Cruises in Halong Bay Vietnam: Why Should You Visit?

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Welcome to the breathtaking realm of Cruises in Halong Bay with the help of our Vietnam Tour Package, Vietnam – a sanctuary of ethereal beauty and cultural richness. Embark on a voyage unlike any other as we invite you to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site, renowned for its emerald waters and towering limestone pillars that jut out of the sea like ancient sentinels.

Join us in unforgettable experiences in the awe-inspiring landscapes of Halong Bay. Drift through a dreamscape of mist-shrouded islands aboard luxurious cruises, immersing yourself in the serenity of nature’s masterpiece. Make sure you go through the Vietnam Travel Tips before you board the flight!

Halong Bay, Vietnam: An Overview


Halong Bay, located in northern Vietnam, is renowned for its stunning natural beauty. It’s characterized by thousands of limestone karsts and isles rising from the emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin. These limestone formations, often topped with lush vegetation, create a breathtaking seascape that has captivated travelers for centuries.

The bay covers an area of approximately 1,553 square kilometers and is dotted with numerous caves, grottos, and hidden lagoons waiting to be explored. Among the most famous are Hang Sung Sot (Surprise Cave) and Thien Cung Cave, each boasting stunning stalactites and stalagmites. Do not forget to go through our Halong Bay guide.

Cruises in Halong Bay, Vietnam


These Best Cruises in Halong Bay, Vietnam offer an enchanting journey through one of the world’s most captivating natural wonders. 

These cruises provide travelers with a unique opportunity to explore the bay’s majestic limestone karsts, hidden caves, and emerald waters while indulging in luxury and comfort. Here’s an overview of some of the popular cruise options:

Luxury Cruises

Luxury cruises in Halong Bay offer unparalleled comfort and service amidst the stunning natural scenery. 

These cruises in Halong bay often feature spacious cabins with private balconies, gourmet dining experiences, spa facilities, and personalized excursions to less-visited areas of the bay. Examples include:

1. Paradise Luxury Cruise


Paradise Luxury Cruise is one of the leading luxury cruise operators in HaLong Bay, Vietnam.Paradise Luxury Cruise offers upscale accommodations onboard its fleet of modern vessels. 

Cabins are well-appointed with elegant furnishings, comfortable bedding, and en-suite bathrooms. Some cabins feature private balconies offering panoramic views of Ha Long Bay.

Cost: ₹24,759 Onwards 

2. Orchid Cruise


Orchid Cruise is a reputable cruise operator providing luxury experiences in cruising in HaLong Bay, Vietnam. 

Orchid Cruises in Halong Bay boasts luxurious accommodations aboard its modern vessels. The cabins are elegantly designed with contemporary amenities, offering guests a comfortable and stylish retreat during their cruise. Some cabins feature private balconies, allowing guests to enjoy breathtaking views of the bay.

Cost: ₹55,899 Onwards

3. Au Co Cruise


Au Co Cruise is a distinguished cruise operator renowned for its premium experiences in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. 

Au Co Cruise offers a variety of onboard activities to entertain guests. These may include tai chi sessions, cooking classes where guests can learn to prepare Vietnamese dishes, squid fishing at night, and cultural performances showcasing traditional Vietnamese arts and music. 

These activities offer guests an immersive experience and insight into the local culture.

Cost: ₹36,952 Onwards

Mid-range Cruises

Mid-range cruises in Halong Bay provide a balance between comfort and affordability. 

They typically offer comfortable cabins, delicious meals, and a variety of onboard activities such as cooking classes, tai chi sessions, and kayaking. Find out more about Adventure activities in Vietnam with the help of our guide.

Examples include:

1. Dragon Legend Cruise


Dragon Legend Cruise is a distinguished cruise operator offering exceptional experiences in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Dragon Legend Cruise is committed to providing exceptional service and hospitality to its guests. 

The dedicated staff and crew are attentive to every detail, ensuring that guests have a memorable and enjoyable experience throughout their cruise. From personalized service to knowledgeable guides, guests can expect top-tier hospitality at all times.

Cost: ₹20,470  Onwards

2. La Regina Legend Cruise


La Regina Legend Cruise is a prestigious cruise operator renowned for its premium offerings in Ha Long Bay, VietnamLa Regina Legend Cruise takes pride in its culinary offerings, providing guests with an exceptional dining experience. 

The onboard chefs create a diverse menu featuring Vietnamese specialties and international cuisine, prepared with the freshest local ingredients. Meals are served in sophisticated dining settings, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Cost: ₹18,615 Onwards

3. Pelican Cruise


Pelican Cruise is a renowned cruise operator offering exceptional experiences in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Pelican Cruise allows guests to immerse themselves in the stunning beauty of Ha Long Bay. 

From the spacious deck of the ship, guests can admire the bay’s iconic limestone karsts and tranquil waters. Pelican Cruise organizes guided excursions to explore hidden caves, pristine beaches, and traditional fishing villages, providing guests with a deeper understanding of the bay’s natural and cultural heritage.

Cost: ₹10,606 Onwards

Budget Cruises

Budget cruises in Halong Bay are ideal for travelers seeking a wallet-friendly option without compromising on the Halong Bay experience. 

While cabins may be simpler, these cruises still offer scenic views, delicious Vietnamese cuisine, and activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and cave exploration. 

Examples include:

1. Phoenix Cruise


Phoenix Cruise offers guests the opportunity to explore the beauty of Ha Long Bay through a range of activities and excursions. 

Guests can embark on guided tours to discover hidden caves, visit floating villages, or kayaking through the limestone karsts. 

Onboard activities may include cooking classes, tai chi sessions, or simply relaxing on the sundeck while admiring the scenery. 

Cost: ₹4,890 Onwards

2. Oriental Sails


Oriental Sails provides comfortable and well-appointed accommodations aboard its vessels. 

The cabins are designed with modern amenities and thoughtful touches, ensuring guests have a cozy and relaxing space to retreat to after a day of exploration. 

Some cabins may offer stunning views of the bay through large windows or private balconies.

Cost: ₹10,487 Onwards

3. Swan Cruise


Swan Cruise takes pride in its culinary offerings, providing guests with delightful dining experiences. 

Onboard chefs prepare a variety of Vietnamese dishes and international cuisine, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. 

Meals are served in charming dining areas, allowing guests to savor their food while taking in the stunning scenery of Ha Long Bay.

Cost: ₹11,050 Onwards

Day Cruises

For those with limited time or looking for a shorter excursion, day cruises offer the opportunity to explore Halong Bay’s highlights in a single day. 

These cruises typically include activities such as cave visits, kayaking, and seafood lunches aboard the boat. 

Examples include: 

1. Glory Legend Day Cruise


Glory Legend Day Cruise allows guests to marvel at the breathtaking landscapes of Ha Long Bay, renowned for its towering limestone karsts and emerald-green waters. During the cruise, guests will have the chance to admire the bay’s iconic scenery from the comfort of the ship’s sundeck, providing ample opportunities for photography and relaxation.

Despite being a day cruise, Glory Legend ensures that guests enjoy comfort and convenience throughout their journey. The ship is equipped with modern amenities, including spacious indoor and outdoor seating areas, clean restroom facilities, and attentive staff who cater to guests’ needs.

Cost: ₹28,920 Onwards

2. Alova Gold Cruise Day Tour


Alova Gold Cruise Day Tour provides an exciting opportunity for visitors to explore the wonders of Ha Long Bay within a single day. Despite its shorter duration, the day tour aboard Alova Gold Cruise is filled with exciting activities. 

Guests can embark on guided tours to explore the bay’s hidden caves and grottoes, such as Sung Sot Cave or Luon Cave, marveling at their unique rock formations and stalactites. Additionally, guests have the opportunity to kayak or take a bamboo boat ride through tranquil lagoons, offering a close-up view of HaLong Bay’s natural wonders.

Cost: ₹8,289 Onwards

3. Private Charters


Private charters provide a customizable experience for groups or families seeking privacy and flexibility. Guests can tailor their itinerary, activities like scuba diving, and dining preferences, ensuring a personalized and exclusive journey through Halong Bay.

How to get there?


Flights to Vietnam

Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3, New Delhi → Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata (22h, 33 mins Layover) → Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi

Cost: ₹ 12,018 Onwards (Oneway) 

Hanoi to Halong Bay: 155 Km

  • Bus: ₹592 (2-3hrs)
  • Ferry: ₹2374 (2 hrs)
  • Van: ₹2509 (3 hrs)

Interesting Facts about Halong Bay, Vietnam



Ha Long Bay, meaning “Descending Dragon Bay,” is believed to have formed over millions of years through geological processes such as erosion and tectonic activity.

Islands and Caves

Within Ha Long Bay, there are around 1,600 limestone islands and islets, many of which are topped with dense vegetation. These islands are home to numerous caves and grottoes, some of which are open to visitors, offering a fascinating glimpse into the bay’s geological history.


Ha Long Bay supports a diverse array of flora and fauna, including several endemic species. The bay is home to coral reefs, mangrove forests, and a variety of marine life, making it an important ecological hotspot.

Cultural Significance

In addition to its natural beauty, Ha Long Bay holds cultural significance for the Vietnamese people. Legend has it that the bay was formed by dragons sent by the gods to defend Vietnam against invaders. The name “Ha Long” itself is derived from this legend.


Ha Long Bay is a popular tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors each year who come to admire its scenic beauty, explore its caves and islands, and engage in activities such as kayaking, swimming, and cruising in Halong Bay, Vietnam.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Recognizing its outstanding natural value, Ha Long Bay was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, helping to protect and preserve this unique ecosystem for future generations to enjoy.  Do not forget to check out more places to visit in Vietnam so you don’t miss out on anything.

Sustainable Development

In recent years, efforts have been made to promote sustainable tourism in HaLong Bay to minimize its environmental impact. This includes measures to control pollution, manage visitor numbers, and preserve the bay’s fragile ecosystem.

What makes Halong Bay a popular destination for cruising, and what are the key attractions during a cruise?

Ha Long Bay, also known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is famous for its stunning limestone mountains that rise up from emerald waters, formed thousands of years ago.

What is the best time of the year to embark on a cruise in Halong Bay?

The high traveling season in Halong Bay is during fall and spring (from October to April) because the weather seems to be cool and you experience the best time of the year.

What types of cruises are available in Halong Bay, and how long do they typically last?

Halong Bay, Vietnam has three main types of cruises: Day trips, 2-day cruises with one night, and 3-day cruises with two nights. 

How can travelers choose the right cruise for their preferences in Halong Bay, and what should they consider?

For the best experience cruising in Halong Bay, Vietnam, you should choose your cabin carefully. Location, size and amenities are all important considerations. A rule of thumb is that the higher the cabin, the better.

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