Bhutan: A Safe and Peaceful Place for Solo Female Travelers

A country that breathes in happiness, a country that boasts its vibrant culture, a country where people make you feel like you’re at home and a country known as the land of dragons, Bhutan, hits the wish list of several travellers from around the globe. With a motive to detox one’s mind and body, people nowadays are taking solo trips. Being an economical destination, You would even find several solo travellers in Bhutan. When it comes to men, they are able to freely roam around every corner of the world they wish to. Hence, Bhutan is no exception. But what if a female wanderer wishes to explore the enchanting valleys of Bhutan all by herself? With no one to accompany her on this expedition, is it safe for a solo female traveler to wander alone in Bhutan?

Bhutan Solo Travel
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I would say absolutely yes! The country is peaceful and safe enough for her to travel without any partner or group. Why? Read further!

You are never completely alone in Bhutan

Solo Female Traveller In Bhutan
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If you are an Indian, Maldivian or Bangladeshi, you won’t feel alone during your visit to Bhutan. Keeping in mind the side-effects of mass tourism and to protect the nation’s unique and rich culture, Bhutanese government has issued that a traveller traveling to Bhutan must have a tour guide and a driver. Hence, you are around experienced people taking you to several places to visit in Bhutan. Also, there is nothing better than hearing stories from locals. There are chances that your driver or guide might be good storytellers entertaining you with tales of Bhutan. It’s almost like traveling with a local knowledgeable acquaintance that would recommend you good places to shop, eat, visit, etc. You might chance upon some lesser known places where the tourist inflow is the least and beauty is at its best. Now tell me, if its a boon or a bane?

You Have Choices

You are never completely alone in Bhutan
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If you are not comfortable with a male guide accompanying you around Bhutan, you can request a female guide which will solve your problems of discomfort.

Bhutanese are strong believers of Buddhism

Buddhism in Bhutan
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Being people who are completely devoted towards the Almighty, Bhutanese people believe that sanctity of every human must be protected. They are kind-hearted, welcoming and respectful towards their guests. For them, their ethics observe the highest place in their priority list. Also, most of them are monks who follow their religion with complete honesty. Therefore, you are surely secure in the country.

Despite these, there are a few things that a solo female traveler must keep in her mind while traveling to Bhutan, and these are:

Avoiding night travels

Avoiding Night Travels
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As the sun bids goodbye for the day, you must stay back in your hotel or hostel. Avoid intra country travels when the dark takes over. This way you can ensure you are safe. Post 5, take strolls in the city you are already in and observe local culture. You never know what’s the situation in the hills, if there are any landslides or roadblocks. Instead of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, try to complete your journey during the day time.

Booze responsibly

Booze Responsibly
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The fact that we all need to chill during our travels cannot be denied. Also, nightlife in Bhutan is so vibrant that it must be experienced at least once during your stay in Bhutan. As good as it feels to be tripping over the goodness of life, make sure that you are under control and in senses. No matter how safe and secure the country is you must take care of yourself and be responsible enough to get back to your hotel or place of stay in good health.

Manage your expenses carefully

Manage Your Expenses
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People frown upon Bhutan for being an economical country. Be wide awake on what you spend and how you spend. If you are an Indian, Maldivian or Bangladeshi then there is no compulsion of having a tour guide and driver with you. Hence, make wise choices. There are shared vehicles available throughout the country for your use. Instead of hiring a private cab, use these vehicles as far as possible.

There are huge number of places to visit in Bhutan and most of them have the shared cab availability. So why not go for something that feels more safe and economical? Next, go for hostels or homestays instead of Hotels. This way, you are surrounded by people 24×7, hence making you feel safe. Who knows you find some people to accompany you on your journey in Bhutan which in turn would cut your expenses too? After all, there is nothing better than having people with whom you can share your expenses and reduce yours by half.

What to wear while traveling in Bhutan

What to wear while traveling in Bhutan
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One of the most important things when you are in someone else’s country is to dress respectfully keeping in mind their cultural aspects. As Bhutan is a Buddhist country there are some places that require you to cover your arms and legs. Instead of being interrupted by anyone, be intelligent enough to wear clothes that do not make your arms, legs or shoulders peep out.  Also, many a times you’ll find yourself hiking up to your final destination, so it’s advisable that you wear comfortable tracks and carry shoes with good grip.

Your intuition never lies

Your Intuition Never Lies
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Women boast of their intuition like they boast about nothing else. If you smell a fish destroying a pond, take action and keep yourself away from it. If your heart says there is something wrong, believe it and leave the very spot at the very time. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

Solo travel destinations in Bhutan

Solo travel destinations in Bhutan

Bhutan is a nation having several wonders. If you are a solo female traveler, the three wonders you can visit without any worries are the capital city i.e. Thimphu, followed by Punakha and Paro.

So, if the solo traveller in you has been making noises to visit Bhutan, you need not think twice. The country is peaceful and safe enough for you to have an amazing time here! Happy traveling!

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