Beyond Ordinary: 8 Unique Modes of Transportation Worldwide

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While traveling worldwide, you may take a bus, a metro, or a shuttle to commute, but not many people know that several unique transportations around the world are so cool that you would like to visit on your text trip. There are intriguing transports around the world that will leave you stunned. 

Let’s check some of the most unique transportation around the world:

1. Bamboo Train Cambodia

Source : That Backpacker

We have all travelled on a train but have you ever travelled on a bamboo train? Sounds weird right? Well, it’s true because in Cambodia, you can commute on a bamboo train to Cambodia’s capital city Phenom Penh. The train is cobbled together with bamboo planks, a wooden frame, an upright engine and the old wheels of the tanks used by the military. This transport is called Knorry in the local language.

Since the tracks are not in good shape so the train runs only up to 7 km to a nearby village and then comes back, it is a good experience that one should have. 

2. Suspension Railway, Germany

Source : IndiaTimes

Suspension Railway was first opened in 1901, and it is the oldest electrical elevated rail with hanging cars. 

Built using almost 19000 tonnes of steel, approximately 85000 people in Wuppertal, Germany, travel on the suspension railway daily. This is one of the unique transportation around the world, and also, you don’t have to worry about traffic, leaves on the track or even snow. 

How convenient is that? 

3. Coco Taxi, Havana, Cuba


What would it be like to travel in a coconut? Now you must be thinking that I have just lost my mind. Well, I have not, infact in Cuba you can use a Coco taxi which is shaped like that of a coconut and works through pedals. 

The driver pedals the taxi like a cycle because this Coco Taxi is actually a tricycle. Two people can sit behind the driver. There is a motor installed in the taxi which can be used by the driver if they are trying to get through a slope, however the rest of the time, the driver doesn’t stop to pedal. 

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4. Monte Toboggan – Madeira, Portugal


During the 1850s, a mode of transport was used to go downhill, and that was called the Toboggan Sledge. People living in Monte used to come downhill to Funchal with the help of these Toboggan Sledges. Back in the time, it was considered a fast and fun way to go downhill because it took just 10 minutes to complete the ride. 

The sledge glides on wooden runners and is pushed by two men dressed in traditional clothes. They push and steer the sledges and put brakes through their rubber-soled boots.

Back in the time, it may not have been such a big deal, but these sledges became quite popular and have been continued ever since. 

So next time when you are in Portugal do take the Monte Toboggan ride to make your trip worthwhile. 

5. Maglev, Shanghai

Source : Wikipedia

Have you seen a train with no wheels?

If your answer is “No,” then you haven’t seen anything at all. Maglev Train in Shanghai, which is also the fastest train in the world, covering a distance of 30 km in 8 minutes. In 2013, the Guinness Book of World Records gave the Maglev train the title of the fastest train in the world that is being used for commercial purposes. 

Being the fastest train in the world is still not the impressive part of the train, the best part is that it does not have wheels, and instead uses magnetic levitation technology, which means that the train does not touch the ground, making it one of the most unique transportations around the world.

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6. DUKW London, UK

Source : Tripadvisor

During the Second World War, there were special tanks made for the military troops that can fight over land as well as water. 

At present, these military tanks, which are often called Duck, now offer London Duck Tours, passing through some of the famous landmarks of London before it launches into the river Thames to get the best views from the water. 

7. Dog Sleds, Alaska, USA

Source : Victoria News

In Alaska, Dog Sledding is quite popular, which means that you can glide across the ice through a variety of sledges, which are pulled by a pack of extremely trained dogs. 

You can expect four to five dogs that pull the sleds. Despite the distance, traveling by these teams of dogs is still the most used way of traveling. 

The rural residents use this mode of transport to get around, travel, and hunt. Alaskan husky is the typical breed used for this sport due to their speed, endurance and their ability to withstand extreme winters. 

This sport is celebrated every year by organising an 1150 miles race from Anchorage to Nome.

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8. Reindeer Sled, Lapland, Finland

Source : TimeOut

Do you know how Santa Claus travels with his reindeer on a sledge? 

Well, if you are planning to travel to Finland, you too can use the same mode of transport as Santa. 

There are almost the same number of reindeer pulling the sledges as the number of people on these sledges.  The area is entirely inhabited by the Sami tribes, who use these reindeer to pull sledges across the snow.

It is quite fun and one of the most unique transportations in the world as you glide across the snow.

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