Planning For Kasol Kheerganga Trip ? Here’s Are The Things To Keep In Mind

“Kheerganga” the trek is a story in itself. It is filled with mystical tales, jaw-dropping views, adventure activities and lots of fun. This trek starts from a place called Barshaini in Himachal which is 4 km away from Tosh. The trek is a paradise for nature and adventure lovers. The best thing is that it is not a very difficult trek and beginners can go on it without much hustle. After reading this article you will be well aware of things to do on your Kasol-Kheerganga Trip. One of the best things about kheerganga is that it gives you options, not one, not two but three options to reach to the top. All the three ways are unique and stunning in their own ways. I’d suggest you to take the village route while going and the forest route while coming back. The village one is a bit easier and the forest one is packed with adventure and beautiful views. You can get Kasol Kheerganga trek packages online easily. The best time to visit would be April to June in summers and then October to November in winters.

Things You Can Do On Your Kheerganga Trip

One should keep a few points in mind before planning for the Kasol-Kheerganga trip.

1) Visit Kasol or Tosh a day prior to the trek as it will get exhausting to take the trek right after a bumping ride. An overnight sleep is recommended so that you can enjoy your trek to the fullest.

2) The starting point is Barshaini, which is approximately 3 hours away from Kasol. It might be close to Kasol but the bus connectivity isn’t that good so you shall leave an hour or so in advance.

3) Tosh is just 3 km away from Barshaini so it’s better to stay in Tosh overnight instead of Kasol. This way you can start your trek earlier and have plenty of time.

Things You Can Do On Your Kasol-Kheerganga Trip

Starting off with the scenic view

Starting off with the scenic view:

If you are someone who enjoys being in the nature, you’re going to love it here. The waterfalls, lush green surroundings and the Parvati River all together make it no less than a paradise.

It’s a loot for the photographers:

If you are someone who loves to click pictures and capture moments, you shall pack your bags already . This place is so mesmerizing that at every corner and every turn you will find something that will take your breath away with its beauty. It’s a gem for photographers.

take a dip in the hot water springs

Take a dip in the hot water springs:

Nature will never disappoint you with its miracles. One such miracle exists here on the top of kheerganga. There are natural hot water springs, naturally infused with minerals which are believed to be really good for our body. It helps in reducing anxiety problems, skin problems and so much more. What can be a better remedy than taking a dip in the soothing water after a tiring trek?

Watch the milky way:

Your whole trip is going to leave you awestruck on every step. Did you always see the milkyway pictures and wonder when are you going to encounter it? Well, here’s an opportunity for you and it is way more beautiful than the pictures that you’ve seen on the internet. You can even try your hand at night photography.

watch the milku way
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Camping, bonfire and barbecue:

Did you get excited while reading the title itself? Well, this trio is something that you’re never going to get tired of no matter how many times you do it. If you’ve never camped on a hilltop, played some songs at the bonfire sessions and cooked food on the self-made barbecue, you’re really missing out on something absolutely amazing.

Camping, bonfire and barbecue
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After, you’ve read everything about the trip don’t forget to keep these points in mind so that you can enjoy better.

Carry a small bag:

We often tend to over pack while going on a trip but keep this point in mind whenever leaving for a trek. It can get too tiring to carry a heavy or uncomfortable bag and that should be the last thing that you do. Carry a small backpack in which you can stuff the important things that are absolutely necessary to carry.

Wear Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Wear waterproof hiking shoes:

Most people tend to ignore this but you should never ignore this point. Your life is too precious to be taken so lightly. On one hand where it is important to have these shoes for your trek so that you do not suffer from sore feet and blisters, on the other hand it can save you from slipping and risking your life. So, it’s always recommended to invest in a good pair of hiking shoes.

Cover your body and carry a hat

Cover your body and carry a hat:

The sun rays on higher altitude is dangerous for our body and specially skin. If you want to have happy memories from your trip, you shall consider being prepared with all the aspects of it. Cover your body as much as possible so that it remains safe from the harsh sun rays. Wear a cap to secure your face from the UV rays too. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen above 50SPF and keep re applying it every 2-3 hours. This is not some beauty talk but real issues that you should take care of. The harmful rays not only make your skin prone to skin issues but also dehydrate the body.


Wear Comfortable Clothes:

It is important to wear really comfortable clothes so that you can trek easily. Don’t wear extremely fitted or extremely loose clothing. Opt for something you’d wear at a gym session. Always carry a pair of woollen socks and a jacket as it gets cold at night on the top. You shall consider keeping one pair of extra clothes because you might get wet on your way in crossing the waterfalls.

Carry your own water bottle

Carry your own water bottle :

The last point would be that you shall carry your own bottle that you can refill on your way rather than buying multiple on your way. The products are costlier than usual products and also add into the pollution. We should start with smaller steps to help environment.

We have tried to sum up all the necessary things required to know before planning a Kasol-Kheerganga Trip, if you have any suggestion you can tell us in the comment section.

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