The Complete 2024 Guide To Rizong Monastery in Ladakh.

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Rizong Monastery, also known as Rhizong Gompa to Buddhism, is situated on a rocky valley to the north of river Indus. It is also known as the Yuma Changchub Ling in Ladakh region. Rizong Monastery Ladakh is famous as ‘the Paradise For Meditation’. 

Rizong Monastery offers a serene retreat amidst nature’s grandeur. Experience the beauty of this sacred place on a trip to Ladakh. Pack your bags! Hurry up, it’s time to grab some amazing tour packages to Ladakh. Many individuals also search for solo trips to Ladakh.

The Rizong Monastery Leh is located at the height of 9,800 feet, surrounded by the Himalayas and Karakoram Range, houses incredible monasteries in its folds. The complex also consists of a number of religious shrines. It has around 40 monks who have to abide by very strict rules and regulations. The monks residing in this monastery cannot own anything except books. If you are a biker, and planning to visit Ladakh in 2024 by bike, then you can plan your trip by keeping a few points in mind.

On your tour to Ladakh, you can explore numerous monasteries that offer lifetime experiences. Rizong Monastery is one of them and is situated about 73 km from Leh town and belongs to the Gelukpa order.

History of the Rizong Monastery

History of the Rizong Monastery

History of the Rizong Monastery

Let’s discuss the history of the Rizong Monastery, which was established in 1831 by Lama Tsultim Nima under the Gelukpa order, at Ri-rdzong. It is also famous as ‘the Paradise For Meditation’. 

Structure of the monastery

Yes! Here comes the interesting part of the monastery as we all are keen to know about how it looks.

So, at the centre of the monastery there is a relic shrine which is known as “Sku- Gdung” that preserves the relics of the founder of the monastery. The frescoes of Dharmaraja and other deities are all around the shrine. Shakyamuni Buddha’s statue is the main attraction of the assembly hall. 

The Assembly Hall, with the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha in the middle, is at the edge to its right by statues of Tshe-dpag-med (Amitayus or Amitabha), rje-Rin po-che (Je Tsongkhapa), Yamantaka and other deities. The scriptures of Kangyur and Tengyur are arranged on the sides. Printing blocks of the biography of Lama Tsulim Nima, and the books composed by the first Sras Rinpoche are housed here.

The Sacred Chamber on the west, have the statues of Mahakala, the statue of the founder of the monastery, the statue of the second incarnate Gnas-Bstan Tsual–Khrims Dorji and a Stupa.

The Thin-Chen Shrine has frescoes depicting Shakyamuni Buddha’s life history, a golden stupa, a silver stupa.

Julichen Nunnery is subordinate to the main monastery and sustains its needs. The 26 nuns who reside there are taken care of by the Governing Body of the main Monastery.

Location: It is located at a distance of 73 Km from Leh in Ladakh, district in Jammu and Kashmir.

Timings: The gompa is open on all days from the month of June to September.

Entry fee: The entry to the monastery is free.

Highlight: A name that should be read in association with Rizong Monastery is Chulichan Nunnery under the administration of Rizong gompa. Twenty nuns are residing there. People visit this nunnery also during the tour.

Rules to be followed while visiting a monastery:

Rules to be followed while visiting a monastery:

Rules to be followed while visiting a monastery:
  • Visitors are required to take off their shoes before entering a prayer area
  • Do not disturb Monks at prayer, and always ask permission before taking photographs
  • Do not touch religious artefacts
  • Do not drink, smoke, take drugs or spit in the monastery premises
  • Avoid talking loudly or disturbing the peaceful atmosphere
  • In many Gompa’s, you are expected to walk around the premises only in a clockwise direction
  • Women may not be allowed to enter the inner prayer rooms of some monasteries.

Wondering What would be the Perfect Time to visit ?

Wondering What would be the Perfect Time to visit ?

Wondering What would be the Perfect Time to visit ?

Well! The best time to visit the Rizong Monastery is from June to November. After November all routes will remain closed due to heavy snowfall. Most of the visitors ask how to plan their trip to Ladakh

Moreover, tourists also look for Leh Ladakh in November, and what all things do we need to keep in mind for our journey.

How To Reach Rizong Monastery?

Yes! After knowing this much, we understand that you are curious to visit the place and eager to know how to reach there. Rizong Monastery is located at a distance of 73 Km from Leh. Tourists can easily reach by bus or jeep. Most of the people also look for road trips to Leh Ladakh.

By Air

Leh is the nearest airport to Rizong Monastery, about 70 km away on the route to Srinagar. From Leh airport one can take a taxi to reach Rizong. Srinagar is also an alternate option to reach Rizong. As it has many direct flights connectivity with Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Jammu, Leh and Dubai (International).


Nearest railway station is Udhampur Railway Station.

Things To Do Near Rizong Monastery 

Things To Do Near Rizong Monastery

Things To Do Near Rizong Monastery

Explore Alchi Monastery

Alchi Monastery in Ladakh is one of the most visited attractions owing to its wonderful locations and beautiful architecture. From just meditating in the calm and peaceful environment to spinning the prayer wheel while asking for any wish.

According to history, it is believed that the monastery was built by the great translator Guru Rinchen Zangpo somewhere in the 10th Century. Nowadays, it is being monitored by Likir Monastery. There are most of the people who visit here anytime in the year.

Timings and Charges Alchi Monastery:

  • 10 am to 1 pm
  • 2 pm to 6 pm
  • And the monastery is open for visitors 7 days a week.
  • Indian visitors have to pay 25 INR
  • Foreign visitors have to pay 50 INR


Visit Phuktal Monastery

Zanskar is earlier known as the ‘land of religion’, monasteries are fewer in number than the central Ladakh. What it lacks in number, it makes up for it with its antique and impressive structures of the gompas. Reaching Phuktal monastery is quite challenging as it can be reached only on foot. 

There are shrine rooms constructed inside a cave and the place is worth capturing. There is an intricate network of wooden ladders and platforms that the monks and visitors use to reach the gompa. Even though there is little record of Phuktal monastery’s foundation and history, some paintings at the gompa are identical in style with those at Alchi. 

Near Rizong Monastery, you can immerse yourself in serene walks amidst the beautiful landscape, visit nearby monasteries, treks in the surrounding mountains for breathtaking views and a deeper connection with nature. 

Additionally, there are many other things to do near Rizong Monastery Ladakh, which includes exploring the traditional Ladakhi villages, engaging in meditation and spiritual practices to further enhance your experience in this peaceful setting. So, you will be having a lot of good experiences which you can take back from this trip.

Explore Karsha Monastery

Explore Karsha Monastery

Explore Karsha Monastery

Karsha gompa is known as the largest Buddhist monastery in Zanskar. The monastery that dates back to the 10th century is situated on a mountain above the central plain.vThe foundation of the gompa is attributed to Padmasambhava or Guru Rinpoche and the wall paintings are also link it to Rinchen Zangpo, who is the famous Tibetan translator. Some of the shrine rooms were re-constructed in the early ’90s. 

Visit Likir Monastery

Likir monastery, also known as Likir Gompa, is situated 52 Kms away from west Leh. The word Liker means “The Naga Encircled”. This monastery is located in between the Indus River and Saspol village. It was made in 1065 under the reign of the 5th king Lhachen Gyalpo.

The Likir monastery consists of the shrines inside the monastery complex. There are 120 monks, who reside in the monastery residents only. This complex also has a school where only 30 students study. This monastery has two assembly halls named “New Dukhangs” and “old Dukhangs”. 

Witness The Unique Culture And Traditions

The local culture and traditions are too different from others. It is a great way to get an extensive cultural picture of the region. During your journey, you will be experiencing a lot of things and will encounter a lot of festivals as well which will leave you speechless.

Attend Regional fairs and festivals

Among the regional events, the two most popular annual festivals are “Yuru KabGyat” and “Hemis Tse Chu”. I know the names are complicated, but these festivals are celebrated at a vast level. These events are traditional dances, sacred rituals, and so on. If you visit the place near Rizong Monastery Ladakh, then you must attend these festivals, which is a bucket list item for many tourists visiting Ladakh for their holidays. 

Places To Visit Near Rizong Monastery

places to visit near rizong monastery

places to visit near rizong monastery

Lamayuru Moonland

Lamayuru, also known as Lamayouru, is in the Leh District of the Union Territory of Ladakh, India. Lamayuru village in Ladakh is a well-known tourist destination. Lamayuru is among the best places to visit near Rizong Monastery and must be in your travel kitty when planning your Ladakh trip. It is a small village and a well-known tourist attraction in the region. You can also check some amazing other places to visit in Ladakh.

It is home to one of the oldest monasteries in the Union Territory. Besides its cultural significance, thousands of tourists add this quaint village to their Ladakh trip plan due to its unique and breathtaking natural beauty.

Lamayuru Monastery

It is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery and the main attraction of Lamayuru. It belongs to the Drikung Kagyu sect and is located on the Leh-Srinagar highway, about a few kilometres from the village centre. The fascinating beauty and spiritual connectivity of the monastery attract devotees as well as casual tourists throughout the year. It is one of the largest and oldest monasteries in Ladakh.

Hemis National Park

Hemis National park is one of the most known attractions of Leh Ladakh because of the presence of snow leopards here. It is situated at an altitude between 3300 m to 6000 m above sea level, this national park is amongst the largest in the world. 

Hemis National Park is the largest in India as well as in the entire South Asia region. 

The National Park was established in 1981 and there are 6 villages that constitute this park. This national park is also home to the 400-years-old Hemis Monastery. 

It is a paradise for adventure lovers visiting Ladakh because there are multiple hiking and trekking trails. Apart from this, nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts also feel at home at the national park. 

You can visit here throughout the year but the summer months are known to be the best time to visit here for several reasons. During these months you can enjoy the greenery, adventure activities, and a lot of other things including a safari. 

Villages offer insights into Ladakhi culture and lifestyle

places to visit near rizong monastery

places to visit near rizong monastery

Yangthang and Tingmosgang are two beautiful  villages which are located in the Ladakh region of India, moreover it’s not far from Rizong Monastery. Here’s a brief overview of each:

Yangthang: This village is known for its picturesque view, amidst green fields and surrounded by mountains. It offers a glimpse into traditional Ladakhi life with its mud-brick houses, narrow alleys, and friendly locals. The village is also a popular starting point for treks and hikes in the surrounding area.

Tingmosgang: Tingmosgang, which is also known as Temisgam, is a historic village with a rich cultural heritage. It is famous for its ancient monastery, Tingmosgang Monastery, which dates back to the 15th century. The village is beautifully located at the back of mountains and lush greenery, which makes it a scenic destination for travellers, and you will just say-”So beautiful, so amazing, just looking WOW”. 

Stays Near Rizong Monastery

Stays Near Rizong Monastery

Stays Near Rizong Monastery

There are many good and comfortable hotels near Rizong Monastery where visitors will immerse themselves in the beauty and tranquillity of Rizong Monastery Ladakh.  

Hotel Cho Palace

Ratings- 4.5

Address- Skara Hotel Cho Palace Near Badami Bagh Skara, Leh 194101 India.

Hotel Gangba

Ratings- 5.0

Address– Upper Tukcha Road, Leh 194101 India.

The Saraha

Ratings- 5.0

Address- Fort Road near G.N. National School, Leh 194101 India.

Hotel Gyalpo Residency

Ratings- 5.0

Address– Skara Road, Leh 194101 India.

Lamayuru Swastika Mountain View Resort

Ratings- 5.0

Address- Srinagar – Ladakh Road, Lamayuru 194106 India.

Hotel Shambhala

Ratings- 4.0

Address- Skara, Near Zorawar Fort Near Zorawar Fort, Leh 194101 India.

Hotel Casa Ladakh 

Ratings–  3.5

Address–  Upper Tukcha Road Near Main Market, Leh 194101 India.




To conclude with, Rizong Monastery overlaps with rugged terrain, it stands as a beacon of tranquillity and spiritual renewal. With its ancient rituals, serene surroundings, and rich cultural heritage, the place offers many hotels close to Rizong Monastery and an intense journey to the travellers.

Rizong Monastery leaves an indelible imprint on the soul. As you depart, may the serenity of this sacred sanctuary linger in your heart, guiding you on your path with renewed clarity and inner peace. The place welcomes all, so why wait when you can easily plan your family trip to Ladakh.

We know that after checking all the essential details of this spiritual and amazing place, you have developed the desire to visit the place. Though, don’t waste time, and just pack your bags now and let yourself connect with Rizong Monastery.

What is the history of Rizong Monastery?

It was established in 1831 by Lama Tsultim Nima under the Gelukpa order, at Ri-rdzong. There are 40 monks in the monastery. The monastery is also called “the paradise for meditation” and is noted for its extremely strict rules and standards.

What are the opening hours of Rizong Monastery?

 Rizong Monastery is open for 24 hours all day.

Are there any nearby attractions to visit along with Rizong Monastery?

 The top attractions near Rizong Monastery are Hemis National Park, Alchi Monastery, Likir Monastery, Yangthang Village and Tingmosgang Village.

How can visitors reach Rizong Monastery from nearby towns or cities?

 Rizong Monastery is located at a distance of 73 Km from Leh in Ladakh. Visitors can easily reach by bus or jeep.

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