St. Paul Church, Diu: A Sacred Place In The Heart Of Diu

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Do you have the zeal to explore the ancient sacred places in India? St. Paul Church Diu, is one of them. If you ever plan to visit Daman and Diu, don’t forget to visit this 400 year old Portuguese catholic church on Diu Island. It is counted as one of the biggest Catholic churches in our country.

Once you enter the place, St. Paul church history speaks out of the presence of some attention grabbing wood panelling which captivate visitors attention and remarks this spot as a unique place in the Church craftsmanship. Every year, people from all countries of the world come to India Trips to get these kinds of  profound experiences. 

St. Paul church Diu displays a very simple and peaceful appearance. Whether you are close-by-folks or a passing stranger, it always has a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

History of St. Paul Church


The history of St. Paul Church Diu was very prominent in Portuguese culture. It was constructed in the year 1601-1610 after the name of St. Paul as a tribute to his prestigiousness. St. Paul Church history is 400 years old, built in the Portuguese Era under the concept of Baroque architectural style which makes India one of the oldest countries in the world.

The composition and building style of St. Paul church is appreciated by many architectural designers of India. The shall like motifs, fascinating volutes and sophisticated wood carvings make it unique in the eyes of its visitors. Along with its exterior beauty, the church is carefully focused in its interior decoration as well.

How To Reach St. Paul Church Diu

There are multiple routes to reach St. Paul Church in Diu:

  • By Air

To reach Diu Island by flight, you have to reach Diu Airport which is located 7-8 kms near Nagoa Beach. This airport is connected with a few of the nearby domestic cities like Mumbai and Ahmedabad. So, you can book a flight directly from Mumbai-Diu or Ahmedabad-Diu.

  • By Train

The nearby railway station is Verabal situated at a distance of 90 kms away from Diu. If you want direct connectivity of trains to Diu, you can choose destinations like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune and Jabalpur of Madhya Pradesh.

  • By Road

Both the state of Maharashtra and Gujarat are connected directly through major National Highways Of India. Many sleeper and seater buses travel to Diu from Ahmedabad. It approximately takes around 10 hours for the journey.

Best Time To Visit St. Paul Church


There is no specific time to visit this place. It completely depends on individual preferences as to what time suits you the most. However, it is advisable to visit St. Paul Church mostly on the weekends. You can spend a romantic date night on the nearby beaches.

During this time of the week when you will be free from all commitments of work and family, you can enjoy some peaceful time enjoying the vibrancy of this sacred place. Many religious festivals and cultural events take place during this time of the week. 

For visitors, St. Paul Church Diu timings are 8am- 6pm during the day. If you want to experience a different vibe, then plan your trip in the first week of January as during this time in Diu some of the best New Year Events happen every year. Travellers from all corners of the world come to enjoy the new year events in India during this season.

Entry Fee: Free

Visiting Time:  8am- 6pm

Nearby Places To Visit

  • St. Paul’s Cathedral: This is a must visit place if you are already at St. Paul Church Diu. St. Paul’s Cathedral is located nearby the church. If you want to explore the ancient decorations and designs, this cathedral is the best place to visit.
  • Historical Sites: If you want to understand about the historical background of this church and the place where it is situated, take a tour to the nearby places.

With the help of a local guide you can gain deep knowledge about the history of this place which includes nearby monumental buildings and beautiful landmarks.

  • Nearby Gardens: There are several mesmerising parks and gardens placed nearby to the church. If you want to spend some relaxing and refreshing time in the lap of nature, visit some beautiful gardens and lakes that will recharge your soul.

Many of the parks have wide playing grounds, serene lakes and worth watching viewpoints that will allow you to enjoy a quality time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can also find some comfortable stays near St. Paul Church.

  • Cafes and Restaurants: Whether you want to try authentic traditional cuisines or international dishes, this place has got everything you need.

You can hop to nearby restaurants or cafes to experience the different regional cuisines and varieties of flavours according to your taste. Just like the sophisticated cafes in Mumbai, cafes in Diu have got popularity amongst its visitors.

  • Shopping Markets: Shopping from different travel destinations always makes the journey memorable. Keeping in mind the difference between budget travel and luxury travel, there are several local markets and stalls available near the church for tourists.

You can look for some traditional clothing options or local handicrafts for your home. This will help the local artisans in terms of their daily wage and promote sustainable buying across the region.


For all those people who love to visit religious places and have a deep interest towards the historical places of India, St. Paul Church Diu is the best place to fulfil their travelling quest. Apart from this sacred place, Diu Daman has got many more travel destinations to offer to its visitors.

What makes St. Paul Church in Diu unique?

It is the oldest church of India which was constructed in the 17th century. It is unique amongst its visitors for its archeological significance in terms of designs and religious importance.

Are there any special events or ceremonies held at St. Paul Church?

Yes, during Easter or Christmas, festivals are celebrated in the church where visitors can take part and enjoy the festival.

Can visitors explore the history of St. Paul Church?

Local guides are there to help the visitors on exploring the entire church with informed knowledge about its past significance.

Is there any significance attached to the architecture of St. Paul Church?

The architecture of St. Paul church has a special significance that describes the Portuguese culture that was there in the 17th century.

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