Explore the Captivating Nandan Van Zoo and Safari in Raipur

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Nandan Van Zoo & Safari is located at sector-39, Naya Raipur. The main objective of the zoo is to conserve the wildlife. While Nandan Van Zoo & safari in Raipur is home to a wide range of animals, you can spot some of the rarest species and explore the best fun activities like jungle safari rides and boating rides amidst the wildlife creatures in this incredible zoological park.  Nandan Van Zoo & Safari is one of the best Raipur tourist places to have an enjoyable day out with your family and friends.

The Nandan Van Zoo is most famous for its Jungle Safari experience. Spread over an 800-acre area, with beautiful flora and fauna, Nandan Van Zoo & Safari in Raipur is home to Khandwa Reservoir, a 130-acre water body that attracts many migratory birds. 

The entire area of the safari is fenced at the height of 5m and 1.5m. To improve the habitat environment, a green bleat has been created, and 55000 saplings were planted.

The safari area at Nandan Van Zoo is divided into four distinct safari zones, each dedicated to showcasing specific animal species in their natural habitats:

Herbivore Safari


Herbivore Safari is home to animals like Sambar, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Blue Bull, and Black Buck. It is a 75-acre developed area with 2 water bodies and 5 water channels with 24/7 water supply. Two-night shelters for the needs of the wild animals have been arranged. It also has a 2.5km visitor’s path to get mesmerized into the wild.

Bear Safari


The bear safari at Nandanvan covers 50 acres and houses four sloth bears – two males and two females. These bears, also known as Bhalu or Reech in Hindi, are found from the Himalayas to coastal plains. The safari replicates its natural habitat with scrubland, grassland, fruit trees, water bodies, a hillock, and a cave. The area is fenced and has a bear shelter for feeding. Visitors can explore the 2.4km path in battery-operated vehicles and observe the bears in their natural surroundings. 

Tiger Safari 


Tiger Safari is home to the original tiger race found in India—two male and two female Royal Bengal tigers. The Tiger Safari covers 50 acres with grasslands, water bodies, and wooded areas. Three small pools provide relief from the summer heat. A special enclosure called a ‘Kraal’ allows caretakers to feed and attend to the tigers. Visitors can explore the 2.3km path in closed vehicles, observing the tigers in their habitat. 

Lion Safari 


Inaugurated on 21st March 2017 by the Honorable Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Shri Raman Singh, the Lion Safari is spread across 20.15 hectares. At the Nandanvan Lion Safari, visitors can witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Notably, the lioness Kriti gave birth to four cubs on 6th October 2017, adding to the safari’s allure and providing an opportunity to observe lion cubs in their early stages of life.

Nandan Van Zoo & Safari is located in Naya Raipur — one of the best places to visit in Chhattisgarh.  It has many different animals like tigers, lions, hyenas, leopards, birds, reptiles, and other plant-eating animals, and many different species of birds, such as lovebirds, owls, emus, golden pheasants, and more, that can fly freely in the jungle. There are veterinary doctors available to check up on the animals regularly and in case of emergencies. Nandan Van Zoo & Safari is a refreshing visit for tourists and animal enthusiasts.

Hotels Near Nandan Van Zoo & Safari In Raipur 

The best hotels available at Raipur Nandan Van Zoo & Safari include

1. MAYFAIR Lake Resort 

Source: Booking.com

MAYFAIR Lake Resort is a 5-star luxury resort located amid lush greenery and overlooks the gorgeous Jhanjh Lake with stunning panoramic views. The resort offers spacious rooms, courteous staff, and a refreshing ambience. It features a fitness centre, garden, a shared lounge, and a terrace which is one of the best resorts near Raipur Nandan Van Zoo & Safari. 

2. Fairway Golf & Resort 

Source: MakeMyTrip

Located on the bank of Jhanjh Lake, Fairway Golf & Lake Resort and Golf Course is beautifully surrounded by an almost 500-acre forest with a peaceful ambience. The resort offers lavish luxury accommodations with 44 well-appointed suites, great banqueting, and event space. It is one of the popular resorts near Raipur Nandan Van Zoo & Safari. 

3. Hotel Rajwada Resort 

Source: Klook

Hotel Rajwada is a 3-star resort, that offers spacious rooms and is a perfect fit for a family stay. There is a well-groomed garden on-site. It offers family rooms with a continental or vegetarian breakfast and an indoor swimming pool.

4. Tgn Suits – Hotel

Source: EaseMyTrip

Tgn Suits Hotel is strategically located in a key area of the city to experience all the benefits of a truly central location.  Tgn Suits Hotel is one of the best hotels near Nandan Van Zoo & safari that exhibits a perfect fusion of convenience and luxury backed by extraordinary service.

Not only hotels but some of the best restaurants near Nandan Van Zoo & Safari in Raipur include:

  • Tea Pot 
  • Mamma Mia
  • Manorama’s Restaurant
  • Aranyam Restaurant and Cafe 

These are only a few to name, among the best restaurants near Nandan Van Zoo & Safari in Raipur. 

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Conservation Efforts of Raipur Nandan Van Zoo & Safari 

Source: - TripInvites

A key goal of Nandan Van Zoo & Safari in Raipur is to foster the controlled breeding of endangered wild animal species found within their natural geographic ranges. As Wild Buffalo is the state animal of Chhatisgarh, the forest department has made a strategic decision to establish a dedicated conservation breeding centre at the Nandan Van Zoo & Safari in Raipur.

Spread over 2.5 hectares, the Wild Buffalo Breeding Centre gives scope for a dwindling population of wild buffalo in the long run.

Visitor Information 

Best time to visit Nandan Van Zoo & Safari: All days a week except Mondays

Visiting Hours:

March 1 to September 30: From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

October 1 to February 28/29: From 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Online Ticket Booking: You can book tickets online up to 60 days in advance

Ticket Counter: Tickets can also be purchased at the ticket counter, but only up to 15 days in advance

Location: Nandan Van Zoo & Safari, Sector 39, Naya Raipur, Chattisgarh


Nandan Van Zoo & Safari ensures your visit is convenient and memorable by offering a wide range of services & facilities to make your visit with us more enjoyable. 

Seamless Accessibility:

  • Ample parking spaces for your vehicles
  • Battery-operated carts for easy transportation within the premises
  • Wheelchair accessibility to ensure a barrier-free experience

Safari Adventures:

  • Air-conditioned and non-AC buses for thrilling jungle safari rides
  • Serene boating excursions to explore the aquatic wildlife

Refreshments and Relaxation:

  • Clean drinking water stations to keep you hydrated
  • Beautifully landscaped gardens, seating areas, and pergolas for leisure and picnics

Essential Amenities:

  • Well-maintained restroom facilities for your convenience
  • First-aid services for any medical assistance required

Instructions to the Tourists

  1. Do not tease and feed the animals inside the safari
  2. Do not litter and damage trees, flowers, and lawns
  3. Do not bring polythene inside the safari
  4. Maintain Decorum in the Safari


Nandan Van Zoo & Safari in Raipur is truly a remarkable place that offers an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. One of the highlights of this zoo is the thrilling Jungle Safari experience. Imagine yourself exploring the different zones dedicated to herbivores, bears, tigers, and lions, all while getting an up-close glimpse of these magnificent animals in their natural habitats. The safari zones are designed with features like grasslands, water bodies, and wooded areas, ensuring their comfort and well-being.

But Nandan Van Zoo & Safari is more than just a place to observe animals; it’s also a hub for conservation efforts. The zoo plays a vital role in protecting endangered species by providing safe havens for these vulnerable creatures. Visitors can learn about the importance of preserving biodiversity and gain a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

In addition to the safari zones, the zoo boasts a wide variety of other animals, including birds, reptiles, and plant-eating species. Visitors can enjoy the beauty and diversity of these creatures while guided by knowledgeable staff members who share fascinating insights about their behaviors and habitats.

To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable visit, Nandan Van Zoo & Safari offers a range of amenities, such as ample parking, wheelchair accessibility, battery-operated carts, refreshment areas, and well-maintained restrooms. Visitors can also indulge in serene boating excursions, adding an extra layer of adventure to their experience.

The best time to visit Nandan Van Zoo & Safari is all days of the week except on Mondays. Whether you’re a resident or a tourist visiting Raipur, Nandan Van Zoo & Safari is a must-visit destination. with loved ones, and contribute to the important cause of wildlife conservation. So, plan your visit, embrace the opportunity to explore, and cherish the incredible beauty Nandan Van Zoo & Safari has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Nandanvan Zoo from the railway station?

Nandanvan Zoo & Safari is at a distance of 35 km from Raipur Railway Station and 15km from the Swami Vivekananda Airport, Raipur. 

What animals are in Nandanvan Raipur?

Nandanvan Raipur Zoo is populated with tigers, lions, hyenas, leopards, birds, reptiles, and other herbivore animals.

How long is the jungle safari?

The safari at Nandanvan Raipur Zoo might take around 2 hours depending on the seats you get at the counter. 

Which is the best jungle safari in India?

Some of the best jungle safaris in India include Ranthambore National Park, Hemis National Park, Satpura National Park, Kaziranga National Park, and Pench National Park among others. 

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