Local vs International For Honeymoon Destination: Which Is Right For You?

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Have you always wanted to celebrate love like no other and are confused about making a perfect choice? Well, worry not we have got you covered with the best honeymoon tour packages to make everlasting memories.

To escape from all the sleepless nights and meltdowns! You need an exotic detox and what can it be? The answer is simple it’s the Honeymoon. We know how complicated it is to choose a perfect destination, local vs international for honeymoon.

When there are multiple options out there, it will make your task even more complex, so to ease your journey we have detailed a list of the best local honeymoon places vs International honeymoon packages, where you can have plenty of adventures with your partner. 

After a wedding, all you need is a getaway from all the rituals and thinking of a foreign escape, so check out our best international honeymoon packages to experience love in a budget.

On the other hand, there are Luxury destinations in India for honeymoon, you can have all the luxurious experiences of love without running away to a foreign country.  Let’s uncover the list of affordable local vs International honeymoon destinations.

Planning for a Honeymoon: Local vs International for Honeymoon



Budget is one of the most important aspects of managing your price range. Considering your economic state and figuring out how much you can spend on your honeymoon costs, the important task is to function in recognizing local vs international for honeymoon. 

Local honeymoons can usually be more effective compared to international, as they dispose of expenses inclusive of airfare, visas, and money conversion. On the other hand, international destinations can provide specific stories that can be well worth the extra investment.

Time Constraints


The amount of time you have, to design your honeymoon is another important consideration. If you have less time, deciding on a local destination can be fantastic. You don’t need to spend treasured hours on long-haul flights or deal with jet lag, allowing you to maximize the time spent with your partner on your honeymoon.



Local locations frequently offer the advantage of less travel distances, few logistical demanding crises, and an aware environment. Choosing International might be especially adorable if you choose a trouble-free and handy honeymoon experience. In addition, international locations can provide an experience of journey and exploration, permitting you to immerse yourself in a new subculture and find specific topography.

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Cultural and Natural Experiences


Think about the kind of adventures you and your partner are searching for. Local destinations can provide the chance to explore hidden gemstones, permitting you to find fascinating nearby traditions, historic sites, and breathtaking landscapes. 

International places, on the other hand, can offer a unique cultural enjoyment. From indulging in unique delicacies to discovering historical landmarks, international honeymoons can create memories of a lifetime and allow you to numerous cultures and traditions.

Climate and Season


Consider the climate and season while selecting between a local vs international for honeymoon destination. Suppose you are habitatable to particular climate possibilities or are making plans for your honeymoon in the course of a selected season.

In that case, local locations may additionally offer extra predictability and control over the weather conditions. On the other hand, international locations can expose you to a variety of climates and seasons, permitting you to select a location that aligns with your favoured weather and opens up particular activities and experiences.

Best Local Honeymoon Places vs International

Embarking on a honeymoon is a special beginning to a journey of love and adventure. Whether it’s the attraction charm of exotic local places or the mesmerising delight of hidden gems out of the country, the choice between a local or international for honeymoon destination is an enticing one. Let’s explore the magic of both, from the cosy intimacy of local retreats to the magnificence of international paradises.

Best Local Honeymoon Places

1. Goa


like-minded travellers, visit outstanding beaches, and seize happiness in a few drool-worthy banquets! Goa is truly an amazing destination with a view, to make your honeymoon in Goa, an enjoyable one. 

Places To Visit In Goa: 

  • Baga Beach: Head to the ultimate energetic beach in Goa, providing a bunch of water sports activities including Kite Surfing, Scuba Diving, Snorkelling and more. It is one of the Best Honeymoon destinations in India.
  • Calangute Beach: Dive yourself into the ultimate famous beach of North Goa, which pulls vicinity travellers from all over the world. 
  • Aguada Fort: Check out the famous Aguada Fort, which earned a status after the release of the film Dil Chahta Hai, which makes your choice between local vs international for honeymoon easier.

2. Kerala

Source: Boats N Beds

Kerala is a coastal heaven in distinction to every other place. Known as God’s Own Country, this realm can mesmerise you with its ever-changing landscape, unique realistic world and pristine beaches. Kerala is a laid-out honeymoon destination, muffled with the ultimate cute sunsets and aromatic cuisines, that will leave you drooling.

Kerala has some of the most romantic locations in our list of excellent nearby honeymoon places vs international, with its stunning setting, and the bewitching backwaters that make it one of the fine places to have an awesome time with one of the best romantic honeymoon destinations in India.

Places To Visit In Kerala

  • Munnar: Munnar is the best place to visit in Kerala, it is a place where you can experience nature’s beauty.
  • Wayanad: It is a hidden gem in Kerala, where you can experience the journey of love. 
  • Kochi: This is a city known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, and is a blend of culture and richness, making it a must-visit place in Kerala.

3. Kashmir

Source: Askideas.com

Kashmir is a fantastic romantic destination in India, where you can witness with your own eyes why almost everyone thinks that Kashmir is the only heaven on Earth. There is no place better than Kashmir to have fun with your partner. 

Watch the surrealist viewpoints of the verdant valleys, take an unrealistic Shikara journey together with your additional pass for Gondola Cable Car rides, or take a pony trip to Baisaran Valley. 

If you want to have the best time for your honeymoon in Kashmir for the duration of the winter season, gear up to get the most impeccable views of the roads fended in the thick masking of snow.

Places To Visit In Kashmir

  • Gulmarg: The lush green surroundings offer lovely views of the valleys, and you could try the Gondola Cable Car experience right here in Gulmarg. 
  • Pahalgam: Pahalgam is an extraordinary place on the outskirts of Kashmir showing off serene rivers and tranquil waters. Adventurous couples can experience hiking here.
  • Srinagar: Go for Shikara rides amidst the still waters of Dal Lake, and look at the snow-blanketed heights from far away.

Best International Honeymoon Places

1. Vietnam


Vietnam is one of the best International Honeymoon destinations with its colourful culture, natural beauty, rich history, strew cities and natural splendour. Vietnam presents an excellent combination of history, lifestyle, and natural beauty, making your honeymoon in Vietnam an ideal escape for you and your partner.

Places To Visit In Vietnam 

Halong Bay: Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the most stimulating part is the lovely Karst formations which are formed by Bay’s crystal clear waters. Vietnam has a plethora of caves to explore, local vs international for honeymoon.

Hoi An: A historic town in Vietnam, renowned for its properly taken care of architecture, tremendous beaches, wealthy cultural heritage, and delicious cuisines. 

Hanoi: Hanoi is the capital town of Vietnam, recognised for its Old Quarters, and alleyways fleck with eateries, boutiques, and ancient strategies.

2. Bhutan


If you and your partner are looking for a peaceful serene place with a touch of spirituality, then Bhutan is the right choice for you. Bhutan, popularly known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, gives you an alluring experience with numerous stunning views, helping you compare local vs international for honeymoon.

Places To Visit In Bhutan

  • Paro Taktsang: Paro Taktsang is a religious Buddhist site located in Paro Valley in Bhutan, that’s a testament to architectural marvels, preserving excellent spiritual importance. 
  • Punakha Dzong: The Punakha Dzong has a deep historical importance as it changed into the site of Royal weddings and the Bhutan King’s coronation. 
  • Thimphu: Thimphu is another picturesque place in Bhutan that is a great preference for the budget-friendly international honeymoon destination.

3. Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka has a wealthy tradition that gives a fascinating blend of rapid urbanization and maintained neighbourhood traditions. You and your partner can explore historic towns like Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, and Sigiriya which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, showcasing the most magnificent archaeological ruins together with palaces, temples with intricate detailing, stupas, and more.

Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

  • Sigiriya: Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site Sigiriya, which is one of the must-visit places in Sri Lanka.
  • Kandy: Kandy is placed inside the coronary heart of Sri Lanka and is popular for its iconic Temple of Tooth Relic of the lord Buddha.
  • Colombo: It delivers a captivating experience with its bustling markets, ocean views, and colonial

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Affordable Local vs International Honeymoon Destinations

If we talk about top local honeymoon destinations vs international affordable destinations then it’s a little hard to decide but did you know that travelling internationally has become more affordable than it used to be, and there are some places where you don’t even require a visa, what can be better than this?

Affordable Local Honeymoon Destinations

1. Jaipur


Jaipur is the golden triangle collectively with Agra and Delhi and has to be one of the utmost affordable honeymoon destinations and also a vacation spot for weddings. The crimson city is surrounded by the valuable resource of gateways and fences designed with paintings on the background of a calming red shade and successfully preserves its antique worldwide.

Regarding Luxury local vs luxury International honeymoon places, Jaipur stands out at the top. It’s nothing less than any international destination.

2. Manali 


Honeymooners right here are spoilt for ideals, which they can choose from either indulging in charming movements like trekking, rafting, and snowboarding or playing and taking a chance to experience the crisp top air. 

3. Rishikesh


This is an outstanding area for honeymooners to enjoy nature up near and interact in captivating sports. Concerning affordable local vs International honeymoon destinations Rishikesh is a place where you can connect with nature.

Affordable International Honeymoon Destinations

1. Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country which offers guests whit what they are searching for on their vacation and it is the most relevant spot for couples on their honeymoon.

2. Dubai


Honeymoon in Dubai turns out to be a trending one, and most couples are planning to have joy in their honeymoon currently inside the metropolis of the United Arab Emirates. When you are confused about making a choice between local vs international for honeymoon and have thought of an international trip then you can definitely add Dubai to your list.

Regarding Luxury local vs luxury International honeymoon places, Dubai is a luxurious international honeymoon destination.

3. Malaysia


A Malaysia honeymoon is right for couples seeking a place that has calmness. There are mountains, beaches, and the entirety to make your honeymoon even better than your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which destination is best for honeymoon?

Goa is the best destination for a honeymoon, it is popular for its beaches and is also where you can experience the amazing time in your life.

What is the most popular honeymoon destination?

Dubai turns out to be a trending one, and most couples are planning to have joy in their honeymoon currently inside the metropolis of the United Arab Emirates.

Where do most Indians go for honeymoon?

Goa is a place where most Indians go for honeymoon, not only Indians but foreigners are also attracted to visit Goa.

Which country is expensive for honeymoon?

Vietnam is a little bit expensive for a honeymoon, which offers a rich history, lifestyle, and natural beauty.

Where is the safest place to go on a honeymoon?

Manali is the safest place to go on a honeymoon and you can also indulge in adventure activities like trekking, rafting, and snowboarding or playing.

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