Unveiling Eid Traditions Around The World

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Eid-Ul-Fitar, the festival of breaking the fast or the sweet festival is a celebration that excels beyond international borders and especially unites Muslims worldwide with moments of love and joy. Having prominence as one of the 2 major festivals of Muslims, these Eid-Ul-Fitar traditions are rich and distinct defying mere simple expressions. Now, as Eid 2024 approaches, let us explore the nuances of Eid traditions around the world, where every aspect shines with cultural diversity and the element of togetherness. 

4 Distinctive Eid Traditions Around The World For Eid 2024

1. Eid 2024 In South Asia


South Asian region with its immersive festival culture showcases a myriad of Eid traditions around the world. Especially in regions of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, this Eid 2024 is turning prominent, marking early dawn prayers at holy mosques and ending with late-night food feats. All the local streets are adorned with sizzling lights, street special food like Haleem and traditional delicacy biryani served as feasts. Family gatherings, charity events to distribute food and money, and cultural events like Eid-Ul-Fitar prayers show the richness of the South Asian Eid festival tradition.

2. Eid 2024 In Middle East


Eid-Ul-Fitar traditions are very vibrant in the Middle Eastern regions, ranging from the vast mosques of Turkey to the busy streets of the Egpyt. Large community gatherings are planned for prayer sessions and also have lavish food feasts that include various sweets, cuisines and treats like Quzi. 

As always the special charity event named Zakat-Al-Fitar is planned for Eid 2024 in various Middle Eastern regions like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE with huge funding. As a part of this special cultural Eid festival, theatre shows are also planned in Bahrain and the UAE. The Middle East undoubtedly has one of the best Eid Celebrations Around The World

3. Eid 2024 In African Region

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Eid celebrations in the African region add the elements of gathering, merriment and also free giving. The celebrations will upgraph especially in the regions like Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya and Morocco. During the Eid moments, people of this region will be highly devoted and immerse themselves in cultural heritage. A common factor in Eid 2024 is the family gatherings that involve community dinners and free giving. The streets are neatly decorated and mixed with traditional music and dances. These celebrations signify the end of Ramadan with the communal spirit of African identity. 

4. Eid 2024 In North America

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North America deserves a sure addition while exploring Eid traditions around the world. This region has diverse communities that follow Eid communal celebrations with the proper mix of traditional customs and unique culture. Beyond the holy prayers in the mosques, they also indulge in picnics, holy carnivals, and charity events to promote brotherliness. For this Eid 2024, markets were arranged that offer various goods that can vary from traditional attires to cuisines embracing the festival experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Eid-ul-Fitr 2024

Can one consume water while fasting during Ramadan?

No, they refrain from drinking even water from sunrise to sunset during fasting.

What is the significance of Eid?

Eid marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting and marks communal gatherings with prayers and cultural events.

When is Eid 2024?

Eid 2024 will be celebrated from April 9th Evening to April 10, Wednesday. However, Eid is celebrated after the sighting of the moon. 

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