Mumbai’s Double Decker Bus Era Comes To An End

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The popular Double Decker buses in Mumbai introduced by the Britishers in 1937 are finally coming to an end, marking the end of the era. These buses will take their last ride on 15th September 2023.

However, open-deck double-decker buses have been a popular mode of transportation among tourists who wish to visit the Gateway of India and the Marine Drive. These buses will take their last ride on 5th October. 

Deepak Rao, a historian, recalled the old days when Double-decker buses ruled the city and single-deckers were only used in the suburbs. 

There was a time when there were a total of 242 twin-deck buses, but over time, the number of buses has been reduced considerably. In 2010, these buses were reduced to 122 and 120 in 2017. 

Brihanmumbai Electric Supply Transport(BEST) proposed scraping off 72 buses by 20-21 in its annual budget 2019, which reduced the fleet to 48 buses. 

The BEST is planning to introduce 18 electric double-decker buses that are fully air-conditioned, 10 for the suburbs and 8 for South Mumbai in the future.

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