Philippines Underwater Town Emerges from Water: A 300-Year-Old Town

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Recently, something amazing yet horrifying happened in the Philippines: Philippines Underwater Town Emerges from Water. 

As shocking as that sounds, the remains of a town are almost 300 years old. According to reports, it happened due to a sudden increase in the temperature, resulting in the drying up of a major dam.

If sources are to be believed, in the Philippines, there was a town named Pantabagan that was immersed in the water, and the population was relocated in the 1970s so that a large source of water supply could be built there. 

Due to extremely hot temperatures, the water has dried up and because of that, the Philippines Underwater Town Emerges from Water, and stunnes everyone around. This recent event happened when almost half of the Philippines faced a lack of requirements, while temperatures were climbing in different parts. 

Pantabagan Dam was built in 1977 and since then the city has been under water. Although the town used to be visible during summer months in the country, this is the longest period the town has remained visible since the dam’s construction.

Recent reports have highlighted a significant decrease in dam levels across various regions, including Pantabangan, where water levels have dipped nearly 50 meters from their usual mark of 221 meters. 

Tragic heatwaves in the Philippines have caused various changes in daily life, like schools closing and office workers being told to work from home. Weather Bureau PAGASA also stated that the temperatures might increase even more soon. They think this is because of climate change, which is making the Philippines even more hot.

Not only the Philippines, but also a few other countries like Thailand, Bangladesh, and Myanmar, have reported huge hikes in the temperature with some regions surpassing the temperature of 45°C.

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