6 Most Haunted Places In Kashmir That Will Give You Goosebumps

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‘If you want to see heaven, then you must visit Kashmir,’ Well this is one of the most common phrases that you keep hearing on a daily basis about the crown state of India, Kashmir. To be honest, they are correct too; the unparalleled beauty that one gets to see when on a Kashmir tour is something that you’ll remember for a lifetime. 

But with all the beauty and lush greenery that you see when exploring the places to visit in Kashmir also a dark side. Yes! You read that right—a dark side to your favourite and one of the most beautiful destinations. Haunted places in Kashmir—giving a new angle to Kashmir. 

From cursed lakes to abandoned mansions, Kashmir has it all; what’s in it for you? In this blog, we will be uncovering some of the most haunted places in Kashmir. So here’s one of the most unique Kashmir travel tips for you, when in Kashmir, you’ve got to add these places to your list of things to do in Kashmir

6 Most Haunted Places In Kashmir

1. Udhampur Army Quarters

Image Source : Scroll.in

You always think of Army quarters as some of the safest places, not just in Kashmir but the entire country, but surprise! Udhampur Army Quarters is the one that tops this list of horror places in Kashmir. Located in Srinagar, people have reported seeing ghosts and hearing voices in and around this location. 

Scary right? Well, this is not just it; people also believe that ghosts appear in the quarters between 1 AM and 3 AM. They roam around in this place, and the moment they start fading away, they start emitting strange noises before leaving the area pitch black as if nothing ever happened. 

So, if you’re up for something daring, book one of the luxurious hotels in Srinagar and check this location out, but don’t forget to check out the local guidelines for this area. 

Location: Karan Nagar, Udhampur, Jammu And Kashmir

2. Khooni Nala

Image Source : Thequint

Khooni Nala, as the name literally translates to bloody tunnel, is the second place in this list of haunted places in Kashmir. Well, the place got this unfortunate due to all the accidents that take place here and the huge number of people that have lost their lives after being in those accidents. 

Located on the Jammu Kashmir Highway just before the Banihal Tunnel, it is said that the ghosts of all the people who lost their lives at this spot appear at random times. Some people have also said that a woman holding a baby appears at the location and asks for a lift from strangers. Those who refuse the woman’s lift get cursed by her and eventually lose their lives. 

Scary right? Well, if it actually happens as we’ve said above, then we’ll highly suggest not checking this location out. 

Location: Jammu Kashmir Highway, just before Banihal Tunnel. 

3. Gawkadal Bridge

Image Source : Kafila

1990 was a dark time in the timeline of Kashmir; this was the time when insurgency was at its peak, but what does this have to do with this bridge being one of the most haunted places in Kashmir? Well, it so happened that on January 21, 1990, masses of people assembled at this bridge to protest their demands. 

As a security measure, the paramilitary troopers of the CRPF, or Central Reserve Police Force, started shooting at the people, which eventually resulted in a massive number of casualties. In the modern day, those who travel through the bridge or locals who live near it say that the angry voices and screams of those who died in the shooting can still be heard, making this spot off-limits for them. 

Location: Srinagar, Jammu And Kashmir

4. The Haunted Tree


As kids, we’ve all heard stories about some local tree in our locality being haunted or that ghosts reside on those trees, but did you know that those stories are actually a reality in the Gurez forest of Kashmir?

Well, there’s one peculiar tree in the forest that is said to be possessed by ghosts and evil spirits, and anyone who touches that tree on New Moon Day. Well, not just being possessed, that particular person will also get a curse and a serious sickness from which they’ll suffer for their lifetime. 

So, it looks like Gurez Valley, one of the most visited valleys in Kashmir, is not just known for the Gurez festival, which among tourists is one of the best Kashmiri festivals that cannot be missed. 

Location: Gurez Forest, Gurez Valley, Jammu And Kashmir 

5. Ghost Of Abdullah Jinn

Image Source : ThetimesofIndia

Kashmiri houses are world-renowned for their architecture, displaying a fusion of architectural styles. You can easily find one of those houses in the feed of any traveller. But did you know that there’s one such house that is infamous for the same, well, not because of the architecture, but due to the belief that a Jinn lives there? 

Said to be possessed by a jinn, this house is out of bounds, and locals believe that anyone who enters this house gets their shoes thrown outside after a while. There’s another belief that says that those who enter the house suffer from serious sickness for the rest of their lives. 

Well, when you’re planning to explore Kashmir in Summers and check out our guide to the places to visit in Kashmir in June, make sure that you don’t add this place to your list. 

Location: Somewhere between Srinagar and Gurez

6. The Twin Villages

Image Source : Mews

Well, Last but not least are the two villages, which are said to be some of the most haunted places in Kashmir. How did these villages find their place on this list of horror places in Kashmir? Well, the villages of Poshwara and Kunan unfortunately became part of a search operation conducted by the Indian forces. 

It is said that during the search operations, women from the villages were molested by the soldiers. Fast forward to today, and it is said that the women who were molested that night, their cries for help, and their screams can be heard even today. People have also reported sightings of ghosts and paranormal activities, making these villages two of the most haunted places in Kashmir.

Location: Kushan And Poshpora Villages, Jammu And Kashmir

Well, this brings us to the end of our horror journey in the place that is known for all things wonderful, its views, its landscapes, its cuisine, and whatnot. Apart from being home to some of the most beautiful houseboats in Kashmir and a house that is said to be the abode of a ghost, Kashmir is truly a surprising place that won’t fail to entertain you. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Haunted Places In Kashmir

1. Are there any haunted places in Kashmir, and what are they known for?

Yes, there are haunted places in Kashmir; some of the most haunted ones are the twin villages and Khooni Nala, which are said to be still possessed by the ghosts of the people who died there.

2. What are some popular haunted stories associated with Kashmir's haunted places?

One of the most popular haunted stories in Kashmir is the Gawkadal Bridge massacre, where hundreds of protesters were killed by CRPF personnel, whose screams can still be heard at the spot.

3. Can visitors explore these haunted places in Kashmir?

Visitors can explore some haunted places in Kashmir. However, some of those places are out of bounds for locals and tourists alike. It is highly recommended to check out the local guidelines before exploring these places.

4. Are there any guided tours or ghost tours that explore haunted places in Kashmir?

No, guided tours and ghost tours are not conducted for the haunted places in Kashmir, however, one can explore those places on their own, but at their own risk. 

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