Stunning Northern Lights Illuminate The Ladakh Skies For The First Time Ever! Leaving Everyone In Awe

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Travellers and Locals in Ladakh were left awestruck as the Ladakhi skies were left ablaze by colourful lights caused by a geomagnetic storm which struck the Earth’s magnetic fields. In the early hours of April 23, the phenomenon which occurred and left the skies in a multitude of colours is known as auroras, or in layman’s terms, the Northern Lights. 

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon which usually occurs in high altitudes, like in parts of Norway, Alaska and other neighbouring countries. However, this time, the phenomenon was witnessed in Ladakh, India, for the first time ever. It was captured by the Indian Astronomical Observatory above Mount Saraswati, and they stated that it was extremely rare to witness the Northern Lights or auroras at such low altitudes. 

The IAO stated that the phenomenon was captured on the night of April 22-23 and also said that the sightings of auroras at such altitudes were also witnessed in China and Europe. The IAO also added that the CME or Coronal Mass Ejection struck the Earth at a speed of 21,60,000 km/hour. Wageesh Mishra, Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, also mentioned that such an event last occurred in 2015.

The rare sighting of the Northern Lights in Ladakh has put the region and the many Ladakh tour packages on the map for astronomy enthusiasts and tourists who wish to witness this natural spectacle. The event has also garnered global attention and is being hailed as a momentous occasion for India’s space and astronomy communities.

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