9 Weird Traditions Around The World That Sounds Unreal

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We have all heard about weird practices around the world, from throwing tomatoes at each other to beating locks to make them poop; some very weird traditions around the world will leave you surprised. 

Here is the thing about the world: some of the best experiences are usually the weirdest and most unusual. 

That is the best part about travelling the globe you get to experience various cultures and traditions that are different from our own, but some sound too weird to be true.  

1. Christmas With Krampus In The Czech Republic

Source : Washington Post

Christmas is the best time of the year when it begins to snow, and the town is covered with snow and happy vibes. However, Christmas celebrations everywhere are different, and some have the most unique Christmas traditions that are very rare but so exciting. 

Similarly, in Austria Czech Republic, and Romania, the hideous beast Krampus, accompanies Saint Nicholas and punishes naughty children on the streets during Christmas.

2. Your Employer Won’t Fire You In Japan

Source : Japan Today

How cool would it be not to get fired at all, right? Well funny thing is that in Japan, there is a rule that when a company is firing an employee, it has to pay a huge compensation package to them, so they become helpless and have to beg. 

This is one of the unusual traditions around the world, but it works just fine for the employees because you will have job security at least. 

However, the downside to this as well. If a company wants to fire you, but it cannot fire you because if they do, it has to give you a huge compensation package, so what they do is lock the employees in a room and make them do awful tasks, which compels them to quit the job. 

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3. Polterabend Custom in Germany

Source : Life and Trendz - Lifestyle | Fashion

Polterabend is one of the strange customs around the world that is quite common in Germany when a couple is going to be married soon. 

Relatives of both the bride and groom gather together at one place before the wedding and break things such as vases and dining sets. However, there is no breaking of glasses. 

Once they are done, the groom and bride have to clean up the mess. It may be one of the strange rituals around the world before a wedding, but it is done to let the couple know that their marriage can also become messy sometimes, but they always have to pick up the broken pieces and clear the mess. 

Personally, I think it is a beautiful message to give to a couple. 

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4. Spitting On The Bridge In Greece

Source : Wikipedia

Spitting on someone is the worst thing in the world, and anyone who spits on you is sure to get a good scolding if you control yourself enough to not beat the crap out of that person. 

However, one of the most bizarre customs around the world includes spitting on the newlywed bride. While the entire world considers spitting on some to be an insult, Greece has seen the bright side of it, which means that spitting casts off evils. 

Since the world is becoming modern and looking for modern solutions everywhere, the guests don’t spit at the newlywed bride instead, the process has become more figurative, where the guests make spitting sounds. 

This is another of the unusual traditions around the world that is quite bizarre, but it is quite common among Greeks, and the same is done for Baptism as well, for it is done for good luck. 

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5. The Soup Of The Dead Relatives Bones In Venezuela

Source : Tutorial At Home

One of the most bizarre rituals around the world is making the soup of the dead relative. In the normal world, people cry when a loved one passes away. 

That’s what normal people do, but the Yanomami tribe in Venezuela and Brazil believe that their loved ones can only get peace in the afterlife if these tribes make soup out of their bones and ashes and consume it. 

Yeah, I know what you are thinking, that it is inhumane, and this is not normal. It is normal for them, and who are we to judge them anyway? 

Even if it is normal for them, for the rest of the world, it is definitely one the most strange rituals around the world. 

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6. Throwing Infants In India

Source : ED Times

One of the unusual traditions around the world is throwing babies from a height in Karnataka. 

So the ritual is that infants who are born after the parents have vowed their devotion to Sri Santeswar temple, located in the Indian state of Karnataka. The infants are thrown from the temple roof and caught in the blanket by the people standing on the ground. 

While performing the ceremony of throwing infants from the roof, people on the ground sing and chant hymns to celebrate. 

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7. No Red Ink In South Korea

Source : Facebook

Remember, as kids, and we used to keep our old notebooks after the end of the session so that we could check it with a red pen and pretend to be a teacher? 

Well, who knew that kid in South Korea didn’t have the privilege to do so? Do you know why? 

It’s because, in South Korea, red pen is used to write the names of dead people. 

It is one of the strange customs around the world but nothing about South Korea is normal anyway. 

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 8. Brazilians Brushing Their Teeth At Work

Source : Tribalingua - WordPress.com

Adding to the list of weird traditions around the world, Brazilians brush their teeth at work. 

Sounds quite strange, plus who has got that much time in the office anyway? Even if they have, then why aren’t they doing it at home, like all of us?

So let me tell you that this may be one of the strange customs around the world, but very common in Brazil. In fact, people carry their toothbrush and toothpaste in their bags to brush their teeth after lunch. 

Do not be surprised if you come across a random Brazilian who brushes their teeth multiple times at work. Even the restaurants have mouthwashes for their customers. 

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9. Hang out By The Cemetery In Denmark

Source : Metropolife

Other bizarre customs around the world include hanging out near the cemetery. Most people dread the thought of going anywhere near a grave, unless absolutely necessary because it scares the hell out of people. 

However, people in Denmark are not afraid of anything, not even the land of the dead, and maybe that is why they have created one of these weird traditions around the world that is beyond bizarre. 

The graveyards in Denmark are said to be the most popular tourist places. You can find lakes and meadows here near the graveyard, and what looks like a dreaded place has been turned into a bird sanctuary. 

People hang out by the cemetery and have their so-called fun here, and one of the strange rituals around the world. 

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Frequently Asked Questions On Weird Traditions Around The World

1. Are these traditions still practised today?

Yes, these traditions are still practised and are a part of the culture of the people living in different countries where these are practised. 

2. Can tourists participate in these traditions?

Yes, tourists usually visit these places during the time when the traditions are done and can be a part of the entire thing.

3. Do these traditions have a religious background?

All these strange rituals around the world have a story of their own, and some have religious backgrounds, while some are based on myths. 

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