2nd December Street: Dubai’s Hidden Nightlife Gem

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Dubai! Just say the name and images of luxury, crazy skyscrapers, and that epic fountain show come to mind. But most Dubai tour packages miss a hidden gem: 2nd December Street! Which is tucked away in this city of luxury.

This cool little street feels like a whole different world, especially at night. It’s the perfect place to experience the real Dubai – friendly people, delicious (and affordable!) food, and a whole lot of fun in itself.

Historical background and evolution of the street

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So, what’s the story with this street?

Well, back in the day, it was called ‘Al Dhiyafa’ Street, which means “hospitality” in Arabic. Pretty fitting, right? The people here are super welcoming! In 2011, it was renamed after the ‘United Arab Emirates’ National Day, which is on December 2nd. That’s the day all seven emirates joined forces to create the UAE we know today.

You can even visit Union House, the place where it all happened, right near the end of the street!

Cultural experiences, dining, and shopping options


Let’s walk down the 2nd December street!

As you walk through the streets, you will find attractions that reflect Dubai’s diverse culture, heritage, and mix of modern skyscrapers and traditional buildings. It’s like walking down the mini museum. The Dubai Street Museum Project fills the walls with amazing murals by local (or Emirati) artists, showcasing their talent.

Forget history for a second, let’s talk about food!

As soon as the sun sets, the Street comes alive with the most amazing smells – street food from all over the world! You’ve got to try the shawarma at Al Mallah, it’s legendary. Super juicy meat wrapped in warm flatbread—pure deliciousness! Or slurp up some noodles at The Noodle Bowl.

Don’t miss the hidden Treasures!

The side streets are packed with smaller restaurants serving tasty and affordable local food. Perfect for budget travelers who love good eats!

Shopping isn’t the main attraction, but…

Done with the maze of Meena Bazar in Dubai? 2nd December Street offers a charming escape! where you can find cool souvenirs and local crafts. Imagine finding a one-of-a-kind scarf with beautiful weaving or maybe some hand-painted pottery—perfect keepsakes to remember your trip by!  

These things capture the spirit of Dubai’s culture, making them awesome gifts for family and friends back home too.

Events and festivities on 2nd December Street Dubai


2nd December Street might not have huge parties all the time, but it’s always got a fun vibe!

During Ramadan, everything stays open late into the night, and the restaurants serve special dishes for the holy month. It’s a cool way to experience the culture.  It’s a great way to soak up what the city has to offer and maybe even try something new.

And come December, National Day is like Emirati’s Christmas! The whole street gets decked out in decorations, restaurants have special menus you gotta try in Dubai, and everyone’s super proud to be an Emirati. The energy is contagious, it’s awesome!

How to navigate and explore the street?


Getting to 2nd December Street Dubai is super easy!

2nd December Street, is in the Satwa area. Just catch the metro and get off at Al Satwa station; it’s a quick walk from there. The best way to explore the street is by foot. Think of it like a walking food tour. You can feel the cool vibes, check out the amazing street art, and stumble upon all the hidden food gems (trust me, there are a lot!). 

Plus, the street is super tiny. So don’t worry, you won’t get lost, and you will explore everything easily.

Tips for visitors and recommended timings for 2nd December Street Dubai


Here’s the scoop for your visit!

  1. Night-time is the best time: Why so? It’s because experiencing 2nd December Street in the evening is a next-level adventure, because of its crazy fun Dubai Nightlife and amazing food scene . Most restaurants and shops open up in the late afternoon and stay open super late, so you won’t miss anything and will have plenty of time to explore.
  2. Dress comfortably (but respectfully): There’s no strict dress code, but it’s best to respect local customs. As there is a saying, “Jaisa desh, Waisa bhesh” (As the country is, same should be the guise). Just opt for clothing that covers your shoulders and knees, and you’re good to go!
  3. Cash can be king (sometimes): It’s a golden rule to carry cash while you travel. While most restaurants accept cards, carrying some cash is a good idea for buying things in Dubai at local shops and for street vendors. 

So, are your taste buds tingling and your feet itching to explore? 2nd December Street, is waiting to be discovered! It’s a sensory overload in the best way possible—delicious food, cool art, and a friendly vibe that will have you hooked, and how can we forget those gram-friendly pictures?

Frequently Asked Questions About 2nd December Street Dubai

What is 2nd December Street?

The 2nd of December Street is one of Dubai’s oldest streets that connects Jumeirah Road, Al Satwa and the Dubai World Trade Center.

Why is it called 2nd December Street?

It was called ‘Al Dhiyafa’ Street, which means “hospitality” in Arabic. It was renamed as ‘2nd December street’ after the ‘United Arab Emirates’ National Day, which is on December 2nd. That’s the day all seven emirates joined forces to create the UAE we know today.

What attractions can I find along 2nd December Street?

You can find plenty of delicious eateries along the way, as well as tailors, cloth merchants, and perfumeries. Whatever you can think of, you’ll find a shop for it.

Is 2nd December Street easily accessible?

Yes, It is in the Satwa area. Just catch the metro and get off at Al Satwa station; it’s a quick walk from there.

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