Solo Travel For Women: Tips and Tricks For Safe And A Memorable Experience

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What Is Solo Travelling? 

Solo travelling is when you pack your bags and get going without your friends or family. It is when you are not dependent on anyone and want to enjoy the most of it. Solo travelling might sound scary at first, but it is one heck of an adventurous ride filled with surprises and will totally be worth it. It is going to be a thrilling experience, and most people don’t get it, but it is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime.

Do Women Travel Solo?


Yes, women all around the world are headstrong and independent and have been taking solo trips for a long time now. It has recently become increasingly popular, and several women are planning on taking solo trips. 

However, when travelling solo, the primary concern that arises is safety. How safe is solo travel? More importantly, how safe is solo travel for women? In recent times, women have been travelling solo, and the number has been increasing rapidly. However, one has to be prepared mentally and physically before taking a solo trip and should have some plans in advance of how she is going to proceed further with the trip.

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Tips & Tricks For Traveling Solo



The most crucial part of your trip is proper research. Before you embark on this thrilling journey, it is essential to have a proper understanding and knowledge of the destination, the rules and regulations, restrictions on clothing, women’s safety and restricted areas. One should thoroughly go through all these details before going ahead with the trip. By having proper knowledge, one can adjust their behaviours accordingly and beforehand. If you’re someone who’s planning to explore offbeat places in India then research becomes a must. 

Pack Wisely

It is essential to pack lightly and efficiently because it makes it easier to carry your stuff and also reduces the chances of theft. Pack all essential items, including your basic medicines, emergency snacks, and a power bank. It is also advisable that you carry an item for self-defence as well. You can carry a whistle and a bottle of pepper spray for your safety. Do carry some snacks and a protein bar just in case you are away somewhere where you don’t have access to food, or you are simply stuck in traffic. So you should have something to munch on. 

Stay In Touch

It is advisable to keep your friends or family members updated about your location and where you are headed next. Travelling solo doesn’t mean you have to feel isolated. You can schedule video calls with your friends or family and update them about your whereabouts. You can keep them updated via texts or emails, or you can simply send pictures. It helps a lot because, supposedly, you are stuck in a deserted place, and if you know that someone is aware of where you are, you will be a little relieved because you know someone is going to get you. 

Choose Your Accommodations Wisely

Choosing suitable accommodation should be a part of your research. It is essential to choose a place to stay that is in a decent area and the surrounding is not isolated. Look for hotels or hostels that are popular choices among travellers and have good reviews and ratings. Try avoiding rooms next to the fire exit because that could be vulnerable to thefts. If possible, try getting the only girls’ floor to ensure maximum security.


Blend With The Trend

I know you like to stand out from the crowd, but when travelling alone, it is necessary to blend with the trends of the place. When you are at a destination, there are some laws of the land that you have to follow, but there are specific unsaid rules that should be followed as well for your own safety. Ensuring that you do not carry anything beautiful that draws people’s attention. Thus avoiding carrying flashy items in public places and dressing decently is advisable.

Be Ready With Backup

You should always have backup when travelling, even if not solo. You should have a copy of your passport if you are travelling abroad, a copy of other important documents, spare cash and credit cards. It is advisable that you split your cash and keep it in two separate places so that if you lose all your cash in one go.


For women, travelling solo can be a liberating as well as empowering experience. It not only gives you a chance to explore the destination but also your inner self. By keeping in mind all the necessary precautions, from choosing accommodation wisely to staying in touch and maximising the use of technology, solo travel can be as great as it sounds. It doesn’t have to be scary if you are careful enough and aware of your surroundings. So, pack your bags and start your new adventure.

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