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The Titanic’s incredible story has captured people’s imaginations for over a hundred years. It’s a tale of ambition, tragedy, and human resilience that still resonates today. The Titanic was a massive ship that set sail on its first voyage in 1912, full of hope and excitement. However, it tragically collided with an iceberg in the icy waters of the North Atlantic, leading to its sinking.

This event shook the world, as more than 1,500 lives were lost. It reminds us of the fragile nature of our accomplishments and the powerful forces of nature. The story of the Titanic has been told and retold through books, movies, and documentaries, leaving a lasting impact on our collective memory.

Even now, many years later, people are still fascinated by the Titanic and its wreckage. Explorers and scientists continue to search for its remains, hoping to uncover new insights and pay tribute to those who perished. The Titanic’s legacy serves as a reminder of the human spirit’s strength and the enduring fascination with one of history’s most significant maritime tragedies.

Recent Tragedy With The Titan Submersible 

To keep the tragic story alive, many people have invented and researched about discovering the debris of Titanic. 4 Tourists and a pilot of the submersible decided to take the risk of going deep into the sea to watch the exploded Titanic. Unfortunately, all five people on board lost their lives. We’re not exactly sure when or where the accident happened. The US Navy believes that the submersible suffered a devastating implosion, and they detected an unusual sound that could be the sound of the implosion. 

When the Titan submarine was reported missing on June 18, the Navy examined sound data and discovered something unusual that suggested either an implosion or explosion. This happened in the same area where the submarine was when it lost contact. Debris from the Titan, which is thought to have imploded while descending, was found about 88 meters away from the Titanic on the ocean floor.

The Titanic Submersible Features

Image Source : NDTV
  • The Titan submersible, owned by OceanGate, is a special kind of underwater vehicle used for research and exploration.
  •  It can hold up to five people, including a pilot and experts like archaeologists or marine biologists. 
  • The submersible is made of strong materials like titanium and carbon fiber, allowing it to dive to depths of up to 4,000 meters (13,123 feet).
  •  It is used for various purposes like surveying sites, collecting data, making films, and testing equipment in the deep sea.
  • The Titan submersible is about 6.7 meters long and weighs as much as six average cars. It moves using four electric thrusters and is equipped with cameras, lights, and scanners to observe and study its surroundings. 

According to OceanGate, the submersible has a large viewport, giving its occupants an unparalleled view of the deep ocean. Its advanced technology makes it a valuable tool for exploring and understanding the underwater world. To join these expeditions, you must pay $250,000 (1,87,50,000 INR) per person. The expedition includes a unique opportunity to dive in a submersible, stay in private accommodations, receive thorough training, get expedition gear, and enjoy meals on board. However, there is one crucial requirement: participants must be at least 17 years old. This eerie and extraordinary adventure offers a chance to experience something remarkable and explore the deep sea.

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Examining the Debris: Uncovering Clues to the Titan’s Implosion

Image Source : Business Today

When Edward Cassano and his team arrived in a remote part of the ocean where the Titan submersible had gone missing, they faced a daunting task. They had to search for the lost sub in the deep and treacherous depths of the North Atlantic, a challenge that had already proven difficult for other experts.

To begin their mission, they used their own remotely operated vehicle called the Odysseus. This vehicle was connected to a ship by a large cable, which they carefully lowered to the ocean floor. It was a complex and risky process that required precision and expertise.

The investigation into the Titan’s implosion, which happened while it was on its way to see the Titanic wreckage, is a critical task for multiple agencies. 

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The goal is to discover why the Titan imploded and caused the tragic loss of five lives. The Coast Guard is leading the investigation and has recovered some items from the debris that are believed to be human remains. It is crucial to examine these items to gather more information and understand what happened during the incident. The investigation will help uncover the cause of the implosion and provide valuable insights to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Without any second doubt, there has been a start to another making of Titan Submersible to have a straightforward journey and discovery of the Titanic.

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