7 Places To Visit During Monsoon For A Rainy Retreat

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It may become a little challenging to decide where to go during the monsoon season. As most places have landslides which are a big mood spoiler, where to go remains a big question when sitting at home seems impossible. 

However, no matter what people say about not travelling during monsoon, some places require you to visit during the monsoon only. India has a plethora of options for monsoon destinations. 

So some may say that it’s best to avoid travelling during the monsoon season, but they don’t know the adventure that comes with it. 

Here is a list of places to visit during monsoon season:

1. Kodaikanal

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Kodaikanal, also known as the princess of hill stations, is one of the most beautiful places located in the state of Tamil Nadu and is probably one of the best places to visit during monsoon. The earthly smell, bountiful surroundings, and lush greenery make it a sight to behold. 

You can enjoy the numerous waterfalls here in Kodaikanal, such as Glen Falls, Bear Shola Falls, and Silver Cascade, all of which cast a magical spell on the land during the monsoon season. 

Visit the serene lakes and make your trip one of a kind.

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2. Coorg

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Coorg, located in the state of Karnataka, is probably one of the most beautiful places to visit during monsoon or any other season for that matter. 

No wonder the place is called the Scottland of India, as the lush greenery surrounding it gives out majestic views. 

It is quite popular among tourists as the place offers plenty of scenic beauty, leaving people spellbound. 

Of all the places to visit during monsoon season, Coorg is probably the best among all. 

Visit Raja’s seat for a bird’s eye view of the land, and witness the majestic Iruppa Falls.

Enjoy the dazzling beauty of Abbey Falls and plenty of other attractions in Coorg.

3. Goa

Image Source : wikipedia

Goa is probably the most loved tourist spot in the country, and we all have either been to Goa or have it on our bucket lists. 

The reasons for visiting Goa may not even be mentioned because you already know that this place is an absolute beauty. 

Goa is one of the most loved places to visit in monsoon season because of its sandy beaches and amazing beach parties. 

The drool-worthy cuisines, and an infinite number of cafes with very cool ambience, makes Goa the hub of youngsters. 

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4. Lonavala

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Lonavala, located approximately 2 hours from Mumbai City, is the best place for weekend getaways. 

You can easily plan a trip if you live in Mumbai, and even if you don’t, you can come to Mumbai and visit this hill station. 

Lonavala has plenty of things to have a wonderful weekend, as you can explore Tiger Point, stop at Bhushi Dam for a splashy break, trek to Ramji Fort, and stay at the luxury villa in Lonavala. 

Lonavala is one of the best places to visit during monsoon, and you should definitely plan your next trip there. 

5. Cherrapunji

Image Source : onacheaptrip

Cherrapunji, located in the state of Meghalaya, is famous for its rains that don’t stop and its impeccable views that don’t stop either. 

Also known as the wettest place on Earth, Cherrapunji offers lush green backdrops and is a paradise for monsoon lovers. 

The best time to visit Cherrapunji is between June to September, when the root bridges come to life. The cascading waterfalls and tons of attractions make Cherrapunji one of the best places to visit during monsoon. 

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6. Munnar

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Munnar needs no introduction as it is the jewel of the state of Kerala, which is also called God’s own country, and we don’t doubt that at all. 

Out of all the places to visit during monsoon, Munnar should be on the top of the list because Monsoon and Munnar are a great combination, providing stunning vistas to tourists. 

En route to Munnar, you can visit the Cheeyappara waterfall, a sight to behold. You can find the ‘Neelakurinji’ flower here, which blooms after every 12 years. 

Go boating at the Matupetty Dam and visit the spice garden. 

7. Valley Of Flowers

Image Source : rishikeshdaytour

If you are one of those people who are always up for an adventure, then try trekking to the Valley of Flowers. 

Valley of Flowers is located in the state of Uttarakhand, and as the name speaks for itself, the Valley of Flowers is full of blooming flowers that will be a treat to your eyes. 

The wide variety of vibrant alpine flowers, the trekking trail, and the infinite memories that you will make here makes Valley of Flowers one of the most adventurous places to visit during monsoon. 

Trek through the meadows with an earthly smell and cascading waterfalls, and make your trip one of the best trips of your life.

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