Centuries-Old Buddha Statue Stolen From An Art Gallery In Los Angeles

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In a shocking event, a Buddha statue worth $1.5 million was stolen from an art gallery in Los Angeles last week. The Los Angeles Police Department(LAPD) reported that the statue weighed 250 pounds, approximately 114kg, was stolen from the Barakat Gallery at around 3:45 am on 18th September. 

The heist has left the authorities of the art gallery surprised, and the thief has been caught on camera where he allegedly breaking through the driveway gate and used a dolly to transport the statue to the truck. 

The entire robbery took 25 minutes, and the authorities were surprised to discover that the thief managed to lift the heavy statue despite its weight. The statue was an extraordinary relic of Buddha adorned with a halo at 4 feet height and belongs to Japan’s Edo Period(1603-1867). 

Fayez Barakat, the owner of the gallery, stated that the statue was their prized possession, kept in the gallery to be admired by everyone. He also believes that the robbery was pre-planned because the sculpture was set in the outer space gallery. 

Currently, the police are investigating the case and looking for additional evidence besides the footage. 

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