Suluban Beach, A Surfing paradise In The South

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If you are looking for some Vitamin Sea with surf and sunbathing in mind, head to Suluban Beach, a hidden gem and one of the best beaches in Bali. It is nestled under a cave and a short trek through narrow palettes of stairs and gaps in the rocks leads you to this magnificent stretch of azure waters.

One often confuses this beach with Blue Point beach, but Blue Point lies on top of this secluded little stretch, which extends up to Uluwatu, where you will find the mystical caves lying under. Also known as the Land of Gods, Bali offers everyone a little of everything, you can check out Bali tour packages.

 Suluban Beach is enveloped by a high cliff and serves as an elite paradise for surfers. Although it is not suitable for sunbathing, its high waves and pristine waters welcome you to spend your time relaxing and away from the crowd of beachgoers at the nearby Blue Point Beach. There are no charges to visit this beach as well.

The word, Suluban (Mesulub) in Balinese means “to bow down” because to reach this beach, you need to crawl and even bend down through a very narrow cave and get your feet wet. Suluban is secluded, has few tourists and is a favourite amongst surfers and photographers since most people are familiar with Padang Padang and Dreamland Beaches.

There is a clifftop restaurant you can access from the stairway on the beach. This little warung on top of the cliffs has amazing views of the coastline.

This place is great for surfers and beach lovers alike, and it’s an easy one to add to your Uluwatu beach hopping itinerary.

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Things To Do At Suluban Beach

  • Surfing: With waves surging up to 12 ft, Suluban Beach, is the perfect spot for surfing and some adrenaline rush. This is a true paradise for crazy surfers to spend their entire day with their surfboard. The best day to surf here is usually during the dry season from April to August.


  • Sunset/Sunrise Point: Since Suluban extends up to Uluwatu, it offers a clear horizon to view the perfect sunset/sunrise. It is the perfect place for the most picturesque sunsets but early morning is even better to visit since it has less crowd and you can claim your favourite spot.


  • Shopping: How can one miss out on shopping in Bali?  Shopping is a must here and one should not miss out on any opportunity to pick out some lovely pieces. You can visit the local shops near Suluban Beach to pick out some beautiful pieces of local artwork, junk jewellery, souvenirs, gift items, and much more.

How To Get To Suluban Beach


Suluban Beach is located in the village of Pecatu, sub-district of South Kuta, Badung Regency and province of Bali, Indonesia. This surfing point is located on a white hillside with amazing views of the Indian Ocean and the spectacular sunset. It is most often known as Blue Point Beach.

It’s approximately 30 minutes from Denpasar Airport or five minutes to the Temple of Uluwatu, a famous tourist destination on God Island. Located in Uluwatu Surf Spot, it is close to other famous surf spots like Uluwatu Beach, Bingin Beach, Padang-padang Beach, Dreamland Beach, Impossible Beach and Balangan Beach.

One can rent scooters, which start at around 50,000 IDR( approx rate, subject to change) per day, and explore the beach yourselves.

Another option is to hire a Bali Private Car or Minibus Charter With Driver, which is pretty popular for day trips around Bali.

Alternatively, you can also opt for day tours to most places which covers Suluban Beach in the South Coast Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, and Jimbaran Day Trip.

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Suluban Beach Opening Times

Suluban Beach is open all day, every day.

What To Expect At Suluban Beach?

The first thing to note while planning your trip to Suluban Beach are the tide timings, especially if you are going there to just relax and chill by the beach.

However, if you’re heading there to surf, you can visit at any time. You can check what time the tide is out via the Surf Forecast website.

The other thing one needs to know is that there are two entrances to Suluban beach.

One entrance is through the bar ‘Single Fin’, and the other entrance is through where Google Maps will take you. They are both around the same distance to reach the beach, and they both have concrete stairs all the way down.

The beach itself is completely different from all the other Uluwatu beaches. This one is a real adventure, climbing down the windy stairs and exploring beneath the limestone cliffs.

Half of the beach is shaded by the caved cliff and the other half catches the sun throughout the day.

Tips To Travel To Suluban Beach 

  • Remember to bring out your beach gear, swimwear, sunglasses and lots of sunscreens to have the most fun at Suluban Beach.
  • The beach is great for surfing; however, the large waves may make it difficult to take a swim so one needs to be careful.
  • While travelling to Bali, Indonesia, it is very important to carry all your important travel documents with you.
  • According to Indonesian law, all transactions are conducted through the Indonesian currency, Rupiah. So, you need to convert your money into Indonesian currency.

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What is the Lake of the Suluban Beach, and where is it located?

Suluban Beach is a surfing point on a white hillside with amazing views of the Indian Ocean and a spectacular sunset. It is located in the village of Pecatu, a sub-district of South Kuta, about 34 km from Denpasar, and 45 minutes drive from Kuta. You can reach here by either renting a scooter or a private taxi with a local driver.

How can I get to the Lake of the Suluban Beach, and is there an entrance fee?

You can either hire a scooter or a private taxi with a driver.  Alternatively, you can also book a day trip tour. There are no entrance fees to enter this beach, however, you will need to pay for parking your vehicle here.

What is the best time to visit the Lake of the Suluban Beach for a good experience?

Since, Suluban Beach is essentially a beach where people come to surf, hence, the best months to surf are in the dry season between May and October.

Are there any safety precautions or tips for visitors exploring the Lake of the Suluban Beach?

Bali, in general, is hot and humid, therefore, it is advisable to carry loads and loads of sunscreen, bottles of drinking water, towels, etc whenever visiting the beach.

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