Bali Safari And Marine Park: A Whole Guide

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Safari and Marine Park in Bali has over a thousand animals that have been protected in their natural habitat. It is one destination with the thrill, adventure, and entertainment that can be best for your family Bali Tour. Also, while planning your trip, you must be involved in all the best places to visit in Bali and have the best ever experience. 

With around 120 species of animals that also include rare and endangered species that must be shocking to many. So, why not enjoy the natural wildlife and a great unique experience in Bali Safari and Marine Park? 

You have the chance to observe a wide range of animals very closely, like elephants, lions, tigers, rhinos, hippos, and deer. Isn’t it amazing? Unwind with the Bali Agung’s shows in the theatre and learn more about their local traditions and culture. 

Bali Safari And Marine Park Tickets

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Visiting Safari and Marine Park in Bali can be super fun! But, they have this entrance counter for the tickets to be purchased. Also, if you don’t want any hassle in the ticket procedure, you can easily book them online and even get some fantastic discounts and offers. You can go through the Bali travel tips and how you can make it more budget-friendly. 

So, it will be a budget-friendly outing for your family and friends that includes packages with a safari journey, aquariums, tiger shows, elephant shows, and a water play zone with lunch as well. So, you also need to book your time slots for the spots to be confirmed with all the facilities in the Bali safari and Marine park. 

Experience In The Bali Safari And Marine Park

The safari and marine park in Bali includes the experience of a zoo, a safari ride, an aquarium, an amusement park, and a great theatrical performance. 

When you enter the Bali safari and marine park, your safari ride will start with a transport that is designed uniquely and take you around to witness more than 100 different species including the endangered ones. 

Have a chance to spot tigers, giraffes, elephants, deer, lions, and many exotic birds that would definitely mesmerize you. So, have a great experience with all the wildlife and amazing times to make the best out of your trip. 

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Types of Safaris in Bali Safari and Marine Park

Image Source : Bali Safari and Marine Park

Here are some different types of safaris that you must experience being in this park. Let’s get started with all the unique safaris that you can explore in the safari and marine park in Bali. 

1. Jungle Hopper

It is one of the most popular safaris in this park. It is a great chance to witness the endangered animals and some of the unique ones as well. While seeing the most amazing and endangered animals, you also have the chance to see the fishes in the aquarium. 

So, don’t miss on this one and have a great time experiencing the balinese cultural shows, elephant shows and much more. 

2. Elephant Back Safari

This is one incredible safari in the Bali safari and marine park which allows the tourists to go and experience the African-themed Bushveld which is filled with free-roaming zebras, rhinos, and wildebeest. 

It is a 30-minute trek that gets you close to all the wildlife present there. Also, the elephant trek in Bali is one amazing thing to do on your trip. 

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3. Night Safari

This is one great safari experience during the late evening which is available every Saturday and Sunday for fun purposes. Have the chance to see the elephants, giraffes, zebras, tigers, and much more during the nighttime. Also, if you want to experience the nightlife in Bali, there are multiple spots to do the same. 

They walk freely and approach whenever they like, it can definitely turn out to be a great experience in the Bali safari and marine park. 

4. Breakfast with the lions

It is a great experience that you must not miss! It is of a kind dining experience that you should not miss while being in Bali. 

If you know about the restaurants in Bali, the Tsavo Lion restaurant is Asia’s first lion-themed restaurant that serves a breakfast buffet with a variety of dishes alongside the lions. 

But, there is no need to be scared as they have separate glass panels from which they can not come ahead. 

5. Agung Show

The Agung show is a special performance that involves traditional Balinese music and dance. It takes place in Bali, an island in Indonesia known for its rich cultural heritage. During the Agung show, skilled performers use traditional instruments like the gamelan to create enchanting melodies that accompany graceful dances. 

The highlight of the show is often the performance of the Agung, a large and sacred gong. The Agung is not just a musical instrument; it holds spiritual significance in Balinese culture. The performers play the Agung with precision and skill, creating a mesmerizing experience for the audience

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