7 Unique Spa Treatments That Are Bizarre

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After a rough week at work, we all crave something that will rejuvenate our minds and body. You can always go for various different spa treatments. However, did you know that there are some bizarre spa treatments around the world that you were clueless about? 

The world is full of unique and bizarre things, and people seem to enjoy the uniqueness of these unusual spa treatments. 

Some people may find these spa treatments weird and a little hard to digest. However, some really seem to enjoy it because they like all things that have a pinch of adventure in them, and the mainstream things don’t make them excited. These weird spa treatments are exactly for people like them. 

Let’s check out some of the most unusual spa treatments in the world: 

  1. Fish Pedicure-Let Little Creatures Nibble
  2. Gemstone Spa Treatments- Choose Your Own Stone
  3. Cryotherapy- Let Ice Show It’s Magic
  4. Snake Massage- Not For The Weak Hearted
  5. Nightingale Facial- Bird Poop Facial
  6. Diamond Spa- Diamond Hair Wash
  7. Snail Facial- Let Them Crawl

1. Fish Pedicure- Let Little Creatures Nibble

Source : Sixty and Me

What normal people do for pedicure is soak their feet in warm water and rub them with pumic stone to make the skin flawless, but since we are into wacky stuff, we don’t like what normal people do. 

For such people, there is a fish pedicure where you have to first put your feet in a colourful liquid, after which you put your feet in the tank, and the small fishes inside the tank will start nibbling on your feet. 

If you have a very ticklish foot, then you should avoid getting this spa. It is one of the least unusual spa treatments. It is popular in Europe and Asia and is gaining popularity in America as well. 

As the fishes nibble on your feet, you may feel a little ticklish, but it feels very good. Once you take your feet out, you will have the traditional pedicure. 

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2. Gemstone Spa Treatments- Choose Your Own Stone

Source : Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa

Gemstone Spa Treatments are only for those who can afford them because not everybody can. 

It is used to balance, purify, and rejuvenate as you get a spa with a gemstone of your own choice. 

In this treatment, the oils infused from precious gemstones are used in a 90-minute massage that is going to soothe your body.

Now that is one luxurious spa treatment but I am sure after getting this spa you are not going to be any less than a gemstone. 

You can get this spa treatment in New York, and the prices on weekdays are $295 and on weekends, the prices go a little up to $395. 

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3. Cryotherapy- Let Ice Show It’s Magic

Source : US News Health

The temperature therapy has been practised for a hundred years and has been quite effective. It may be one of the different spa treatments, but has proven to be quite desirable among people. 

Europeans have been using cold saunas for a long time now. These cold saunas help reduce chronic pain and muscle pain as well. 

Cryotherapy is used in spa treatments as well as for healing purposes where doctors use extreme cold to stop cancerous cells from growing further. 

Some people get cryotherapy facials, while others sit in a tub for 5-6 minutes in freezing temperatures or near freezing. 

Make sure that you do not sit in the cryotherapy tub for more than 5 minutes otherwise, it may become fatal. 

In North America, the first spa to offer Cryotherapy was opened in the year 2010. Cryotherapy is one of the weird spa treatments but a really cool one, literally! 

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4. Snake Massage- Not For The Weak Hearted

Source : Men's Journal

One of the most bizarre spa treatments is the snake massage, which is for the brave-hearted only. 

These spa treatments only cost around $70 to treat pain chronic muscle pains, and a bunch of non-venomous snakes drape around your body and you will feel a little pressure but it will relax your body. 

Small snakes, like milk snakes, brush a little against your body to create soothing sensations, whereas large snakes, like King Snakes, and Corn Snakes, provide deeper pressure while alleviating sore muscles. 

It is one of the most unique spa treatments, but you are in for some really cool adventure. 

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5. Nightingale Facial- Bird Poop Facial

Source : The Daily Beast

There is no mood spoiler bigger than a bird poop on your body but how about I tell you that some people get it done on purpose?

Well, yes, you read it right, It is quite trending in a few places that a nightingale’s excrement is being used in facials, which is believed to help in having healthy skin. 

It helps in repairing skin damage, so some people don’t have any issues getting their faces covered in a bird’s poop. I know it sounds absolutely creepy, and some may even puke at the thought of it, but as it turns out, it is quite effective and the facial treatment is around $225. 

Well, it’s not as dirty as it sounds because the Nightingale’s poop is treated with Ultra violet rays in order to kill the bacteria present in the poop, and then it is grounded to a powdered form. 

It is then mixed with water to form a paste and then applied to the face. This spa treatment allows you to get an even tone and reduces blemishes from the skin, giving out clear, shiny skin. 

So if you want some special kind of treatment, try getting a facial with Nightingale’s poop. 

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6. Diamond Spa- Diamond Hair Wash


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and like every other girl, we are suffering from hair loss and poor-quality of hair. 

Worry no more, for you can get a diamond hair spa, which is one of the unique spa treatments and a little expensive as well. After all, you are getting a diamond treatment. How can it be cheaper? 

In this treatment, you will get your hair washed with meteorite and dust-infused shampoo and then get it conditioned. 

After the treatment is done, they will blow dry your hair, and get ready to get the shimmering smooth hair locks, which once seemed like a dream. 

You can get one of these weird spa treatments at Harrod’s Urban Spa in London, and the treatment will cost you somewhere around $500. 

No doubt that the treatment is quite expensive, but the results are going to blow your mind because you may have never seen your hair so smooth and shiny before. 

So it is a little expensive and hard on the budget, but it will be worth every penny if you can afford it because the results are going to surprise you. 

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7. Snail Facial- Let Them Crawl

Source : Daily Mail

How freaked out would you be if I told you that people intentionally let snails crawl on their faces and poop in order to have clear and healthy skin? 

Sounds gross, doesn’t it? Well, gross doesn’t even begin to describe it, because eww!!

However, there are saloons in Japan that have taken natural treatments up a notch and provide snail facials to its clients looking for healthy skin. 

Popularly known as the Celebrity Escargot Course treatment, which means that if you plan to take this Snail Facial, then you have to allow a snail or molluscs to crawl on their face while secreting their waste directly on your face. 

I know it grosses you out, but the truth is that the molluscs secretions apparently are very good for the skin, allowing your skin to look like that of a 16-year-old. Who wouldn’t want that? 

This is one of the bizarre spa treatments, but it is done under the supervision of a trained professional and a snail wrangler therapist, allowing the snail to crawl on your face as it likes while leaving a slimy trail of antioxidants and proteins. 

To think of it, it is a little hard on the budget but still not as expensive as getting a diamond hair spa. It costs around $100 for one session, and this facial is actually going to make your skin amazing. So if you can afford it, you should definitely go for it, because it will surely be worth every penny. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Unique Spa Treatments

1. Which is the weirdest spa treatment?

One of the most unique spa treatments, which is also the weirdest among them, is the snake massage, where snakes wrap up your body and move according to their liking, which is said to relieve chronic pain and relax your muscles.

2. Are these treatments safe?

There are various different spa treatments, and all of them are unique in their own ways. All these are done under professional supervision, so they are mostly safe, but it’s better to consult a skin doctor and see if it will be suitable for your skin or not, for sometimes, there may be some reactions.

3. How do I know if a bizarre spa treatment is right for me?

Consult a doctor before proceeding with the procedure. Some of these treatments may not work out the same for you as they so for others. Everyone’s skin is different. 

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