Sakya Tangyud Monastery in Spiti Valley

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Sakya Tangyud Monastery stands as a testament to Buddhist culture and tradition. Its captivating and serene atmosphere gives way to spiritual growth and offers an unforgettable experience to anyone who visits this remote Himalayan region of Spiti Valley. It is situated in Komic Village, 4 km away from Kaza.

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Sakya Tangyud Monastery is considered to be a very ancient Tungyad monastery by the local people of the region, for almost 800 years. But a recent earthquake in 1972 completely destroyed the entire ancient structure which was originally believed to be somewhere near Hikkim Village.   Its restoration was done by the 14th Gyalwa Karmapa, a revered spiritual leader of the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism. This sacred site was built with the noble intention of promoting Buddhism and preserving the unique cultural heritage of the region and still serves as a major pilgrimage site since it is one of the only two established Sakye sect Gompas in Spiti Valley. It is one of the best monasteries in Spiti Valley to witness on your getaway! 

The architecture of the monastery reflects traditional Tibetan architecture, with its pagoda-like roof and colorful prayer flags flying in the wind. Sakya Tangyud Monastery serves as a center for Buddhist learning for everyone visiting this quaint village.

One can enjoy the enthralling bird’s eye view of the entire Kaza Valley because this monastery is perched at an altitude of 4,520 meters 14,830 ft, on the edge of a deep canyon and overlooking the town of Kaza.

Best time to visit Sakya Tungyud Monastery


The best time to visit the Sakya Tangyud Monastery is from June to September when the roads are accessible and the temperatures are relatively pleasant. Winters are extremely harsh, with heavy snowfall cutting off road connectivity, making it challenging to visit Spiti Valley during this time.

Spiti Valley in June is the most  ideal time to visit, hence it is most likely to be the tourist season. Therefore, it is advisable for everyone to be well planned and have a booking or an itinerary. This will save time and make your travel smooth.

How to reach here

Sakya Tangyud Monastery is in Komic Village which is 4 kms away from Kaza, the sub-divisional headquarters of Spiti Valley and can be reached by road. 

The nearest airport is in Bhuntar, near Kullu, and the nearest broad gauge railway station is at Shimla. From these points, one can hire taxis or use local buses to reach Kaza.

Places that can be visited near Sakya Tungyud Monastery

  • Key Monastery
  • Kibber Village
  • Chandratal Lake
  • Kumzum Pass
  • Pin Valley National Park

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Tips and guidelines while visiting Sakya Tungyud Monastery and Spiti Valley

  • Visitors should be respectful of the religious and cultural practices taking place at the monastery. It is advisable to dress modestly, avoid loud noises, and seek permission before taking photographs. 
  • Tourists should also be aware of the monastery’s  visiting hours and their prayer schedules, as these may vary.
  • When interacting with monks, it’s important to greet them respectfully and wait for them to offer their hand if they wish to shake hands. 
  • Avoid touching religious artifacts or entering restricted areas without permission. 
  • Conversations should be held with respect and sensitivity to their religious commitments and lifestyle.

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What is Sakya Tangyud Monastery?

 Sakya Tungyud Monastery is an ancient monastery, perched at an altitude of 4520 meters and it is one of the highest-altitude gompas in India.

What is the history behind Sakya Tangyud Monastery?

The Kaza Sakya Tangyud Monastery is an ancient Buddhist monastery. It is home to the Sakya sect of Tibetan Buddhism and is a major pilgrimage site for Buddhists from all over the world. The monastery was founded in the 11th century by the great Tibetan Buddhist master Dromtönpa and is one of the most important monasteries in the Sakya tradition.

What can visitors expect to see at Sakya Tangyud Monastery?

It serves as an amazing place to learn about Buddhism while surrounded by captivating views of the Kaza Valley. The main attractions of the monastery include its stunning murals and paintings depicting values from Buddhism and a vast collection of scriptures and texts

Are there any special events or rituals held at Sakya Tangyud Monastery?

Morning prayers are held every day at 8 am and one can visit the monastery and request to be a part of the same.

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