India Cautions Against Visiting Iran and Israel, Amidst The Iran-Israel War!

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Do you know? There is something serious happening between Iran and Israel. Got to know that Iran attacked Israel, and cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem heard sirens and explosions. Because of the things that are getting scary, India warned people to be careful if they’re travelling there. Tehran, which is in Iran, said Israel caused trouble by bombing Syria. This made the situation even more tense in that area.

Loud sirens and explosions are happening in Israel, especially in big cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Because of the things that are getting dangerous, India is urging people not to visit Iran or Israel right now. It’s all because of recent events, and it’s better to stay safe and avoid those places until normalcy is restored.

It’s like a warning given to the people to be careful and to stay away from places where there could be danger. India wanted to make sure its citizens were safe, so they told them to think twice before going to Iran or Israel. This way, they could avoid any problems that might happen because of the tensions between the two countries.

The message has been passed from The Ministry of External Affairs saying, as things are getting tense in the area, Indians shouldn’t go to Iran or Israel for now. If anyone is already there, they should contact the Indian embassies and let them know where they are. People should be really careful about their safety and try not to move around too much.

The travel advisory of India came out to create awareness among Indian people right after Tehran said Israel bombed Syria. They blamed Israel for killing some important Iranian military leaders in the airstrike. It was reported that the problems between Iran and Israel have been getting worse slowly over time.

The Indian Government and Travel Advisory were worried about the things that were happening. Randhir Jaiswal who is an Indian diplomat and civil services officer, speaks for the Ministry of External Affairs and said that they were concerned about an attack on Iranian offices in Syria on April 1, 2024. India doesn’t like how tensions are going up in West Asia. Jaiswal asked everyone to calm down and follow the rules of international law.

Right now, about 18,000 Indians are living in Israel. Where many of them work as caregivers and in IT jobs. Meanwhile, there are around 4,000 Indians in Iran. Some are small traders, while others are in academic fields.

Even France and the US, like India, have told their citizens not to travel to certain places because of the war situation. They’re giving out warnings to keep people safe.


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