Flat Pack Hotels: From Refugee Camps to Pop-Up Units, All In One Solution

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How often have you planned a holiday and stayed at a regular hotel? 

Plenty! Isn’t that right? 

The hotels have suites, luxurious rooms, and hostels. They are all fine, but have you seen anything different from these boring hotel rooms?

Maybe you haven’t, but it’s time to let you know that the future of lodging is here with its all-new concept of Flat Pack Hotels. 

What is the deal with Flat Pack Hotels, and what exactly are they?

It is a game-altering trend in the hospitality industry that may change the future of lodging forever. These Flat-pack hotels are modular, pre-fabricated rooms ready to install anywhere and anytime. 

The best part about these hotels is that they can be quickly installed in significantly less time. So how is it going to affect the hospitality industry? 

Well, for starters, it is eco-friendly and does not affect the environment. It is portable, can be set up anywhere, anytime, and saves time and energy. In contrast, regular hotels take years to construct and are not environmentally friendly. 

Suppose you travel to a tourist hotspot during Christmas and New Year’s week. You must be aware of the fact that the hill stations are overbooked at this time of the year. It will be tough to get a room, especially when you haven’t made the bookings beforehand. Now what is the solution to this situation? Until now, there has been no solution to this problem, but now with the introduction of flat-pack hotels, this issue of no rooms can quickly be resolved because you cannot build a room overnight, but you sure can install one in no time. 

So now you see how it will be a tough competitor for regular hotels.

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In 2008, Belgium was the first country to bring the concept of a flat-pack hotel. It was a modular pre-fabricated room that was easy to install and detach. 

The exciting part was that each hotel unit was used from recyclable materials, making it as eco-friendly as possible.

The trend is being followed worldwide and is gaining popularity now as the Habitas Hotel in Mexico uses this trend to make offsite pop-up units, especially on the beaches. 

Another hotel in the United Kingdom is not far behind on this trend, using modular pods, which can later be attached like a jigsaw puzzle. 

Flat-pack hotels are gaining popularity since they can easily be installed anywhere because of the unique concept and are getting quite famous among Gen Z. 

These pop-up units can also be used during last-minute events and for survivors of a natural catastrophe who might need a roof over their heads when they have lost almost everything. Besides it can also be used as a refugee camp. So there are innumerable uses for this very trending and funky housing option. 

Also, these flat-pack hotels come in various styles and designs, so you can easily customise your hotel room. Who would have thought that you would be able to customise your hotel room? Isn’t that invention on another level?

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