Explore Tsomgo Lake: A Jewel in Sikkim’s Crown

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Planning a Sikkim trip? Don’t miss out on seeing a beautiful place called Tsomgo Lake! This lake is very special and looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale. It’s high up in the mountains, and the water is so clear, it reflects the sky like a mirror. Seeing Tsomgo Lake is a memory you’ll always keep from your vacation in Sikkim.

Around Tsomgo Lake, there’s so much fun stuff to do. You can walk by the lake and see big mountains all around, or you can follow a path that goes up into the hills for even more amazing views. Things to do in Tsomgo Lake are exciting and will make you happy. Going on a Tsomgo Lake trek is like going on an adventure where you discover new sights and see places so beautiful, they take your breath away.

So, gear up for an adventure that combines the calmness of Tsomgo Lake with the exploration of other must-see places to visit in Sikkim. Each location tells a story, from the spiritual tale of monasteries to the silent majesty of the Himalayas, ensuring your trip is packed with moments of wonder and joy. 

It’s a journey through a land where every corner holds a new surprise, making your Sikkim visit truly unforgettable.

Why to Visit Tsomgo Lake:


Visiting Tsomgo Lake, also known as Changu Lake Sikkim, is like stepping into a magical world. Imagine a big, beautiful lake surrounded by tall trees like silver firs and pines. This place changes with the seasons, making it always special to see. In spring, the lake turns a bright blue, and in winter, it looks dark green. When it rains, mists cover the lake, making it look mysterious.

Spring also brings lots of colorful flowers around the lake, making everything look pretty. The area is full of birds you might not see anywhere else like rose finches and golden eagles, and even some birds that come from far away just to visit. If you’re really lucky, you might see animals like deer or even a red panda hiding in the trees.

The Tsomgo Lake weather changes a lot, but that just adds to the adventure. There are so many fun things to do in Tsomgo Lake. Walking around the lake, you’ll always find something new and amazing. So, everyone should come and see Tsomgo Lake. It’s a place full of wonders and beautiful surprises that will make you happy and excited to explore more.

Facts About Tsomgo/ Changu Lake Sikkim

  • Shape and Size: The lake is oval-shaped with a surface area of 24.47 hectares (60.5 acres), a maximum length of 836 meters (2,743 ft), and a maximum width of 427 meters (1,401 ft).
  • Depth: It has a maximum depth of 15 meters (49 ft) and an average depth of 4.58 meters (15.0 ft)
  • Water Quality: The lake’s water quality is moderately turbid, but still reflects the surroundings clearly.
  • Cultural Significance: The lake is a significant venue for the Guru Purnima and Raksha Bandhan festivals, where Sikkim’s faith healers, known as Jhakris, gather for the healing qualities of its waters.
  • Natural Environment: Alpine forests surround the lake. Post-winter, around mid-May, the lake’s perimeter blooms with flowers like rhododendrons (the state tree of Sikkim), primulas, and blue and yellow poppies. 
  • Flora and Fauna: The area hosts bird species, including Brahminy ducks, and wildlife such as the red panda.
  • Tourist Attractions: Attractions include joy rides on decorated yaks and mules, food and drink kiosks, and a small Shiva temple on the lake’s bank.

Things To Do In Tsomgo Lake:

Tsomgo Lake can be easily covered with a day excursion from Gangtok, making it one of the best things to do in Sikkim. Once you reach the Tsomgo Lake distance, here are a few things to do to have a best time around the lake:

1. Yak Riding


Yak Riding at Tsomgo Lake, also known as Changu Lake  Sikkim, is a standout adventure and one of the top things to do in Tsomgo Lake. Imagine sitting atop a gentle giant, wrapped in warm clothes to counter the cool Tsomgo Lake temperature, as you meander along the lake’s edge. The experience is as authentic as it gets, offering a peek into the traditional lifestyle of the region.

The Tsomgo Lake weather adds a mystical touch to the yak riding experience. Whether it’s the mist rolling in over the lake or the crisp, sunlit days, the weather plays a significant role in making every ride unique. Yak rides are available throughout the year, catering to visitors regardless of when they choose to cover the Tsomgo Lake distance from Gangtok. 

This leisurely activity is perfect for all ages, making it a family-friendly option among the various things to do in Tsomgo Lake. It allows for an up-close view of the lake’s serene waters and the lush landscape that surrounds it. Plus, embarking on a Tsomgo Lake trek on a yak can offer a different perspective of the beauty that encapsulates this region. 

Yak riding not only brings you closer to nature but also closer to understanding the local culture. As you ride, take in the sights of Tsomgo Lake from Gangtok, feeling the rhythm of Sikkimese life. This memorable experience is sure to be a highlight of your visit to Tsomgo Lake.

2. Bird Watching


Bird Watching at Tsomgo Lake, also affectionately known as Changu Lake  Sikkim, is a captivating activity for nature enthusiasts and one of the most peaceful things to do in Tsomgo Lake. The diverse Tsomgo Lake weather conditions throughout the year create a hospitable environment for various bird species, making it a haven for birdwatchers.

The cool Tsomgo Lake temperature is perfect for several high-altitude birds, which thrive in the area. Visitors can spot a variety of birds, including some rare and exotic species that migrate to Tsomgo Lake depending on the season. From vibrant plumage to melodious bird calls, the lake offers a symphony of nature that is both enchanting and serene.

Covering the Tsomgo Lake distance from Gangtok, birdwatchers are rewarded with more than just the sight of these beautiful creatures. The journey itself is picturesque, and once you arrive, the Tsomgo Lake trek can provide opportunities to explore different vantage points around the lake for better birdwatching experiences.

The Tsomgo Lake weather plays a significant role in bird migration and behavior, so visiting at different times of the year can offer unique birdwatching opportunities. Early mornings are particularly magical, as the calm Tsomgo Lake temperature and quiet surroundings make it easier to observe and listen to the birds.

Bird Watching at Tsomgo Lake is not just about spotting birds; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the calmness of nature. The lake’s reflective waters, combined with the surrounding flora and fauna, create a serene backdrop for this activity. Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher or simply enjoy the peacefulness of nature, bird watching at Tsomgo Lake is an activity that connects you with the natural world in a profound way.

3. Trekking


Trekking around Tsomgo Lake, or Changu Lake  Sikkim, is an adventurous and enriching activity, ranking high among the things to do in Tsomgo Lake. The trek routes around the lake offer breathtaking views of the Himalayan landscape, making every step worth the effort. The Tsomgo Lake trek allows visitors to experience the natural beauty and serene atmosphere of this high-altitude region up close.

The Tsomgo Lake temperature can be quite cool, especially in the mornings and evenings, regardless of the season. Trekkers need to dress in layers and be prepared for sudden weather changes, as the Tsomgo Lake weather can shift unexpectedly. Proper gear and preparation ensure a comfortable and safe trekking experience.

Trekking to Tsomgo Lake covers a Tsomgo Lake distance that varies, depending on the starting point. For many, the journey begins in Gangtok, making Tsomgo Lake from Gangtok an exciting trek that meanders through rugged terrain and lush landscapes. This journey not only challenges trekkers physically but also offers them the chance to connect with nature.

The paths leading to Tsomgo Lake are surrounded by vibrant flora and diverse fauna, adding to the trek’s allure. The lake itself, with its crystal-clear waters and the surrounding snow-capped mountains, serves as a perfect backdrop for trekkers. The calmness of the area, coupled with the crisp Tsomgo Lake weather, makes trekking here a refreshing experience.

Whether you’re an experienced trekker or someone looking to try trekking for the first time, the Tsomgo Lake trek is an unforgettable adventure. The natural beauty, coupled with the unique cultural insights of the region, makes trekking one of the most rewarding things to do in Tsomgo Lake.

4. Visiting Monasteries


Visiting monasteries near Tsomgo Lake, also known as Changu Lake  Sikkim, is a spiritual and calming experience, and it’s one of the most reflective things to do in Tsomgo Lake. The monasteries around Tsomgo Lake stand as serene sanctuaries that offer visitors a glimpse into the rich cultural and religious heritage of Sikkim.

The Tsomgo Lake weather can be quite variable, with cool temperatures prevalent due to the lake’s high altitude. Visiting these sacred sites offers a peaceful retreat from the cold, where you can warm your spirit with meditation and prayer. The Tsomgo Lake temperature, particularly in the colder months, makes the warmth and serenity of the monasteries even more inviting.

The Tsomgo Lake distance from Gangtok includes several monasteries along the way, making the journey from the city a spiritual voyage. These sacred sites are nestled in the stunning Himalayan landscape, providing not just spiritual nourishment but also breathtaking natural beauty.

A Tsomgo Lake trek can often include visits to these monasteries, allowing trekkers to combine their love for adventure with spiritual exploration. Each monastery near Tsomgo Lake has its own unique history and architectural beauty, from intricate paintings and murals to statues and prayer wheels, which reflect the Buddhist culture deeply ingrained in Sikkim.

Exploring the monasteries around Tsomgo Lake is a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It offers a unique opportunity to learn about Buddhism, meditate, or simply enjoy the calmness and spiritual atmosphere of these sacred places. Whether you’re seeking spiritual insight or just looking to experience the cultural richness of Sikkim, a monastery visit should be on your list of things to do in Tsomgo Lake.

5. Local Cuisine


There are lots of places to eat in Sikkim and Enjoying local cuisine near Tsomgo Lake is a delightful experience and an essential part of visiting this beautiful area. One of the most enjoyable things to do in Tsomgo Lake is to taste the flavors of Sikkim through its food. The region’s dishes are influenced by Nepalese, Tibetan, and native Sikkimese cultures, offering a variety of tastes and ingredients unique to this part of the world.

Due to the Tsomgo Lake temperature and Tsomgo Lake weather, which can be quite cool, local foods are often hearty and warm. Dishes such as momos (dumplings filled with meat or vegetables), thukpa (a noodly soup), and other Tibetan-inspired meals are popular. These dishes not only provide warmth but also give you a taste of the local culture.

The Tsomgo Lake distance from Gangtok means that you can easily find these delicious local cuisines both in the city and at various stops along the way. Many small eateries and stalls near Tsomgo Lake and on the Tsomgo Lake trek route offer these traditional dishes, allowing you to enjoy authentic flavors while taking in the stunning views of the lake and its surroundings.

Sampling the local cuisine is a must-do activity for anyone visiting Tsomgo Lake from Gangtok. It’s not just about filling your stomach but also about enriching your travel experience by connecting with the local culture through its food. Whether you’re stopping for a quick snack during your visit or sitting down for a meal after a day of exploring, the local cuisine near Tsomgo Lake is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Shopping in Sikkim, especially around Tsomgo Lake, offers a unique experience to visitors looking for memorable souvenirs and gifts. While exploring the various things to do in Tsomgo Lake, taking some time to shop for local handicrafts, traditional Sikkimese attire, and other unique items can be very rewarding. The region is known for its rich culture and artistry, which is reflected in its local markets and shops.

Given the Tsomgo Lake temperature and Tsomgo Lake weather, which can be quite cool, you might find a range of warm and intricately woven woolens, including shawls, scarves, and hats, perfect for keeping you cozy. These items, along with traditional Sikkimese boots and gloves, are not only practical but also carry the essence of Sikkim’s cultural heritage.

The Tsomgo Lake distance from Gangtok is about 40 kilometers, and along this route, as well as at the lake itself, there are opportunities to purchase these goods. Many local vendors and small shops sell beautifully crafted items that make for perfect souvenirs. From handcrafted jewelry and wooden crafts to Sikkimese tea and organic spices, the variety is vast.

For those making the Tsomgo Lake trek, stopping at these local shops can be a delightful break. It offers the chance to interact with local artisans and learn more about the craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Additionally, shopping here supports the local economy and helps preserve the cultural traditions of Sikkim.

Whether you’re looking for something specific or just want to browse, shopping in Sikkim near Tsomgo Lake is an activity that offers something for everyone. It’s a chance to take a piece of your journey home with you, with items that tell a story of your visit to this beautiful region.

7. Hot Springs

Image source - SOTC

Visiting hot springs is another wonderful activity to enjoy near Tsomgo Lake, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. While Tsomgo Lake itself is a major attraction, the journey there or back can include stops at some of Sikkim’s famous hot springs. These natural springs are believed to have healing properties due to the minerals in the water. Soaking in these warm waters can be a welcome respite from the cool Tsomgo Lake temperature.

One of the great things to do in the Tsomgo Lake area, especially after a long day of exploring or a Tsomgo Lake trek, is to unwind in these natural spas. The warmth of the hot springs is not only soothing for the body but also for the soul, offering a serene experience amidst the natural beauty of Sikkim.

The journey to Tsomgo Lake from Gangtok presents a chance to plan a visit to these hot springs. Although the exact Tsomgo Lake distance to the nearest hot spring varies, incorporating this experience into your trip adds an element of relaxation and exploration.

Whether you’re visiting Tsomgo Lake for its stunning landscapes, the adventure of trekking, or the cultural experience, taking the time to visit a hot spring nearby can enhance your trip. It’s a unique way to experience the natural wonders of Sikkim, making your visit to Tsomgo Lake even more memorable.

8. Flower Watching


Flower viewing near Tsomgo Lake is a delightful experience, especially during the spring and summer months when the area bursts into a riot of colors. This natural spectacle is one of the most beautiful things to do in Tsomgo Lake, attracting nature lovers and photographers alike. The landscape around the lake transforms with the blooming of a wide variety of flowers, including rhododendrons, primulas, and blue and yellow poppies, creating a vibrant tapestry that is a feast for the eyes.

The unique ecosystem of Tsomgo Lake supports a rich flora, which thrives due to the specific environmental conditions in the area. The lake’s surroundings become a natural garden, showcasing the diversity of Sikkim’s plant life. Walking around the lake or sitting by its side offers a peaceful experience, allowing visitors to fully absorb the beauty of these blooms.

Flower viewing at Tsomgo Lake is not only about enjoying the colors and fragrances but also about appreciating the delicate balance of nature and the changes brought by different seasons. It’s a reminder of the natural beauty that exists and the importance of preserving such environments.

For anyone visiting Tsomgo Lake, taking the time to explore and admire the floral beauty is a must. It’s an activity that complements the serene atmosphere of the lake, offering a peaceful and visually stunning experience that enhances the overall visit.

9. Cable Car Ride In Gangtok


Taking a cable car ride in Gangtok is an exhilarating experience that offers a panoramic view of the city and its surrounding landscapes, including a distant view of Tsomgo Lake on clear days. This activity is one of the exciting things to do in the Tsomgo Lake vicinity, especially for those looking to capture the beauty of Sikkim from a bird’s eye perspective.

The cable car or ropeway journey provides a unique vantage point to observe the contrast between the bustling city life and the tranquil nature that surrounds Gangtok. As you glide over the city, the Tsomgo Lake distance becomes a part of the magnificent backdrop, showcasing the lake’s significance in the region’s natural beauty.

Embarking on this aerial ride also gives you a chance to see the varying Tsomgo Lake weather patterns from above. On days when the skies are clear, you might catch a glimpse of the glimmering waters of Tsomgo Lake from afar, making it a memorable part of your trip.

The cable car ride starts from different points in the city and is easily accessible for those staying in or visiting Gangtok. It’s a recommended activity for anyone making the journey from Gangtok to Tsomgo Lake, providing a peaceful yet thrilling experience before or after the adventurous Tsomgo Lake trek or visit.

This unique experience not only complements the natural and cultural explorations in and around Gangtok but also adds an element of adventure to your Sikkim itinerary, making your visit truly unforgettable.

Places To Visit Near Tsomgo Lake:

1. Nathula Pass


Nathula Pass is a high place in the mountains where you can see really far. It’s important because it’s on the border between India and China. When you go from Gangtok to Nathula Pass, you’ll pass by Tsomgo Lake, and it’s a cool trip because the place looks beautiful and there’s a lot to see.

2. Gangtok

Gangtok is the main city in Sikkim and it’s not too far from Changu Lake Sikkim. It’s a busy place with lots of things to see and do, like shopping and visiting monasteries. Gangtok is a good place to start if you’re going to Tsomgo Lake because it’s close and has lots of places where you can eat and stay.

3. Himalayan Zoological Park


This park is near Gangtok and a little bit away from Tsomgo Lake. It’s a big area where animals live more like they do in the wild. You can see animals like red pandas and snow leopards. It’s a fun place to visit, especially if you like animals.

4. Baba Mandir

This temple is special to many people and is near Tsomgo Lake. It’s built for a soldier named Baba Harbhajan Singh. People believe he protects them, so they come to visit the temple. It’s a peaceful place to think and learn about an interesting story.

5. Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary


This is a beautiful natural area near Tsomgo Lake. It’s full of plants and animals that you can only find in this part of the world. If you like walking in nature and seeing flowers and animals, this is a great place to go.

6. Tashi View Point

Tashi View Point isn’t very close to Tsomgo Lake, but it’s worth the trip. You can see big mountains and the city of Gangtok from here. It’s especially nice to come here early in the morning or late in the day when the sky is changing color.

Best Time To Visit:


The best time to visit Tsomgo Lake is from March to May and from October to December. During these months, the Tsomgo Lake weather is pleasant, making it a great time to enjoy all the things to do in Tsomgo Lake. You can take part in activities like yak rides, enjoy the vibrant flowers in bloom, and see the lake in its liquid state before it freezes over in the winter.

From March to May, the weather is cool and comfortable. This is the spring season when the snow starts melting, and the area around the lake becomes lively with colorful flowers. It’s a beautiful time for photography and enjoying the natural beauty of the lake.

From October to December, the autumn and early winter months offer clear skies and a fresh atmosphere, making it ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities. The lake starts getting a thin layer of ice in late December, which is also a unique sight to see.



1. Do plan ahead: Check the weather, routes, and places to visit.

2. Do respect local customs: Learn about and follow local traditions and manners.

3. Do keep the environment clean: Always dispose of your trash properly.

4. Do stay safe: Follow safety guidelines, especially on treks or when trying adventure sports.

5.Do try local food: Enjoy the local cuisine and flavors.


1.Don’t litter: Keep the places you visit clean and beautiful for others.

2.Don’t disturb wildlife: Keep a safe distance from animals and don’t feed them.

3.Don’t take photos without permission: Especially of local people or sacred sites.

4.Don’t ignore local laws: Follow the rules and regulations of the place you’re visiting.

 5.Don’t overpack: Carry only what you need to make your travel easier.

Climate Conditions:


1. The Tsomgo Lake weather is quite unique due to its high-altitude location in the mountains of Sikkim. This beautiful lake, nestled at an elevation of around 3,753 meters (12,313 feet), experiences a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions throughout the year, making every visit a distinct experience.

2. During the summer months, from May to August, the weather at Tsomgo Lake is relatively mild and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 15°C. This is a perfect time for tourists to explore the area and enjoy various things to do in Tsomgo Lake like yak rides, paddle boating, and sightseeing around the lake’s crystal-clear waters.

3. As autumn approaches in September and October, the temperature starts to drop, preparing the lake for its winter cloak. The weather remains clear, offering stunning views of the surrounding peaks, but it does get chillier, especially in the mornings and evenings.

4. Winter, from November to April, transforms Tsomgo Lake into a winter wonderland. The temperatures can plummet to below freezing, ranging from -5°C to 7°C. The lake often freezes over during these months, presenting a magical icy landscape. Despite the cold, winter is a fantastic time to visit for those who enjoy snow-covered scenes, though it’s essential to dress warmly. 

5. Spring, briefly present before summer, brings a burst of life back to Tsomgo’s surroundings, with temperatures gradually rising. The melting snow feeds into the lake, and the area starts to bloom with vibrant flowers, creating a picturesque setting.

6. Regardless of the Tsomgo Lake weather, each season offers its unique attractions. Visitors can always find something to do, from marveling at the lake’s beauty to engaging in seasonal activities. However, it’s crucial to check the weather before visiting, as conditions can change rapidly in the mountains, affecting accessibility and the overall experience at Tsomgo Lake.

How To Reach:


Tsomgo Lake, also known as Changu Lake, is located approximately 40 kilometers away from Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim. The journey from Gangtok to Tsomgo Lake takes about 1.5 to 2 hours by road, depending on the weather conditions and traffic. 

By Air: 

  • The most convenient airport for reaching Sikkim and making your way to Tsomgo Lake is Bagdogra Airport. This airport is well-connected with major Indian cities, serving as the primary entry point for travelers heading to Sikkim. 
  • Direct flights from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport and other major airports can take you to Pakyong Airport. From there, Tsomgo Lake is approximately 71 kilometers away.

By Train:

For those who prefer train travel, Sikkim is accessible via rail from major Indian cities like Howrah, New Delhi, Bandra Terminus, and Chennai Central.

  • New Jalpaiguri railway station is the nearest railhead to Tsomgo Lake. Upon arrival, opt for a bus or a taxi to reach the lake.

By Road: 

  • The journey to Tsomgo Lake presents a challenging drive due to its rugged terrain. If driving, it’s advisable to have an experienced driver.
  • The most convenient road travel option is to catch a bus or a shared taxi from Gangtok. The capital city of Sikkim, Gangtok, offers several transport options to Tsomgo Lake.

And there you have it – a guide to making the most of your adventure to Tsomgo Lake! Whether you’re flying in, taking a scenic train ride, or embarking on an exhilarating road trip, the journey to this stunning lake in Sikkim is an adventure worth every moment. 

Don’t forget to pack for the Tsomgo Lake temperature, as it can be quite chilly, especially if you’re visiting in the cooler months. But, no matter when you decide to visit, Tsomgo Lake promises breathtaking views, exciting activities, and memories that will last a lifetime. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for an unforgettable trip to one of the most beautiful destinations in Sikkim!

Frequently Asked Questions On Changu Lake Sikkim

What are the nearby attractions to Tsomgo Lake?

Near Tsomgo Lake, you can visit Baba Mandir, a shrine dedicated to a revered soldier, and Nathula Pass, a border crossing between India and China. Both places are full of stories and beautiful views.

Are there any permits required to visit Tsomgo Lake?

Yes, you need a permit to visit Tsomgo Lake because it’s close to the border. You can get this permit through a registered travel agency in Gangtok or sometimes your hotel can also help.

What is the best time to visit Tsomgo Lake?

The best times to visit are from March to May and from October to December. During these months, the weather is nice, and you can see the lake at its most beautiful, either full of life in spring or frozen in winter.

How to go to Tsomgo Lake from Gangtok?

From Gangtok, you can take a taxi or a shared jeep to Tsomgo Lake. It’s about a 2-hour drive. Make sure to start early to enjoy the lake and return before it gets too late.

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