The War Remnants Museum: Remembering Vietnam’s Past

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The year 2023 was a comeback year for Vietnam as there was a rapid increase in the number of visitors to this island country. The recent government initiatives, the natural and scenic beauty, and most importantly the improved policy have led to a boost in tourism. 

The War Remnants Museum has played a very significant role in doing the same. Though things tend to move a bit slowly in the museum, in present times it is the only cultural tourist place to attract high public credibility.

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About the War Remnants Museum


The War Remnants Museum is located in Ho Chi Minh City and is the most visited place in Vietnam. The walls of the museum echo the history of the gruesome Vietnam War. Of all the places to visit in Vietnam, this place has great political significance in our modern world. Visitors from across the world come here to learn about the astonishing victory of Vietnam over the US. The Museum holds more than 20,000 documents, exhibits, and artifacts.

Vietnam is a wonderland for any traveler, there are multiple places to visit, and plenty of fun and adventure activities to enjoy during their trip.  Of all the places, the War Remnant Museum has a current footfall at the War Remnants Museum is more than 5 lakh per annum. The popularity of this museum has evolved significantly in recent times. 

History of the War Remnants Museum

The museum showcases the fall of Saigon in 1975. The government of Vietnam opened the door to this “Exhibition House for Crime and Aggression” to throw light on the brutal history of the American War. The brutality of the Americans will leave you horrified. 

The remains in the museum speak of the one-sided history of the devastating war and its impact on Vietnam. It mainly focuses on the US invasion and the adverse impact it had on the people of Vietnam. The museum also shows some glimpses of the French and Vietnam wars and how they damaged the country. 


Historical Significance of the War Remnants Museum

The reason for building this museum was to showcase the layer beneath the Vietnam War. The efforts of the Vietnamese people to fight the aggression of the US army. The museum is a constant reminder of the people of Vietnam’s struggle and what it took to get the independence they are enjoying today. 

The exhibits offer a powerful look at the turbulent past of Vietnam. It takes people on a reflective journey where the memories conflict merge to serve as a crucial message. 

Best Time to Visit the Museum


January is the best time to visit Vietnam, the maximum number of footfalls in the War Remnant Museum will be highest during the winter months. The temperature ranges between 18 degrees to 23 degrees which is the ideal temperature for traveling. Always keep an Umbrella hand and do not forget to apply lots and lots of sunscreen. Always keep these tips in mind while traveling to Vietnam to have a memorable experience.

Timing of the Museum

The museum opens from Monday to Sunday and the opening hours for the War Remnant Museum are 7.30 Am to 5.30 Pm around the year. The War Remnants Museum entrance fee will cost you 20,000 Vietnamese Dong, which is approximately 70 Rs in Indian Currency. 

Location of War Remnants Museum Vietnam

The Museum is located in Ho Chi Minh City, on the corner of Vo Van Tan and Le Quy Don streets. The Museum is close to the Independence Palace, City Centre, and Notre Dam Cathedral. 

How to reach the Museum


Vietnam is very well connected to the different major cities of the world. There are numerous flights from Delhi daily. You can easily plan a 7-day trip to Vietnam from Delhi and enjoy the beautiful country of Vietnam. The easiest method to reach the Museum is by taxi. There are plenty of taxi services available in this touristy area. 

If you wish to save some money, there is always an option for public transportation like buses. Bus number 14 from the Mien Dong bus stand,  bus number 28 from Ben Thanh Market, and bus number 6 from the Cho Lon bus stand can directly take you to the Museum. 

Highlight of the Museum

The Wartime Museum building is a 3 story building, spreading an area of 4,522 square meters. Though we cannot get a complete experience of the war, this museum to some extent showcases the brutal truth about the Vietnam war. 

The description and documentation are so disturbing that it can make you emotional and leave you stunned. 

1. Military Equipment


As you enter the front gate of the museum you will be thrilled by the heavy weapon used by the US army during the war. The weapons include missiles, bombs, mines, and vehicles like aircraft and helicopters. 

Moving forward you come across the Tiger Cages, which were used as a tool of torture.

2. Ground Floor Museum

This part of the museum showcases the victims of the war, their lives during the war, and the constant pain people went through during the whole war. 

The ground floor museum also has pictures of how the whole world came together in support of Vietnam and stood against the strongest nation on Earth, the USA. 

3. The First Floor Exhibition

This portion of the gallery showcases the aftermath of the war. The adverse effect on the people of Vietnam and the environment. It also has stories of how the later generations are still suffering from the aftermath of the war.

4. Second-floor exhibition


This part of the museum shows an overview of the Vietnamese War and its remnant. 

Other Places to visit near the museum

The city of Ho Chi Minh City has a perfect blend of history and culture. Just like the War Remnants Museum, there are few other places to visit in the city.

1. Independence Palace

The Independence Palace was used as the presidential palace during the Vietnam War. This palace has now opened its door for the public to share a glimpse of Vietnam’s history and political developments. 

2. Cu Chi Tunnels


The Vietnamese underground network can be very well seen in the Cu Chi Tunnels. These served as a great sneaking opportunity during the Vietnamese war. Crawl through the passage and take home the experience of the life of people during the difficult times of war. 

3. Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum showcases an extensive display of Vietnamese art and culture, their paintings, sculptures, etc from different eras. 

4. Ho Chi Minh City Opera House

Opera house is a great place for visitors to enjoy performances of traditional Vietnamese Opera and the modern age contemporary opera.

5. History Museum of Ho Chi Minh City


The museum offers an overview of the city’s past. From ancient origins to the wartime periods.


The War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City is one of the major tourist attractions in Vietnam. The museum offers a deep and profound experience for its visitors. The War Remnants Museum entry fee is very less making it accessible for all genres of people. 

The Museum provides the point of view of the Vietnamese people and the struggle they went through to attain their freedom from the US. Walk through the galleries and understand the important message and the reality of the war. As you confront the past, you understand the importance of the present times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to eat near the War Remnants Museum?

The War Remnants Museum is located in a very prime location in the city which makes the area developed. There are plenty of places to eat in Vietnam, especially near the museum where you can visit and enjoy your meal. 

Some of the best places to eat will be Iced Coffee Sai Gon, Mat Mat Smoothies, Home Saigon, and many more. 

What is the main feature of the War Remnants Museum Vietnam?

The beautiful narration of the past war and the detailed information to understand the horrific past is the main feature of the museum. The warfare used during the war is also one major attraction for visitors. 

What is the War Remnants Museum entry fee?

The War Remnants Museum entry fee is approximately 20,000 Vietnamese Dong which is equal to 70 rupees in Indian currency 

Is there a dress code for the War Remnants Museum?

There is no such dress code to wear while visiting Vietnam. However, visitors are asked to dress sensibly to honor the feelings of the people. Formal wear is always the best pick when visiting the Museum. 

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