10 Things to do in Tashiganag Village: Travel Guide for Tashigang Village

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Let’s escape from the chaos of bustling cities and spend some time in tranquil surroundings, and pristine beauty and engage in the opulent things to do in Tashigang Village in Spiti Valley. Nestled at the banks of the Satluj River this village is situated at the high altitude of the Spiti Valley around 4,650 meters above sea level and only comprises four mud houses built in the traditional Tibetan style with a total population of 40 people. 

Spiti Valley tour packages let you experience the offbeat places of Tashigang Village in Spiti Valley and guarantee memories for a lifetime. 

 10 Things to Do in Tashigang Village

  • Trek to Tashigang Village
  • Meditation at ancient chortens
  • A Day with Locals
  • Stargazing
  • Soulful Visit to Monasteries
  • Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Chicham Bridge
  • A Visit to nearby Villages
  • Taste authentic food
  • Stay at homestays

Trek to Tashigang Village

The trek to Tashigang Village is suitable for novice trekkers. The road to Tashigang village is not steep. The trek route to Tashigang village begins at Kibber Village. Kibber Village in Spiti Valley is nearly 18 kilometers from Kaza. The course is somewhat difficult, with terrain ranging from well-defined trails to rocky and steep inclines. Tashigang is 14 kilometers from Kibber. The trek route presents a staggering view of the twisted mountains and that with pleasant weather.

As you approach Tashigang Village, you will pass via Gette Village in Spiti and see little lakes as well as views of snow-capped mountains and verdant grasslands. Tourists will be able to see Key Monastery from the peak. The best thing to do in Tashigang Village is to take a break from the challenging hike and sit in quiet, with the music of the wind filling the stillness. This hike from Kibber to Tashigang is a unique experience that immerses you in nature. 


Meditation at Ancient Chortens

The Chorten is considered one of the most significant shrines in the Buddhist tradition. Chorten, a translation of the Sanskrit phrase stūpa refers to an item or support used for worship or offering. It refers to a wide range of religious monuments of various styles and sizes. The Lord Buddha’s relics are claimed to have been separated into eight halves and housed in eight chortens around northern India. These eight stupas of the Buddha commemorate the eight major events in the Buddha’s life from birth to death.

Tashigang village in Spiti Valley is adorned with these stupas and they serve as a focal point for Buddhist devotion and meditation, from which devotees might derive virtue. It is believed that living near or taking rounds through a chorten is said to provide positive energy, and is regarded as the greatest religious and spiritual meditation center by Buddhists. When at Tashigang Village, meditation and gaining positivity from these stupas is the most beneficial thing to do at Tashigang Village. 


A Day with Locals

One of the best things to do in Tashigang Village Spiti is interact with the locals. The village is extremely rich in history, and the ethics and temperament of the people here are well worth experiencing. The locals of the villages can tell a lot more about the village and Spiti Valley that a lot of research over the internet won’t tell. Their hardships of living in this challenging place are worth it. Locals are dependent on agriculture for their living and their major produce are potatoes and peas. Have a walk around the field with them and try to spend a day in their style of living.

Spiti Valley in winter enters hibernation mode, and the villagers stock their grains and other things needed for a comfortable winter day. They utilize this time to engage in handcrafted home decor articles and knitting. If you see someone selling handmade woolen clothing, do purchase because they are their work of hardship and bring food to their tables.



Enter into the world of the cosmos through stargazing in Spiti Valley. The valley due to its geographic and atmospheric condition offers a unique stargazing experience and is the best thing to do in Tashigang Village in Spiti Valley. Spiti Valey being far from pollution and its thin and pure air sets the ideal conditions for amazing transparency allowing the splendid view of the Milky Way galaxy, stars, and even planets. 

Tashigang village being the remotest village renders an unobstructed view of the celestial bodies. If you want to have the finest stargazing experience possible, Tashigang Village is the place to go. 


Soulful Visit to Monasteries

Buddhist monasteries are the crowns of Lahaul and Spiti. Apart from the challenging and arduous trekking routes, the mesmerizing view of the snow-capped Himalayas, and the quaint beauty of the villages, the ancient monasteries connect Spiti Valley to divine spirituality. A visit to the monasteries in Lahaul and Spiti gives an insight into the rich traditions and cultural heritage and also connects one to the supreme power. Meditating in the realm of these monasteries is the best thing to do in Tashigang Village. 

The Monasteries nearest to Tashigang Village are the Key Monastery, Tashigang Monastery and Nako Monastery. Key Monastery in Spiti Valley is the largest monastery of the Lahaula and Spiti regions dedicated to the Sakya sect of Buddhism. This monastery is also the largest religious training center, educating nearly 200 monks. Key Monastery is an architectural wonder, with the walls of the monastery adorned with ancient paintings, thankas, Buddhist relics, and sacred sects. The monastery also houses ancient weaponry that is still used during the festivities. 

Tashigang Monastery and Nako Monastery are alluring monasteries that hold great religious significance and offer enchanting soul-searching experiences.


Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary

Kibber village in Spiti Valley is regarded as the second-highest Village in the world and forms the base of the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary. This cold desert mountain is the inhabitant of some of the most exclusive wildlife animals in the world. This wildlife Sanctuary of all the wildlife places of the Lahaul and Spiti is said to be the home of the elusive Snow Leopards. Trekking in the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary is the only way to experience the sanctuary’s challenging terrain, breathtaking views, and unique species. Siberian Ibex, Red fox, rare Pika, Himalayan Wolf, weasels, and Tibetan wild ass are some of the atypical wild animals that are found here. 

Various snow Leopard expeditions are organized at Kibber village. Wildlife photographers and enthusiasts visit Kibber Village to have a glimpse of the cold desert animals, especially Snow Leopard. 


Chicham Bridge

Spiti Valley will never cease to amaze you with its beauty of mother nature around and the Buddhist monasteries with architectural marvels of ancient times and also with the modern technique in the form of the Chicham bridge. A visit to Chicham Village is the best thing to do in Tashgigang Village. 

Chicham Bridge is the highest bridge in Asia and is astounding in its form. This suspension bridge took 15 years to complete and cost 485 lakhs. This bridge connects Kibber to Chicham Village. Earlier there was no direct route from Kibber to Chicham Village due to a 1000ft George called Sambha Lambha Nallah. Chicham Bridge has cut down the way to Losar Village by nearly 40 Km. The view of the village and from the village to the bridge are splendid. Earlier Chicham was not known to tourists or was very less visited but after the inauguration of Chicham Bridge in 2017, Chicham has grown in popularity as more tourists can visit here. 


A Visit to Nearby Villages

Spiti Valley is the land of the remote and the most beautiful villages in India. These villages are least populated and the soul of Lahaul and Spiti Valley resides in them. The Spiti Valley villages that are in the vicinity of Tashigang Village are Nako, Rangrik, Khab, and Gette. These villages can be covered in the daytime from Tashigang village and experiencing the peace, calm, and sobriety of these villages is the finest thing to do in Tashigang village. 

Nako Village is 50 km from Tashigang Village and is nestled along the Indo-Tibetan border. This village offers a mesmerizing view of the Himalayas and the beautiful Nako Lake which is surrounded by Nako caves and waterfalls. It is believed by the locals that the waterfall is the home of the fairies and saint Padmasambhava meditated on the banks of the lake. 

Rangrik Village is just 6 km from Kaza and 150 km from Tashigang, situated at the bank of the Spiti River, and is connected with the bridge. This village is similar to Kaza except for the fact that this village has fewer hotels and resorts and is the best place to stay in homestays here away from the tourist crowd of Kaza. This village offers a magnificent view of the green fields and the Spiti River. 

Gette is a small village with just two mud houses and a population of 10-15 people. There is nothing to do in Gette Village and no major tourist attractions. It’s just the quaint village and the serene beauty of the village that attracts the tourists. 

Khab Village in Spiti Valley is 15 km from Tashigang Village and this village is well known for Khab Sangam of Spiti and Satluj Rivers. Khab Sangam is surrounded by huge mountains on both sides.


Taste Authentic Food 

Experiencing the cultural and local life of Spiti Valley through food is the most delectable thing to do in Tashigang Village and nearby areas. When it comes to the local food of the Spiti Valley, the valley is not going to disappoint you in this subject. The flavors of Spiti Valley are unique with homegrown vegetables and species and recipes that are passed on from generations. The food of the region is the reflection of the harsh conditions the Spiti Valley witnesses throughout the year. The major part of the cuisine of Spiti Valley is influenced by the neighboring country Tibet. 

The food items to try in Tashigang Village are Thupka, Thenktuk, Bhey, Momos, Chhang, Butter tea, Seabuckthorn juice and churpe. To truly experience the mouth-watering dishes in Lahaula and Spiti choose to have them at any homestay where you can have the traditional dishes fresh from the Kitchen and prepared with homegrown species. Some of the cafe like Himalayan Cafe and Sol Cafe at Kaza also offers the tourists the true flavors of Spiti and they are volunteering to spread the Spiti Valley cuisine across the world. 

Stay at homestays

If your stay at Spiti Valley is not yet sorted out, it is completely suggested to stay at one of the homestays of Spiti Valley, and trust us this is the ultimate thing to do at Tashigang Village. Due to the recent rise in the tourism of the Spiti Valley, the number of accommodation options has grown and so are the homestays. Since the people of the valley are largely dependent on agriculture for their source of income, the homestays are bringing some comfort into their lives. 

Spiti has numerous homestays where you can stay in. These places will make you feel at home – a home away from home. The homestays in Spiti Valley are run by local families who have converted a part of their homes into homestays and welcome tourists with open hearts. They also serve home-cooked food sourced from local ingredients as well and here you can have an authentic taste of Spiti flavors which are handed down to generations. A stay at a homestay allows to experience the local customs, traditions and interact with the locals, and get to know their Spitian way of life.

How to reach Tashigang Village

To reach Tashigang Village one has to either drive or trek from Kaza to Kibber. Kaza is the nearest major town near Tashigang. The actual trek route starts from Kibber leading through Gette Village and reaches Tashigang Village. 

There are two routes to Kaza. One is via Manali, while the other is via Shimla. The nearest railway stations to Shimla and Manali are Chandigarh and Joginder Nagar Railway Station in Pathankot. The nearest airports are Ch

Chandigarh Airport and Kullu Manali Bhuntar Airport. 

From Shimla route to Kaza is longer but is available throughout the year with little lower altitudes. While the Manali route is shorter, it is blocked for half the year during the winter. One may take a personal cab from here, although they are not budget-friendly. Shared taxis or Himachal Tourism are the most cost-effective options.

What are the top activities in Tashigang village?

The top things to do in Tashiganag Village Spiti are stargazing, spending some time in the monasteries for a spiritual experience, visiting the nearby villages that form the essence of the Spiti Valley, tasting the delectable flavors of Spiti Valley, experiencing the challenging trek to Tashigang from Kaza village, and going for a Snow Leopard expedition which is only possible in Kibber Village Spiti Valley. 

What are the top sightseeing places in Tashigang village?

The top places to visit near Tashigang Village are the Ancient Buddha Chortens which holds great religious beliefs, Chicham Bridge the highest bridge in Asia, Key Monastery, Nako Monastery, Nako Village and Gette Village.

Which is the best time to visit Tashigang village?

The best time to visit Tashigang village is during the month of summer from May to September. During the summer months, the temperature conditions in Spiti Valley and surrounding places are optimal in the range of 20-25 degrees Celsius. these temperature conditions are ideal for outdoor activities and exploring the village. Winters are harsh and challenging in Spiti Valley and abundant snowfall shut down all the routes leading to Tashiganag village hence reaching the village is impossible in winter. 

How many days do you need in Tashigang village?

Tashiganag village is a small village and can be covered in a day. There are not many places to visit in Tashigang village. Some major attractions are in few kilometers range from the Village. However to experience the culture and to have a divine peace and relax spend a night at the village. 

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