Turkey Mandates E-ATV for Indian and Nepalese Travelers En Route to South America via Istanbul

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Through the means of X, fresh news has just come soaring from the Turkish Embassy in New Delhi, revealing that it is now mandatory for Indian and Nepalese travellers to have an Electronic Airport Transit Visa, i.e, E-ATV, if they intend to travel to their final destinations in South America via Istanbul. Effective 15 April 2024, Indian and Nepalese travellers can get their E-ATVs from the website “evisa.govt.tr” free of charge.

Turkey E-Visa for Indians will now be a prerequisite for travellers who are en route to anywhere in South America through Istanbul airport. This latest update came into effect to enhance security measures and align transit protocols for international travellers passing through the airports in Turkey. 

Turkey is increasing its efforts to control irregular migration which means that Turkey is becoming more involved and significant in how people move from one place to another around the world. As more people are coming to Turkey from places like the Middle East and Latin America to get to South America, Turkey is making sure to check people more precisely at airports according to international rules for flying. The E-ATV requirement will ensure a smoother and more efficient transit process while maintaining strict security protocols.

Moreover, the embassy emphasized that it’s important for passengers affected by this rule to have a printed copy of their e-ATVs with them while travelling. Airlines and companies assisting with travel at the starting airports must scrutinize these papers according to the global rules for flying. Also, Turkish officials at the visa checkpoints at Istanbul Airport, the section where passengers wait during transit, will supervise further inspections. 

Authorities have also stressed the significance of adhering to these regulations to avoid any inconvenience during transit. Failure to acquire the Turkey E-Visa for Indians may result in delays or denial of entry at Istanbul airport.

The recent confirmation from Turkish authorities also indicates the successful rollout of the electronic application process for airport transit visas by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Turkey E-Visa for Indians can be obtained free of charge via the ministry’s website. To begin the e-Visa application, passengers must fill in accurate personal details, residential addresses, and ticket numbers. 

The Turkey E-Visa for Indians enables Indian passport holders to obtain their visas online before they even arrive in Turkey, simplifying the visa application process and promoting tourism. With both the E-ATV and E-Visa initiatives, Turkey demonstrates its proactive approach to modernising entry procedures and enhancing security measures.

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