How A Meme Led To The Birth Of A Country

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Today social media and memes go hand in hand, and the power of social media is to such an extent that it can create an entire country, and people would believe it. 

However, no one would have thought that social media could create an entire country and prove its existence. How surprising is that? 

Recently a social media post included a picture of a chunk of land above the Iberian Peninsula, which was added to the world map to make a joke on the geography of Americans, that they don’t even know that a country like Listenbourg exists. 

Listenbourg is a fake country tacked on the Iberian Peninsula. A Twitter user posted a picture with a fake country marked with an arrow, with the statement, “I’m sure Americans don’t even know the name of this country.” Another person joined the joke and replied, “Who doesn’t know Listenbourg?” That is how the joke was born, and more and more people joined in and made people believe that a country called Listenbourg exists by making up several stories about the country. 

Even popular celebrities got involved in making the meme game strong. While some understood the joke, others with low geographical knowledge believed that a country like that existed since everyone was talking about it. 

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