Cleanup Drive in Spiti Valley: Join us to Collect 1000KG of Garbage

Going for a getaway in the mountains is the simplest way to have a peaceful time from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The scenic destinations beckon thousands of travel lovers who have a zeal to discover unexplored places But the true spirit of travelling resides in the immense respect and love we show to mountains by keeping these serene places clean.

Spiti Valley Cleanup Drive

Mountains shower love over everyone. They provide every living being with all the necessities to sustain life. The joy of watching sunset and sunrise from a snow-capped mountain will give you more pleasure than winning a million-dollar lottery.

However, some people are littering these heavenly mountains and their water resources with non-biodegradable things like plastic water bottles (Single Use), plastic wrappers, and foils. Seeing a dump of garbage and plastic waste in places like Spiti Valley and Ladakh is just heartbreaking. Putting dustbins and collecting garbage won’t help us for a long time as these small and remote villages don’t have any proper set to handle this garbage.

Spiti Cleanup Drive
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Hundreds of travel communities take thousands of wanderers to the places like Spiti Valley and Ladakh every year so they should promote responsible tourism in every departure. When trip leaders brief about the whole journey they should guide everyone to reduce the use of plastic water bottles, ask them to carry all the non-biodegradable garbage with them to their respective hotels.

Spiti Cleanup Drive In Kaza
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To promote the concepts of “Sustainable tourism” environment-friendly travel community WanderOn in association with Healing Himalayas, “One of most pioneer community of environmental activists” is organizing a week-long cleanup drive in Spiti Valley. The cleanup campaign aims to collect 1000 Kg of garbage from this beautiful destination and dispose of it to an appropriate place.

Mountains are a source of happiness, recreation and immense love for every living being, so it is our responsibility to show equal love and respect to them. Even if once in a lifetime travelling to mountains solved some chaos from your life, gave you memories to smile, then join us to do the same for the serene valleys of Spiti. We are in Kaza from 25th Sept to 1st Oct and are calling out all the people who are madly in love with the mountains and the peaceful valleys to join us for this noble cause. The Mountains are calling and now it is our turn to take care of them.

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