Himachal To Promote Offbeat Destinations To Reduce Congestion

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Looking at the increasing popularity of some of the most visited destinations of Himachal, the tourism department of the state is promoting tourism for the less explored places to reduce the chaos, and traffic congestion that the state faces every year. 

Tourists are also exploring the lesser-known areas, that are less explored by the public, to see the hidden gems instead of Shimla, Manali, and Dharamshala.

Observing the increasing demand for offbeat destinations, the government is also promoting unexplored destinations to divert the burden from the hotspots. 

The government has made a video on all the unexplored places and are developing infrastructure in the less explored areas so tourists can visit these offbeat destinations. 

The idea is to promote agri-tourism, eco-tourism, and adventure tourism as well. 

You can find homestays here in these remote areas, where the food tastes like home and the warm hospitality is going to win your heart. 

People who choose to travel to such offbeat destinations, often have a nice time on their trip. 

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