindwara:

  1. Satpura Music Festival: This New Year’s Eve, if you want to keep your head calm and relaxed, then you should definitely attend the Satpura Music Festival. Enjoy camping, bonfires, live band performances, party huts, common settings, and a unique camping party. The entire party place is safe and secure, for the site is gated, and there are bouncers, ensuring complete safety. Enjoy the bar with beverages that you have to pay for; however, they will only serve vegetarian food here. 

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7. Ahmedabad


Another place added to the list of New Year parties and events in India is Ahmedabad, allowing the people of Ahmedabad to have the most memorable night of their lives. 

The Music Festival of Ahmedabad will keep you occupied this New Year’s Eve, for it is not going to be like any ordinary party; it is going to be an extravaganza of colours and merriment featuring some of the finest artists from Ahmedabad. 

  1. Ahmedabad Music Festival: Get ready to bid farewell to 2023 and welcome 2024 with open arms at the Ahmedabad Music Festival on 31st December at the Merriment Party Plot. Dj Nihar and other artists will be seen performing to elevate the atmosphere and make you groove throughout the night. It is not going to be some regular event, in fact, it is going to be a celebration of friendship and the anticipation of new beginnings. 

8. Surat


There are plenty of New Year events in India, but the people of Surat have their own plans to celebrate the new beginnings with a bang. 

  1. New Year DJ Party 2023: Start your New Year at one of the best New Year parties in town, the New Year DJ Party 2024, scheduled to be held at Dumas Road, New Magdalla. Get ready for the Grand Celebration, organised by team Apple Entertainment, allowing you to unleash your inner animal and dance all night. 

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You are special, and there is no reason why your New Year shouldn’t be, so this New Year’s Eve, don’t think too much and start your new beginnings with your friends, family, and loved ones at one of these fabulous New Year events in India. 

Frequently Asked Questions About New Year Events In India

What are some of the major cities in India known for hosting grand New Year events and parties in 2024?

Some of the major cities in India that host some of the grandest New Year parties are New Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore, Kasol, and a few hill stations in Himachal. These places hold some of the most fabulous New Year parties that you can imagine. 

What types of New Year events in India can I expect to find in 2024?

There are several New Year events that are going to take place in India in 2024, and you cannot miss out on any of them. La New Year Festival 8.0, Parvati Magik, New Year Tandav, New Year 2024, and Hippyland celebration in Kasol, New Year Party Las Vegas, Magical Miami Night 2024, Gala Night 2024 in Bangalore, and plenty of other great events to take place on the eve of New Year.

How can I find information about specific New Year events and parties in India for 2024?

You can do a little research on the internet and read about the various events happening in India and around the world. You can check the official website of the above-mentioned events and make your bookings beforehand so there is no last-minute chaos. 

Are there any unique or offbeat New Year events happening in India in 2024 that I should consider attending?

If you are looking for a unique and offbeat New Year event, it is advisable that you head to Kasol for the place has a lot of surprises to offer, especially during the New Year. You can enjoy bonfires, unlimited food, drinks, live music and stargazing next to the bonfire. 

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