Unmasking the Mystery of the House of Faces

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Have you ever trembled with fear when you were home alone and the lights were off? Now, imagine a face. A woman’s face staring at you and moving things around. Can it get any worse? Yes! The woman shows different emotions from time to time. What’s terrifying is that it has been a reality. This was at the “House of Faces” at Bélmez de la Moraleda Spain.

The House of Faces: Unveiling the Horror Tale

Source: Burials & Beyond

The House of Faces is undoubtedly one of the most influential paranormal activities documented in the 21st Century. The Pereira family is home to Bélmez Faces. This  House of Faces is located at Calle Real 5, Bélmez de la Moraleda Spain. The first incident was reported in 1971. Maria Gomez Pereira, the house owner spotted a stain formed on her concrete kitchen floor. Eventually, it developed into a creepy woman’s face. To confirm that it wasn’t merely a coincidence, the creepy woman appeared at regular intervals. The image was clear and was quite disturbing. Maria tried cleaning off the image but it wasn’t as easy as they thought.

Her husband Juan Pereira and son Miguel destroyed the image and laid fresh concrete. After several days, a new image appeared again in the same place. The family thought it was a ghost or spirit trying to communicate with them. 

Along with the woman, there were several other faces, all of whom were adults. Some would stare, others would cry and scream.

This news about the House of Stone faces spread quickly and caught the attention of the public, media, scientists, and paranormal investigators. The public flocked to take a look at the creepy faces. It was advertised as “ la casa de las caras” meaning the name House of Faces. 

Since then House of Faces or Bélmez Faces has been etched in history, forever.

Maria wanted to destroy the image the second time. It was when the Mayor of Belmez decided to dig the area of the floor where the images appeared and separate it to study the phenomenon.

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Bélmez Faces: Emerged From the Graveyard

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The floor of the house of stone faces was dug as per the mayor’s orders only to find that the house was built on a graveyard. They found skeletons with no sculls. People believed that the faces that emerged from the graveyard would have been murdered brutally. 

These human remains were relocated and the dug floor was covered. And by then the house of stone faces has become a popular place, let’s say a tourist attraction. 

Some people thought that the family was staging an act to gain fame and money. While others believed that there was something supernatural in that house.  

The family of Maria claimed that they had been seeing the faces for 30 years until Maria died in 2004. Some paranormalists cited that these faces are the result of Maria herself. As she is a known psychic. This concept is called ‘Thoughtography appearances’.

Maria’s family has been living under the graveyard. This is why the house could be haunted and they were living under constant pressure. Due to this, those faces appeared as part of Maria’s interpretation. However, the faces continued to appear even after Maria’s death went unexplained.

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House of Faces: A Debate of Reality vs Hoax


As Bélmez Faces grabbed enough attention, the family was asked to vacate the floor and several teams from different universities and paranormalists tried to examine and analyze the actual cause of those faces. 

But what science had to say? Through years and years of investigations by collecting samples of concrete of the Bélmez Faces, there are contradicting conclusions. 

A team stated that the additional faces are pigmentation created by humans, possibly a paint or mold. While the other team stated that there were no traces of paint on the floor. 

There are 2 main theories that revolve around this tale. 

Paranormal Phenomena: There are teams concluding there is a possibility of paranormal activity as there are reports of things moving around, voices, and the sound of footsteps. However, there is no solid evidence to prove the existence of ghosts. 

Hoax: There have been many incidents where people intentionally created stories. Hence Maria’s family was accused of painting the faces themselves. Yet nothing was proved in this context either. 

In the end, the true significance of House of Faces remains not in the conclusions, but in the questions it inspires: “Why did only the faces appear on the kitchen floor?” (for example) Whether real or imagined, the House of Faces remains a mystery. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the story of Belmez Faces True?

Some believe that it was a cautionary tale, while others believe it to be a paranormal phenomenon, but no solid evidence was provided to support these claims. Hence it is a mystery.

Where is the house of faces and can one visit?

The House of Faces is located at Calle Real 5, Bélmez de la Moraleda, Jaén, Andalusia, Spain. The house was abandoned and seized.

Was the house of faces haunted?

The House of Faces was allegedly haunted as it was constructed on the graveyard.

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