7 Top Places to visit in Langza village: Ultimate Travel Guide for Langza

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Do not wrap up your vacation to Spiti Valley if you have not been to these places to visit in Langza Village. Langza Village in Spiti Valley is a high-altitude village that is adorned with a serene Himalayan view and tranquility. 

Situated at the base of the Chau Chau Nilda Mountain also known as the Princess Mountain, these places to visit near Langza Village will give you every reason to plan your trip to Spiti Valley tour packages again and again every year. So, let’s get ready to pack your bags and plan a vacation to Langza Village, Spiti Valley.

7 Places to Visit in Langza Village

  • Langza Buddha Statue
  • Fossil Fields
  • Sakya Tangyud or Komic Monastery
  • Hikkim Village
  • Kaza
  • Kibber Village
  • Chandra Taal Lake

Let’s explore these places to visit in Langza Village and nearby areas.


Langza Buddha Statue: The Protector

When you visit Langza Village the first thing that you will spot is the tallest Buddha statue that overlooks the town. This is the tallest structure situated at the top of the hill. When you search on the internet for the Langza Village in Spiti Valley this picture of the Buddha statue is what will capture in your mind about the Village. Residents of the Langza Village believe that this Buddha statue is the protector of the village and hence revere the statue with belief and respect. Tourists can reach the Buddha statue within a 10-minute hike from the parking area and this is the ultimate place to visit in Langza Village.

At the Statue’s high altitude, you can feel the chilly winds that will make you shiver, but what you will witness next will leave you in wonder when you see the surreal beauty of the valley and the snow-covered Himalayas. This splendid view will make the 10-minute climb worthwhile.  


Fossil Fields: Hunt the Fossils

Fossil hunting in Spiti Valley is the top place to visit in Langza Village Spiti. Langza Village is also known as the Fossil Village in the Spiti Valley because of the numerous fossils discovered underneath it. Langza Village in Spiti Valley was part of the Tethys Sea millions of years ago, long before the Himalayas existed. When this sunk, because of the movement of the tectonic plates, the Himalayas were formed, leaving dead marine animals behind which have been turned into fossils over the period.

These spiral-shaped fossils are extremely valuable archeologically and may be found in abundance around the village. Young children of Hikkim Village dig up these fossils very often since they are certain of their specific location. The locals also attempt to sell these fossils to visitors for a reasonable price of 500 rs each piece but avoid engaging in buying from them because it is completely banned by the government. The villagers have also built mud replicas of these fossils, which may be brought back as a memento of your fossil-hunting experience. 


Sakya Tangyud Monastery : 

When is Spiti Valley, Sakya Tangyud Monastery is a must-visit place in Langza Village Spiti. This monastery is one of the two monasteries that is dedicated to the Sakya sect of Buddhism and is believed to be 800 Years old. This Monastery was completely shaken by the 1972 earthquake that destroyed its ancient structure in Hikkim and then its new structure was reconstructed in Kaza. Tangyud Monastery serves as a major pilgrimage site for the Sakya sect and holds great religious significance for locals. 

This Monastery is also one of the largest training centers for the monks which have around 300 monks who receive their learning from the Monastery. The architecture of the Monastery is the most fascinating thing which reflects the traditional Indo-Tibetan style with its Pagoda-style roof. The walls of the Monastery are adorned with ancient paintings that have religious texts well inscribed on them.

Since the monastery is located at the top of the hill, it offers a magnanimous view of the valley and the serene beauty of the snow-capped Himalayas. It is a soul-satisfying experience to be at such a place to visit in Langza Village.


Hikkim Village: World’s Highest Post Office

Located just 8 km from Langza Village in Spiti Valley, Hikkim Village is an enriching place to visit in Langza Village. Hikkim Village in Spiti Valley is renowned for its beautiful, quaint landscapes and rustic sceneries. Hikkim Village has gained its popularity because of the post office which has earned the title of the world’s highest post office in the world. This is the only post office that caters to the needs of nearby 5-6 and the last villages of the Spiti Valley and hence is the sole reason by which the inhabitants of this village are connected with the rest of the world.

The fascinating thing about this post office is that a single postmaster has worked here since its start, carrying all mail and postcards to Kaza on foot. They are subsequently transported via Shimla and Manali before reaching New Delhi. When you visit this post office, don’t forget to photograph the postmaster and chat with him about the difficulties of being in such a difficult location.  


Kaza: The District Headquarters

Kaza is the largest town in Spiti Valley which is the district headquarters and it’s exciting to be at this place to visit in Langza Village. Kaza in Spiti Valley is a dreamy destination situated at an altitude of 11,980 ft above sea level. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Spiti Valley. 

When you visit Kaza in Spiti Valley, it has two parts, the old Kaza and the new Kaza. The new Kaza has administrative buildings whereas the old Kaza has a main market, cafes, and places of accommodation. Kaza is well known for its cafes that delight tourists with the local food of the Spiti Valley and the delectable flavor of homegrown species. Himalayan Cafe Sol Cafes and Cafe Zomsa are places that are loved by tourists because of the vibrant vibes of the place. 

Kaza is the most convenient place for visiting the area that lies within a few kilometers of Kaza. Komic Village, Langza Village, and Hikkim Village can be covered within a day from Kaza. Other than the places to visit in Hikkim Village and Kaza, just take some time out from the schedule and have some heartfelt conversations with the locals and listen to their stories and experiences of being at the challenging altitudes. 


Kibber Village: Snow Leopard Sighting

Kibber Village in Spiti Valley is the top place to visit in Hikkim Village. Situated at 4,270 meters above sea level this is the highest, inhabited village connected with a motorable road. The most enticing feature of the village is the architecture of the similar-looking houses built with mud and stones. The main attraction of the Kiber Village is the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many wildlife animals that are the natural inhabitants of the higher altitudes. The sanctuary offers a sight of endangered animals like the Red Fox, Tibetan Woolly Hare, Ibex, Blue Sheep, Himalayan Wolf, Tibetan Wild Ass, Lynx, Pika, and most of all Snow Leopard.

Kibber Monastery is another major place to visit in Hikkim Village Kibber. The monastery is decorated with paintings, murals, and ancient manuscripts that hold special significance to the people of Kibber Village and the nearby areas. 


Chandra Taal Lake

Chandra Taal Lake is diamond-studded on the crown of Lahaul and the Spiti Valley and the top place to visit in Langza Village. Chandra Tall Lake also known as the Moon Lake due to its crescent shape is the most mysterious Lake in the World. There are many mysteries and myths about Chandra Taal Lake that make visiting this place even more enchanting. The most remarkable aspect of this lake is that it has no apparent source, yet it does have a visible outflow, indicating that the water in it originates from underground.

Chandra Taal is a popular destination for trekkers and campers. Various campaign locations are situated just 1 km vicinity of the lake. The most enchanting thing about the lake is that this lake changes its color as the day passes by and spending a day and night here is surely a dream come true. As the night falls, Chandra Taal Lake seems like the sky itself with the reflection of millions of stars. It seems like a never-ending sky has fallen at the lake. 

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Things to remember when visiting Langza Village

  • Langza Village is located in a remote corner of the world, thus obtaining a mobile connection will be challenging. Only the BSNL network is operational in Langza Village. 
  • Kaza is the final fueling center in Spiti Valley. Moving ahead from Kaza will require you to fill up your car tanks because there are no fueling stations in neighboring villages.
  • The medical facilities in Langza Village are pretty basic, so if you are on particular medications, be sure to bring them with you. Also, keep some basic medications on hand in case you need them for hassle-free travel.
  • When you begin your journey to Spiti Valley, have extra cash with you because the last ATM service is only available in Kaza. Then, in the other areas, there are no ATMs, and paying via online transfer would be difficult due to weak digital connectivity.
  • Spiti Valley is a remote location that is free from pollution and is a tranquil destination because of less inhabitance. In recent years it has grown its popularity and hence gradually is becoming a tourist destination. Be mindful and be a decent citizen when you visit here and do not disturb the harmony of the location. 

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What is the best time to visit Langza village?

The ideal time to visit Langza Village is between May and September. The weather conditions at Langza Village make the summer months perfect for visiting. The winters are harsh, with abundant snowfall blocking all roads and passes leading to the village. The Langza settlement is inaccessible during the winter season. From May until September, the roads are all cleared of the snow. The weather is pleasant throughout these months, making them perfect for outdoor activities like trekking, camping, and village exploration.

How can I reach Langza village from the nearest town or city?

Langza Village is accessible by the nearest town, Kaza, which is 16 kilometers away. From Kaza, one might choose to embark on a bike expedition to Langza Village or an adventurous hike. The nearest airports to Kaza are Chandigarh Airport and Manali-Kullu Bhuntar Airport, while the nearest railway stations are Shimla Railway Station and Joginder Nagar Railway Station in Pathankot. Tourists that arrive in major cities may prefer to continue their travel by taxi or shared vehicle service, as personal taxis are expensive.

What are the main attractions or points of interest in Langza village?

The tallest Buddha Statue overlooking the village is the main place to visit in Langza village, and it is also said to safeguard the village and its surroundings. Langza Village is also well-known as a fossil town, with fossils of marine species buried in its grounds. The Komic Monastery is the best nearby destination for exploring and experiencing Langza Village’s history and traditions.  

Are there any trekking routes or outdoor activities available around Langza village?

Several outdoor activities are available around Langza Village. The best thing to do in Langza Village is to go for fossil exploration which are rare to find. Langza also has a trekking route to Hikkim and Komic Village. The primary hike path starts in Kaza and travels from Hikkim to Langza, then to Komic Village. This is a challenging trek that would require the help of a local guide to accomplish the trek. 

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