Fasting And Travelling During Ramadan: Tips and Tricks

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Ramadan is a month of miracles and the most crucial month in the Islamic Calendar. It is the month of worshiping, fasting, reflecting, and connecting with the supreme intelligence. These things are manageable if you are in one place. But what if you are travelling during Ramadan?

As we know, Islam follows the lunar calendar, and hence, the dates of Ramadan change per year accordingly. In 2024, Ramadan will start on the 8th or 9th of March, depending upon the new moon sight, and it will end in April by celebrating Eid al-Fitr. 

Here are some tips and tricks that you must follow if you are fasting and travelling in Ramadan.

Ramadan Travel Tips: 

1. Know Your Time


If you are on a short journey and travelling during Ramadan, you must know the departure and arrival times of the flight. Try to book a flight that departs after Iftari and lands before sehri. 

2. Be A Good Planner


If you are travelling during Ramadan, you must be ahead of time. Plan everything, whether you are on a takeoff or on a road trip nearby. Know your destination and schedule it accordingly. Always consider factors such as flight, meal options, and nearby prayer facilities. 

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3. Stay Hydrated 

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We know that drinking or eating during fasting in Ramadan is not allowed, and you can’t break the rule. Hence, it is said to gulp sufficient amounts of water before the beginning your fast. Also, try to consume sufficient fluids during non-fasting hours so that your body will be hydrated during Fasting and travelling in Ramadan. 

4. Pack Your Essentials For Ramadan


If you are travelling during Ramadan, you must pack your lunch box with your essentials, such as dates, nuts, and energy bars, which will help you sustain your body because there is a chance that your flight may get delayed. Also, carry a travel-size prayer mat and Quran to maintain your spiritual routine while travelling during Ramadan. 

5. No Need Skip Your Sehri

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Yes, you will feel so tired after travelling in Ramadan, and you would like to skip the sehri while travelling alone, but that may affect your overall health; hence, it is advised not to skip it. Try to find a convenience store open 24 hours a day with food rich in protein and carbohydrates. So that you can survive your days while travelling in Ramadan

6. Be Mindful


While travelling in Ramadan, it is not a compulsion to fast. It depends on the traveller’s desire to fast while travelling in Ramadan. So be mindful and take your decisions accordingly. However, it is said to make up for the days of fasting that you have skipped while travelling in Ramadan. Also, remember to connect with the community members if they are your fellow travelers and respect the local customs and traditions surrounding Ramadan in other destinations. 

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 Whether it’s an essential trip, pilgrimage, or business travel, fasting is challenging. So you can follow these basic Ramadan travel tips and have a safe, comfortable, and healthy journey. 

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