Cruising In Luxury: An Ultimate Party Affair In Marinas

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Are you exhausted from the daily grind of life? The hustle and bustle of each day, along with the scorching heat, leaves you unable to catch a breath of peace, doesn’t it? What if we tell you that the freshness of light, gentle, and cool sea breeze is what you need now? Hit the brakes on your current plans because the marine waters call you to spend your time leisurely on a Cruise.

Cruising is synonymous with luxury, relaxation, and adventure. However, one aspect of cruising that often steals the spotlight is their extravagant and unforgettable cruise parties. And then, for such cruise parties, which place would be better than the one known as the epitome of opulence and extravagance itself— Dubai! One of the biggest party hubs. Experience the ultimate luxury and excitement with a versatile Dubai Tour

Luxury Cruise Party In Dubai


A luxury cruise party in Dubai is not a regular ‘dancing-the-night-away’ party, Dubai’s cruise party is rather about creating a set of magical memories for you to revisit whenever your heart desires. Once you step foot into the luxury cruise party in Dubai, the ship transforms into a floating paradise with unmatched entertainment all over—luxurious amenities, culinary delights, and a spellbinding view of the sea level meeting the expanse of sky.

Let’s unravel the things that you can expect while spending your time at a luxury cruise party in Dubai

1. Theme Extravaganzas


One of the most anticipated aspects of the best cruise party in Dubai is the themed events that take place throughout the voyage. Whether it’s a tropical beach party complete with Hawaiian shirts and fruity cocktails or a glamorous masquerade ball where passengers don their finest attire, a themed cruise party transports guests to another world entirely. 

These meticulously planned events often feature live music, elaborate decorations, and savoury cuisine, creating an impressive experience that leaves guests feeling like they’ve stepped into great heaven.

2. Delightful Delicacies


The best cruise party in Dubai offers the best-cultivated menu with diverse cuisines and a great deal of savouring delicacies. From gourmet delights to international cuisines, the onboard dining options are crafted to cater to every palate. 

Whether you prefer freshly prepared seafood delicacies, succulent grilled meats, or exotic fusion dishes, the menus are curated to impress even someone who has the most selective taste buds in a luxury cruise party in Dubai.

To complement the exquisite cuisine, a wide range of beverages is also available, including fine wines, signature cocktails, and premium spirits. Whether you’re toasting a special occasion or simply unwinding with friends, Dubai’s cruise party bars and lounges offer the perfect setting to sip and socialize.

3. The Nightlife


When the sun sets and the stars come out, the real magic of these parties begins. The best cruise party in Dubai boasts an array of nightclubs, bars, and lounges where passengers can dance, socialize, and unwind after a day of exploration. 

Whether you prefer the pulsating beats of a high-energy dance club or the smooth melodies of a jazz lounge, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Many ships in Dubai’s cruise party also feature live entertainment, including comedians, magicians, and musicians, ensuring that the party never stops, even in the middle of the ocean.

Now that we’ve drawn a picture of all the things that you can anticipate in Dubai’s cruise party, let’s talk about how and where you can experience the best cruise party in Dubai. You need not fret because we’re here to tell you all about it.

Party Cruise Dubai:

Source: GetYourGuide

Party Cruise Dubai is a leisure and entertainment company that specializes in providing unforgettable experiences with luxury yachts and boats in the stunning, marina waters and giving you one hell of an experience of a marina yacht party in Dubai. Cruise party in Dubai is as well-spotted as when you search for Desert Safari in Dubai.

Renowned for its opulent vessels, top-notch service, and the best cruise party in Dubai affairs, Party Cruise Dubai offers a wide range of products and services catering to various clientele, including tourists, locals, corporate events, and private celebrations. Amidst their fine selections of cruises and boats, Party Cruise Dubai takes all the limelight with best of the bests Dubai luxury yacht cruises where every moment is adorned with extravagance and uncontrollable wildness to set your party animal high.

While we are at it, let’s also navigate through the array of yacht options that Party Cruise Dubai offers. They are tailored to ensure your luxury cruise party in Dubai transcends your style, offering a mix of lavish amenities, boundless entertainment, and uncompromising luxury, all aligned with your discerning tastes and budgetary considerations—

1. Royal Luxury Yacht


The Royal Luxury Yacht is a perfect example of elegance and sophistication, offering a regal experience on the waters of Dubai. With luxurious amenities and impeccable service, it’s a premier choice for those seeking a refined Dubai luxury yacht cruise.

Yacht Name- Majesty 101

Yacht Size- 101 feet

Maximum Capacity- 50 guests

Specification- 5 bedrooms, Salon, Kitchen, Restroom, Sun Deck and Fly Bridge

2. Super Party Boat


As its name suggests, the Super Party Boat is designed for extravagant celebrations and lively gatherings. Equipped with spacious decks and entertainment facilities, it’s the ultimate venue for an unforgettable marina yacht party in Dubai.

Yacht Name- Virgo Yacht

Yacht Size- 88 feet

Maximum Capacity- 65 guests

Specification- 3 bedrooms, Salon, Kitchen, Restroom, Sun Deck and Fly Bridge

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3. Lotus Mega Yacht


The Lotus Mega Yacht is an iconic symbol of Dubai luxury yacht cruise in the maritime scene. Boasting its class and high-end design, it features expansive decks, lavish interiors, and top-notch amenities, making it a coveted choice for one of the best cruise party in Dubai.

Yacht Name- Lotus Mega Yacht Dubai

Yacht Size- 220 feet

Maximum Capacity- 500 guests

Specification- 11 bedrooms, master suite with sunroof and glass balcony

4. Dance Party Boat


The Dance Party Boat is designed to keep the energy high with its vibrant atmosphere and pulsating music. Perfect for dance enthusiasts and partygoers, it offers a dynamic experience on the waters of Dubai, complete with a lively ambiance.

Yacht Name- Gugu Boat

Maximum Capacity- 90 guests

Staff- 1 captain, 2 crew

5. Desert Rose Mega Yacht


The Desert Rose Mega Yacht exudes sophistication and style, offering a luxurious retreat on the Arabian Gulf. With its spacious layout and elegant design, it provides an unparalleled setting for easy-going cruising and upscale entertainment, which also makes it to the top of our quality listing of Dubai luxury yacht cruise.

Yacht Name- Desert Rose

Yacht Size- 155 feet

Maximum Capacity- 200 guests

Specification- 6 bedrooms, 6 VIP bedrooms on the main deck + 8 bedrooms on the lower deck.

6. 85 Feet Luxury Yacht


The 85 Feet Luxury Yacht combines comfort and elegance, offering a refined cruising experience in Dubai’s waters. With its sleek design, spacious interiors, and top-of-the-line amenities, it’s an ideal choice for intimate gatherings and for laying out an exclusive marina yacht party in Dubai.

Yacht Name- Al Shujaat-9

Yacht Size- 85 feet

Maximum Capacity- 41 guests

Decks- Lower and Upper (2 decks)

Specification- 4 Bedrooms; One Master Bedroom, 3 Twin Bedrooms, 1 Dining Room, 2 Restrooms & One Kitchen, Lounge, Front End Sun Deck Sitting Area

Marina yacht party in Dubai, accompanied by these yachts, outlay with minimal stay prices starting from 150 AED per person per hour and an additional 20 AED for refreshments. They also provide cakes, BBQ platters, a 5-star buffet with catering, red carpet, decoration, etc. (with additional charges). When choosing among these Dubai luxury yacht cruise options, consider your specific preferences and the type of experience you desire. Whether you seek regal elegance, lively entertainment, serene luxury, or intimate charm, there’s a yacht to suit every taste, and Party Cruise Dubai makes sure of it.

With state-of-the-art amenities at your disposal, your Dubai luxury yacht cruise offers a full package of entertainment options to suit every preference. From rejuvenating spa treatments to exhilarating water sports, there’s no shortage of activities to keep you enchanted throughout your voyage.

As the day transitions into night, witness the mesmerising part of Dubai’s skyline illuminated against the darkening sky. Whether you choose to dance the night away under the stars or simply unwind in the luxurious comforts of your cabin, every moment is a celebration of refinement.


Dubai’s cruise party offers an unparalleled blend of luxury and excitement, making them the ultimate escapade from the hustle and bustle of life. With the Dubai luxury yacht cruise leading the way, you can expect nothing short of perfection as you embark on a journey of indulgence and entertainment in deep blue waters.

Whether you prefer the elegance of the Royal Luxury Yacht or the vibrancy of the Dance Party Boat, there’s a vessel tailored to exceed your expectations and present you with abundant memories of the best cruise party in Dubai. So, why wait? Let the waves of Dubai’s marine waters carry you away to a world of unmatched splendour and adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How much does a yacht party cost in Dubai?

A marina yacht party in Dubai will at minimum cost you 250-300 AED per person per hour and goes up to 6500-7000 AED.

Which is the best cruise for partying in Dubai?

It depends on the requirements and preferences of the goer. Although Desert Rose Mega Yacht is a top pick due to its elegance, two-decked space and VIP bedrooms.

What is a yacht party?

A yacht party is a social event on a yacht or a luxury boat on the marine waters. They are often associated with luxury, exclusivity, and sophistication.

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