8 Best Places For Shopping in Coorg

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Shopping in Coorg is a must-try experience when visiting this offbeat destination in India. Coorg is a picturesque hill station that offers not only natural beauty but also a rich cultural heritage and vibrant shopping scene. This paradise for shopaholics has bustling markets and unique stores, perfect for discovering local treasures.

In this blog, we will explore the shopping landscape of Coorg and reveal hidden gems, making sure you don’t miss out on the best places for retail therapy. So, get ready to embark on a shopping adventure in Coorg and discover the local treasures in this offbeat destination in India.

Exploring the Shopping Landscape in Coorg

Shopping in Coorg is a must-do during your summer vacation with family. Explore the town’s markets and stores to discover unique local treasures. Kushal Nagar is a popular shopping destination, known for its vibrant markets. The Friday market is another must-visit spot for browsing through local specialties, handicrafts, and food items. Don’t miss out on the charm of shopping in Coorg!

1. Unveiling the Charm of Kushal Nagar Market


Shopping in Coorg is a must-do activity for anyone visiting the town. The Kushal Nagar market offers a variety of products at affordable prices, including silk sarees and organic spices. Indulge in local wine and homemade chocolates while exploring the town for unique treasures.

For those seeking adventure, nearby attractions like Abbey Falls and Dubare Elephant Camp offer a glimpse of Coorg’s natural beauty and provide an opportunity to get up close and personal with elephants. Shopping in Coorg is a great addition to any honeymoon in India.

Things to Do Around Kushal Nagar Market

  1. Visit Dubare Elephant Camp and interact with elephants in their natural habitat
  2. Explore the beauty of Abbey Falls and enjoy the breathtaking views
  3. Engage in river rafting on the Cauvery River
  4. Taste local wines, handmade chocolates, and coffee at the nearby food banq market
  5. Shop for quality spices, silk sarees, and coffee beans at the local stores

2. A Visit to the Friday Market: A Coorg Special


Looking for the best places for shopping in Coorg? Look no further than the Friday market, where you can experience the lively atmosphere and discover an array of local delights. From homemade wines to traditional handicrafts, this market has it all.

It’s a perfect destination for introvert-friendly travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture and taste the flavors of Coorg. Interact with locals and learn about their traditions while browsing through the fresh produce, spices, and unique handmade items. Don’t miss out on this unique shopping experience in Coorg!

Activities Nearby Friday Market

  1. Explore the popular places of interest near the Friday market, such as the Dubare Elephant Camp
  2. Engage in shopping for handmade chocolates, spices, and coffee beans
  3. Enjoy the local food banq, known for its variety of food items and coffee options
  4. Discover the natural beauty of Coorg’s hill station, known for its scenic landscapes
  5. Visit the Omkareshwara Temple and explore the flea market for unique finds

Delving into Coorg’s Unique Stores

For a unique shopping in Coorg experience, make sure to check out Shop n Stop and Coorg Jeweler Shop. Shop n Stop offers an impressive collection of spices, dry fruits, and coffee, while Coorg Jeweler Shop showcases traditional jewelry and precious stones. These local treasures are perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in the culture of Coorg while shopping.

3. Shop n Stop Store: A Shopper’s Paradise


When it comes to shopping in Coorg, don’t miss Shop n Stop. This store offers a wide range of products to cater to all your shopping needs. From spices to dry fruits to coffee, this shopper’s paradise has it all. And while you’re in Coorg, don’t forget to check out some Bollywood travel movies for inspiration on your next adventure. So, head to Shop n Stop and take home some of Coorg’s finest culinary treasures.

Exploring Around Shop n Stop Store

  1. Take a moment to visit the famous Omkareshwara Temple, known for its unique architecture and spiritual significance
  2. Engage with the local community and immerse yourself in the social media-worthy attractions of Coorg
  3. Explore the town of Kushal Nagar for its natural beauty and scenic landscapes
  4. Discover new places and attractions that offer quality coffee options and organic spices
  5. Don’t forget to taste the local wine, homemade chocolates, and coffee at nearby food banq market

4. Coorg Jeweler Shop: For the Love of Traditional Jewelry


Looking for the best places for shopping in Coorg? Look no further than Coorg Jeweler Shop. This store offers a stunning collection of traditional jewelry and precious stones, from intricate necklaces to delicate earrings.

With a reputation for high quality and attention to detail, Coorg Jeweler Shop is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. Take home a piece of Coorg’s heritage and indulge in the beauty of their jewelry collection. Visit Coorg Jeweler Shop for a truly unique shopping experience.

Sightseeing near Coorg Jeweler Shop

  1. Visit the Mercara Gold Estate for a unique shopping experience
  2. Explore the town of Madikeri, known for its natural beauty and picturesque landscapes
  3. Discover the best quality spices and coffee options in Coorg
  4. Uncover the beauty of Coorg’s hill station and coffee plantation
  5. Engage in happy shopping at Choci Coorg and explore new local places of interest

A Flavorful Journey through Coorg’s Food Markets

Shopping in Coorg is a treat for both shopaholics and food lovers. Visit the Food Banq market for a diverse selection of local wines, spices, and food items. Satisfy your sweet tooth at Choci Coorg, a store specializing in handmade chocolates. These food markets offer a delightful culinary journey through Coorg’s rich heritage. Plus, don’t forget to catch some of the best sunsets in the world while exploring the region’s treasures.

5. A Peek into the Food Banq


Shopping in Coorg is a treat for the senses at the Food Banq market. You’ll find local treasures like spices, chocolates, and wines to indulge in. The market is known for its quality products, affordable prices, and friendly vendors. Whether you’re a food connoisseur or looking to try something new, this is a must-visit destination for shopping in Coorg. It’s one of the best places to visit in India in March for foodies and travelers alike.

Culinary Adventures around Food Banq

  1. Embark on culinary adventures near the Food Banq, exploring the best prices and quality of coffee options
  2. Discover local treasures and new places of interest around the food banq market
  3. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste Coorg Jeweler Shop’s organic spices, silk sarees, and coffee powder
  4. The food banq market is a great place to stop n shop, offering affordable prices and precious stones
  5. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the food banq market, known for its vast collection of spices and coffee options

6. Choci Coorg: A Delight for Chocolate Lovers


Looking for places for shopping Coorg? Check out Choci Coorg, a store that specializes in handmade chocolates. With a variety of flavors like rich dark chocolates and creamy milk chocolates, it’s the perfect spot for any chocolate lover. Take home a box of happiness and satisfy your sweet tooth. Choci Coorg is a must-visit when shopping in Coorg, India in April. Don’t miss out on this local treasure.

Attractions around Choci Coorg

  1. Uncover the attractions around Choci Coorg, including handmade chocolates, good quality spices, and coffee beans
  2. Choci Coorg, known for its organic chocolates, is a perfect place for happy shopping and coffee lovers alike
  3. Explore the best time to stop n shop at Choci Coorg, offering a variety of chocolates and coffee options
  4. Choci Coorg is a great place to shop, with good quality spices, handmade chocolates, and coffee beans
  5. Don’t miss out on the attractions around Choci Coorg, featuring quality coffee options and organic spices

Discovering Coorg’s Flea and Speciality Markets

Delving into Coorg’s flea and specialty markets reveals a good place for unique finds and the best way to soak in local culture. The quality of coffee options here is unmatched, making it a must-visit next time. Exploring these markets uncovers major attractions, adding an extra layer of delight to the shopping experience.

7. The Lure of the Tibetan Flea Market


Looking for places for shopping in Coorg? The Tibetan flea market is a must-visit destination, offering handmade handicrafts, silk sarees, and Tibetan specialties. Colorful prayer flags flutter in the breeze, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

This flea market is perfect for finding unique souvenirs and traditional handicrafts that showcase the rich cultural heritage of Tibet. Chat with friendly vendors while taking a leisurely stroll through the market and find something special to take home as a memento of your visit to one of the best places to visit in India in May.

Excursions around the Tibetan Flea Market

  1. Embark on exciting excursions around the Tibetan flea market, such as river rafting on the Cauvery River
  2. Discover nearby attractions that offer quality coffee options, organic spices, and handmade chocolates
  3. Immerse yourself in the local culture and tradition, tasting local wines and exploring new places of interest
  4. The Tibetan flea market is a perfect place to stop n shop, offering affordable prices and precious stones
  5. Don’t miss out on exploring new places and attractions, such as a coffee plantation or natural beauty spots

8. Jawahar Silk Sarees: A Treasure Trove for Silk Lovers


If you’re looking for the best places for shopping in Coorg, Jawahar Silk Sarees is a must-visit. With a vast collection of exquisite silk sarees, this store offers traditional designs and contemporary patterns to suit every taste and occasion. You’ll be amazed by the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail of the silk sarees, making them a popular choice for locals and tourists alike.

Don’t forget to explore the collection of organic spices and bay leaves, which make great culinary additions. Immerse yourself in the world of silk and spices, and take home a piece of Coorg’s rich textile heritage from one of the best places for shopping in Coorg – Jawahar Silk Sarees.

What to Explore near Jawahar Silk Sarees

  1. Uncover new places and attractions near Jawahar Silk Sarees, offering quality coffee options and organic spices
  2. Don’t miss out on exploring the town of Kushal Nagar, known for its good quality spices and local wine
  3. Jawahar Silk Sarees is a perfect place to stop n shop, offering affordable prices and precious stones
  4. Get ready to taste various varieties of food items and explore the best shopping places near Jawahar Silk Sarees
  5. Embark on a shopping adventure near Jawahar Silk Sarees, discovering a vast collection of spices, silk sarees, and coffee beans

What Makes Shopping in Coorg an Unforgettable Experience?

Shopping in Coorg is a joyful and exciting experience. The hill station offers vibrant markets, unique stores, and friendly vendors. Whether you’re looking for spices, silk sarees, or handmade chocolates, Coorg has it all. Visit during the best time to enjoy bustling markets and local flavors at their peak.

Is there a Best Time to Shop in Coorg?

Coorg is a shopper’s paradise. The markets and stores are busy year-round, offering a variety of products for every budget. For an immersive experience of Coorg’s vibrant market culture, visit the Friday market. It’s a lively time with colorful stalls, local performances, and a bustling atmosphere. Shop for local wines, spices, coffee, and handicrafts while embracing the local culture. Whether you visit during peak or off-season, your shopping experience in Coorg will be memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which saree is famous in Coorg?

The most famous saree in Coorg is the Kodagu silk saree. These sarees are made from pure silk and have intricate designs inspired by nature. The Kodagu silk saree is known for its durability and comfort. When shopping for a Kodagu silk saree, look for authentic handwoven ones made by local artisans.

What is the Speciality of Coorg?

The specialty of Coorg lies in its vast collection of spices and homemade wines. The region is famous for its coffee plantations, and the spices cultivated here, such as cardamom and pepper, are of exceptional quality. Coorg is also known for its unique culinary delights, including pandi curry (pork curry) and bamboo shoot curry. The homemade wines of Coorg, made from local fruits, are a must-try for wine enthusiasts. Additionally, Coorg is renowned for its handicrafts, silk sarees, and traditional jewelry, making it a perfect destination for shopping and experiencing the local culture.

What is famous in Coorg for shopping in Madikeri?

Madikeri, a town in Coorg, is a shopping paradise, offering a wide range of products to suit every taste. When shopping in Madikeri, you can find an abundance of coffee beans, coffee powder, spices, silk sarees, and handmade chocolates. The town has vibrant markets and unique stores that showcase the local culture and heritage of Coorg. Whether you’re looking for souvenirs, spices to spice up your dishes, or beautiful silk sarees, Madikeri is the place to be. So, bring an empty shopping bag and prepare for a memorable shopping experience in Madikeri, Coorg.

What are the best places for shopping in Coorg?

Discover the best places for shopping in Coorg, including Madikeri Market, Kushal Nagar Market, and Coorg Wildlife Society. These markets offer a wide range of local spices, honey, coffee, and handicrafts. Don’t forget to explore the Tibetan refugee settlement near Kushal Nagar for unique Tibetan handicrafts. Remember to haggle for the best deals!

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