10 Places To Celebrate New Year In Uttarakhand

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There is no place better than the mountains to celebrate the new beginnings, so this time, why not choose some of the best places to celebrate New Year in Uttarakhand?

Just take any Christmas and New Year Packages and head straight to Uttarakhand for a grand mountain celebration among the calm and serene surroundings. New Year celebrations in cities are way different than the ones in the mountains, and we definitely prefer celebrating it with our loved ones amidst the foggy nights and a misty vibe. 

There are ample places to celebrate New Year in Uttarakhand, so let’s check out the list so you can decide which place suits you best. 

  1. Auli- The Ski Resort Of In India
  2. Chandrashila- For The Adventure Junkies
  3. Chopta- The Mini Switzerland Of India
  4. Rishikesh- Enjoy The Spiritual Bliss
  5. Dhanaulti- For The Nature Lover In You
  6. Kedarkantha- A Winter Wonderland
  7. Mussoorie- The Queen Of Hill Stations
  8. Nainital- Experience The Magic
  9. Almora- The Cultural Capital Of Kumaon
  10. Mukteshwar- An Escape From Chaos

1. Auli – The Ski Resort Of India


Auli is an exceptional destination of Uttarakhand, located in the Chamoli district, and is a haven for ski lovers, as it is popular for being the ski resort of India. Auli allows you to learn skiing or show off your terrific skiing skills.

Besides that, it also makes up one of the most fabulous places to celebrate New Year in Uttarakhand. Watch this amazing place turn into a winter wonderland during the festive season.
You can go skiing or take the cable car ride for an amazing view, and when the clock strikes 12, watch the sky light up with fireworks, and the place turns into a festive mode.

To make this trip even more memorable, you can also turn it into a road trip by going for an Auli- Rishikesh- Mussoorie trip and witness the scenic beauty of Mussoorie and the spiritual aura of Rishikesh, and experience the best New Year in Uttarakhand.

2. Chandrashila- For The Adventure Junkies


Chandrashila, located in the Rudraprayag district, is among one of the best places to celebrate New Year in Uttarakhand, especially for people who love adventures and are always up for mountain climbing and trekking. 

So if you are one of those adventure junkies, and would like to celebrate the New Year while having the most fun trekking or mountain climbing, then you should definitely visit the place this time and have an altogether different experience. 

The breathtaking landscapes of the area make it one of the most stunning places to celebrate new beginnings. It is a picturesque place with stunning vistas, and the place becomes even more beautiful as the year comes to a close. 

To make your New Year unforgettable, go for the Chandrashila trek on New Year’s Eve and watch the celebrations from the majestic Himalayan Peaks, offering mesmerising views of the valley, even in the dark. 

Celebrating the New Year in Chandrashila will be an exhilarating start to your New Year and will make it an unforgettable experience, so do try it out if you want some adrenaline-pumping adventures. 

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3. Chopta- The Mini Switzerland Of India


Popularly known as the Mini Switzerland of India, Chopta is located in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand in the Garhwal region at an elevation of 8888 ft above sea level. 

Chopta is one of the most popular places to celebrate New Year in Uttarakhand, for hundreds of tourists can be seen flocking to Chopta as the festive week starts. This mini hill station offers scenic beauty and an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

So you can leave your everyday chaos behind and ring in the New Year among the misty mountains and serene backdrops. 

Suppose you want to take your adventure up a notch. In that case, you can also take the Chopta Chandrashila trek on New Year’s Eve and watch the fireworks from the Chandrashila Peak, which offers scenic valley vistas under the starry night as the sky lights up with festivities. 

You can make it memorable by stargazing, camping in the mountains, and having bonfire parties with some music, making it the perfect New Year celebration in India making it the most peaceful and rejuvenating experience for individuals seeking peace amidst chaos. 

4. Rishikesh- Enjoy The Spiritual Bliss


If you are planning a New Year in Uttarakhand, then I would suggest you go to Rishikesh for the most spiritual and rejuvenating experience of your life. Rishikesh is one of the most popular places to celebrate New Year in Uttarakhand for most youngsters are looking for peace and serenity amidst their chaotic schedule, so they head to Rishikesh for a spiritual rejuvenation. Set amidst the foothills of the Northern Himalayas, Rishikesh is probably is the most loved and popular weekend getaway for people from Delhi.

There is no place better than Rishikesh to begin your year in a tranquil environment while also enjoying it to the fullest.

You reading this article shows your intent of celebrating it in Rishikesh, and this is probably the best decision you are going to make. As the year begins to end and we are on the last day of December, the city comes alive with its different kinds of celebrations.

You can enjoy the famous Ganga aarti, which takes place every day, and watch the reflection of the oil lamps in the river with the sounds of the gushing water, making you feel like the sound is enough to wash away your sins.

Sit by the river Ganges and watch the flow of the river, which in itself is a very calm and relaxing experience. Enjoy the various delicacies of the city, which serves some of the most lip-smacking food, especially street food.

Rishikesh is one of those places where you can feel God’s presence in the air. Every nook and corner gives out a very peaceful and spiritual vibe, making you want to take more leaves and prolong your stay.

5. Dhanaulti- For The Nature Lover In You


If you love nature and have always wanted to live near the mountains, then maybe this year you should celebrate your New Year amidst the most beautiful place in Uttarakhand, Dhanaulati. Set in the foothills of the Garhwal range, Dhanaulti is a small hill town offering picturesque views and giving you a chance to have the most memorable time in one of the best places to celebrate New Year in Uttarakhand. 

To make it even better you can combine your Dhanaulti trip with Mussoorie, offering serene views and a tranquil environment, leaving you in awe with it’s beauty and charm. Soak in the natural beauty and be a part of the festive season with the locals of Dhanaulti, who celebrate the New Year with utmost enthusiasm and joy. 

You can feel the merriment in the air, and you won’t be able to imagine any place better than this to celebrate your New Year. So if you are looking for a tranquil environment, away from the chaotic city life and its daily hustles, then Dhanualti is the most ideal destination for it. No wonder it is one of the best places to celebrate New Year in Uttarakhand. This year try something New and take your friends and family to Dhanaulti for a completely different experience of this grand celebration. 

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6. Kedarkantha- A Winter Wonderland


Kedarkantha is undoubtedly one of the most popular places to celebrate New Year in Uttarakhand, especially among the youth, who are, more often than not, seen heading to Kedarkantha for the popular Kedarkantha trek.

The trails are covered in snow, and the magical wilderness makes it the perfect place for celebrating New Year, setting the vibe for new beginnings.

As we bid goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one, a trip to Kedarkantha makes it a memorable and exhilarating experience, as you get to trek around the snow-covered trails through the majestic Himalayan mountains, offering you views like no other place.

This is your chance to connect with nature while exploring the unknown in the wilderness, summit the peaks, conquer your fears, and make unforgettable memories with your loved ones amidst the winter wonderland of Uttarakhand.

Kedarkantha is not only the best choice for a New Year celebration but also for a weekend getaway in general. So this New Year, head to the most fantastic place and make the most of it with your friends, family, and loved ones and flex on your Instagram feed.

7. Mussoorie- The Queen Of Hill Stations


Mussoorie is popularly known as the Queen of Hill Stations, and we are not surprised why it’s called so. Any place combined with Mussoorie is perfect for experiencing the serene environment and the scenic vistas. 

Located in Dehradun, the place is known for its mesmerizing natural beauty and its festive fervor, making sure that every visitor has the most amazing time here with their loved ones, especially during the New Year. 

The streets and the entire city come to life, and we can see that the city is in a festive mode, for the celebration is on a grand level. There are several markets to shop from, and the streets are all decked up to set the vibe. 

Surrounded by the breathtaking views of this fabulous hill station, Mussoorie allows you to enjoy the New Year parties while also enjoying the tranquillity it provides. You can also visit the nearby areas and make your Mussoorie trip more memorable by combining it with Auli, Rishikesh, Kedarkantha, and so on.

Go camping and stargazing at night, and enjoy the bonfire with musical nights, making it an experience you will never forget for the rest of your life. 

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8. Nainital- Experience The Magic


Nainital is one of the most famous places to celebrate New Year in Uttarakhand, located in the Kumaon region. Set amidst the Naini Lake, Nainital allows tourists a perfect weekend getaway from Delhi or nearby areas. 

The lake creates a magical backdrop, and you can go boating in this lake and watch the fireworks as the clock strikes midnight, festivities begin with merry music, firecrackers, and celebration all around. 

There are plenty of dining options to have a nice quality time with your loved ones, with tranquillity and natural beauty surrounding you, making your experience an unforgettable one. 

If you are with your friends you can also go camping and have bonfires, how cool would that be. Take your guitar or someone who plays guitar and set the party vibe for the most happening evening of the year. 

9. Almora- The Cultural Capital Of Kumaon


Almora is another one of the beautiful places in Uttarakhand, blessed with an abundance of beauty and lovely people who will win your heart with their warm hospitality and their famous sweets.

Almora is one of the offbeat places in Uttarakhand where youngsters can be seen vacationing, so you can imagine how cool it would be to spend New Year’s Eve here and welcome the New Year at a beautiful and serene place.

Enjoy the traditional market, stroll around the streets that are decked up with twinkling lights, and be a part of the vibrant celebrations. The warm-hearted locals will make you feel welcomed and you will want to prolong your stay seeing these people celebrate their New Year with so much enthusiasm and festive spirit.

Almora is slowly becoming a popular destination in Uttarakhand which was once only used as a route to the pilgrimage of Adi Kailash Yatra.

10. Mukteshwar- An Escape From Chaos


If you are looking for a place that is calm and serene to celebrate this New Year, then you should head towards Mukteshwar, located in the Kumaon Hills of Uttarakhand. This hill town offers an escape from bustling city crowds, allowing you to have peace of mind.

The New Year celebration in Mukteshwar allows you to reconnect with nature, try out the delicacies, unwind, and rejuvenate. 

The way the locals celebrate the New Year will definitely make your heart warm, so this New Year, why not try Mukteshwar for a change and have the most peaceful celebration away from the chaos? 

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Frequently Asked Questions About New Year In Uttarakhand

Which are the best places in Uttarakhand to celebrate New Year?

Some of the best places to celebrate New Year in Uttarakhand include Rishikesh, Nainital, Auli, Dhanaulti, and Mussoorie.

What kind of New Year celebrations can I expect in Uttarakhand?

You get to celebrate the New Year in a very different way while also connecting with nature, so it makes the experience a unique one. 

Is it necessary to book accommodations in advance for New Year's celebrations in Uttarakhand?

Yes, it’s better to make the bookings beforehand because during the Christmas and New Year week, there is a huge surge in prices and people flocking to various hill stations to celebrate New Year, so it’s better to be on the safer side. 

What about safety and road conditions during the winter in Uttarakhand?

Winters are usually safe in Uttarakhand, and many people flock here to have the festive week celebration here. However, the rainy season should be avoided because that is when most landslides occur, making it risky for visitors. 

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