Find Out How Researchers Found a 3200 Year Old Cemetery and a 4000 Year Old Mummy in Egypt

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Reports indicate that a 3200-year-old cemetery has been discovered in Saqqara, which has served as a burial site. The digging process was led by Egyptian researchers from the Tourism Ministry of Egypt, along with Lara Weiss and Christian Greco from The Museum of Laden in the Netherlands and the Museum of Turin in Egypt, respectively. 

According to reports, the tomb of Panahsy has been found, which is the largest of all. The digging has shed light on the significant funerary practices of the ancient people. Several carvings have been found where a massive procession of mourners can be seen, and there is another carving which is that of a cow. Lara Weiss, from the Netherlands pointed out that the statues in the Museum of National Antiquities of Leiden, since the year 1829, were inspired by some of the sculptural relics carved on anonymous tombs. As per reports, a 4000-year-old mummy has also been found, which is believed to be the oldest in the country.

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