Best Weekend Getaways From Delhi To Escape The Bustling City Life

Discover the charms that lie on the doorstep of India’s bustling capital with our captivating guide to weekend getaways from Delhi. In the frenzy of work and city life, the humdrum of the metropolis can often get overwhelming. With its sprawling expanse and perennial hustle-bustle, Delhi has an enticing and exhausting effervescence. But the beauty of this vibrant city doesn’t end here. Its strategic location grants easy access to a myriad of destinations, making weekend getaways from Delhi an exciting prospect for city-dwellers and tourists alike.

A variety of experiences, from lush greenery and immaculate beaches to historical sites and adventurous activities, are just a few hours’ drive from the city. These weekend getaways near Delhi offer a rejuvenating break that revives your senses and provides a speedy escape from the concrete jungle, making them the ideal antidote to the city’s hectic pace.

You frequently find yourself longing for an adventure or a quick getaway to recharge when you think about the upcoming weekend. Fortunately, Delhi offers a wide range of weekend getaways that can slake this thirst for novelty. These weekend getaways from Delhi offer a delightful blend of culture, history, nature, and adventure, from the misty hills of Mussoorie to the ancient forts of Jaipur, and from the spiritual aura of Rishikesh to the allure of romance in Agra.


The national capital’s residents have a plethora of options for weekend getaways close to Delhi. Choosing the right type of getaway is frequently more important than deciding where to go. All tastes and interests can be catered to by the enormous variety of options. Adventure seekers may decide to visit Corbett or Ranthambore’s wildlife sanctuaries, while those seeking relaxation may decide to take a tranquil boat ride through Alleppey’s backwaters.

Frequently, we are so preoccupied with the activity in the city that we fail to notice the wide range of places to visit near Delhi. You might be surprised to learn that these nearby areas are full of history, scenic beauty, and adventure, making them perfect for a quick getaway. So, keep in mind that there are lots of places to travel near Delhi where you can relax and rejuvenate the next time the city life gets to you. 

You can therefore find weekend getaways near Delhi that are ideal for you, regardless of whether you’re an adventure seeker, a nature lover, a culture vulture, or a history buff. As we explore these locations in greater detail on our blog, we’ll give you all the details you need to make your next trip a success. Together let’s get away from the bustle of the city and discover the best weekend getaways near Delhi. 

Best Weekend Getaways From Delhi

1. Neemrana

Image Source : Tripadvisor

If you’re scouting for weekend getaways from Delhi, Neemrana stands as a captivating option that offers a unique blend of history, culture, and luxury. As one of the ideal weekend getaways near Delhi, it presents an idyllic setting, just a three-hour drive away, making it the perfect respite from the metropolitan chaos.

Neemrana, a beloved destination close to Delhi, is tucked away in the Aravalli Ranges. The Neemrana Fort Palace, a historic hotel built in the 15th century and evoking India’s regal past, is this town’s crown jewel. The fort is a favourite among Delhins looking for weekend getaways because of its opulent architectural design and panoramic views it provides.

The sheer variety of experiences offered by weekend getaways near Delhi, like Neemrana, is one of their best features. Here, you can explore the historic fort, unwind in the spa, cool off in the hanging pool, or even experience an adrenaline rush by ziplining across the fort. Which is why no doubt that it is one of the best weekend getaways from Delhi.

Neemrana offers a unique charm unlike other weekend getaways near Delhi. Its old-world charm, coupled with modern amenities, creates an environment where history and comfort coexist. A stroll through the fort’s seven palace wings spread across 14 layers tiered into a hill promises an adventure that’s both unique and enchanting.

Distance From Delhi: 116 Kms

2. Rishikesh

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Rishikesh, tucked away in the Himalayan foothills, is an attractive gem among weekend getaways from Delhi. This spiritual haven, which is also referred to as the “Yoga Capital of the World,” is a desirable option for weekend getaways close to Delhi because it offers both peace and adventure in equal measure.

Rishikesh, which is just a six-hour drive from the capital, has long been a popular place for people looking for spiritual insight and stunning scenery. Rishikesh stands out among the many weekend getaways from Delhi with its ethereal appeal, providing a break from the concrete cityscape.

One of the most calming places to visit near Delhi is Rishikesh because of the spirituality that permeates the entire city. One of the most well-liked weekend getaways close to Delhi, Laxman Jhula is known for its iconic Laxman Jhula, the evening ‘aarti’ at Triveni Ghat, and yoga sessions by the Ganges.

Rishikesh is not solely a spiritual destination. It provides an adrenaline rush unlike any other for thrill seekers considering weekend getaways from Delhi. It ranks easily among the best weekend getaways near Delhi and is a haven for adventure seekers with opportunities for river rafting, bungee jumping, and camping.

Among the places to visit near Delhi, Rishikesh is a versatile destination catering to different tastes. Whether you’re seeking spiritual retreats, serene surroundings, or thrilling activities, Rishikesh delivers on all fronts. As one of the weekend getaways from Delhi, it offers a wholesome break from the city’s hustle, rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul.

Distance From Delhi: 229 Kms

3. Chandigarh

Image Source : Hindustan Times

One place that effortlessly combines modernity with a rich culture when thinking about weekend getaways from Delhi is Chandigarh. Chandigarh, also referred to as the “City Beautiful,” is aptly known as one of the best weekend getaways close to Delhi because it offers a variety of experiences and exhibits a masterful sense of urban planning.

Chandigarh, about 250 km from Delhi, is a breath of fresh air among the many weekend getaways. The city is renowned for its open design, well-kept gardens, and contemporary architecture, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations close to Delhi.

Being the first planned city of independent India is Chandigarh’s claim to fame, setting it apart from other weekend getaways close to Delhi. The organised layout of the city, which stands in stark contrast to Delhi’s maze-like lanes, is a testament to the genius of Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier.

In terms of places to visit near Delhi, Chandigarh has its unique charm. The cityscape, dotted with splendid architecture, serene lakes, and enticing eateries, makes it one of the ideal weekend getaways from Delhi for those who seek relaxation amidst urban sophistication.

Distance From Delhi: 245 Kms

4. Chopta Tungnath

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Located in the verdant landscapes of Uttarakhand, Chopta Tungnath is one of the best places for weekend getaways from Delhi. The destination is known as the ‘ Mini Switzerland Of India’ because of the lush greenery and the views it offers of the Himalayan ranges.

The Chopta Tungnath trek to the highest Shiva temple in the world, offers mesmerizing vistas and spiritual solace. Abounding in rare flora and fauna, it’s a paradise for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

The mystical aura, cool climate, and tranquil surroundings make Chopta Tungnath an unmatched weekend destination, promising rejuvenation and adventure amidst pristine natural beauty.

The journey to Chopta is in itself an unforgettable experience, with winding roads leading through enchanting woods intermittently offering glimpses of snow capped mountains. Here, the air is crisp and pure, the landscapes pristine and the ambience filled with an overwhelming serenity.

Distance From Delhi: 422 Kms

5. Shimla

Image Source : Times of India

Nestled among the grandeur of the Himalayas, Shimla has long been associated with ‘Weekend Getaways.’ With its colonial charm, lush landscapes and pleasant climate this charming hill station is a popular weekend getaway from Delhi.

Shimla comes to mind immediately when one thinks of weekend getaways. Himachal Pradesh’s capital is a pleasant six-hour drive from Delhi, making it an easily accessible getaway for city dwellers. Shimla’s allure endures. The city offers a wholesome holiday experience, from colonial era architecture to panoramic views of the snowclad Himalayas to the bustling Mall Road.

The variety of Himachal Pradesh Tour Packages available makes planning a trip to Shimla simple. These packages provide comprehensive itineraries, allowing you to experience the best of this hill station without having to plan every detail. Shimla is one of the most stress-free weekend getaways from Delhi due to its ease of planning.

Shimla’s allure as a premier weekend getaway stems from its combination of natural beauty, rich culture, and tranquil ambiance. Shimla guarantees a refreshing break from the urban chaos, whether it’s a stroll down Mall Road, sipping a hot cup of tea while overlooking the Himalayas, or exploring the town’s colonial architecture.

Distance From Delhi: 348.7 Kms

6. Auli

Image Source : Times of India

As weekend getaways become more popular, destinations like Auli are emerging as popular choices for those looking for something out of the ordinary and one-of-a-kind. Auli, nestled in the snowy peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas, provides a slice of paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike making it an ideal weekend getaway from Delhi.

Auli, one of the best weekend getaways, is known for its immaculate skiing slopes, which draw skiers from all over the world. However, it is not only about winter sports. Auli is a year-round destination with lush meadows, abundant apple orchards, and panoramic views of the Nanda Devi and Nar Parvat mountains, making it ideal for weekend getaways from Delhi.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ride Asia’s longest cable car, the Gondola ride, which runs from Joshimath to Auli. The ride provides stunning views of the surrounding peaks, adding to the allure of this magical weekend getaway.

Despite being a little further away than other weekend getaways, the journey to Auli is an adventure in and of itself. The journey through winding mountain roads, dense forests, and along the Ganges river sets the tone for the enchanting holiday that awaits.

Distance From Delhi: 493 Kms

7. Binsar

Image Source : Times of India

A favourite spot for bird watchers, trekkers and passionate travellers, Binsar is one of the less-travelled places near Delhi. Besides many scenic views, it offers a breathtaking 300-degree view of the mighty Himalayas. It also offers a beautiful view of peaks such as Panchachuali and Kedarnath. 

Several spots with a majestic view of rising and setting sun make the visit to Binsar even more refreshing. Its perfect setting and weather have also made it an exquisite spot for newlyweds. Other than all the blissful sceneries, Binsar also offers thick forest cover of Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. The presence of more than two hundred species of birds makes Binsar a bird watcher’s paradise.

Distance From Delhi: 346 Kms

8. Bir Billing


These two different names, Bir and Billing have always been regarded as one. All because of the fact that these places together offer an incredible site for paragliding to not only people from India but also to visitors from all around the globe. 

While Billing serves as the launching site for gliders, the landing site lies in the southern part of Bir Billing. Apart from paragliding, the place is also popular for hand gliding, mountain biking and raw camping. It was also a venue in the Paragliding World Cup in 2015 and 2018.  The place offers thrill and adventure on one hand and peace of the Himalayan mountains on the other.

Bir Tibetan Colony that was established as a refugee settlement only adds to the purity of this place. The colony houses numerous charming monasteries and temples. Visiting them is a treat for the soul. Besides this, shopping from the Tibetan markets and treating yourself with true Tibetan cuisines are some of the things that shouldn’t be missed. All thanks to the influence of Tibetan culture over the years, restaurants and cafes of this place offer some lip-smacking Tibetan food. Make sure you at least try one dish when you visit the place.

Distance From Delhi: 485.7 Kms

9. Kanatal

Image Source : Times of India

If you are looking for some quality time in the mountains then going on a Kanatal Tour which offers a perfect hill-top experience is the ideal spot. A walk through the Kodai jungle in Kanatal is filled with uncountable scenic views. The jungle also caters to many adventure activities like rock climbing, rope climbing, zip-lining etc. 

The place is nearby Tehri Dam and a visit there for enjoying water sports is a must thing to do as the place is a special attraction for exciting water sports such as Banana Boat Ride, Jet-Skiing, Surfing, Motor Boat Ride. A little dose of adrenaline from these sports will definitely spark the energy in you.

Distance From Delhi: 304 Kms

10. Parashar Lake

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Snow-capped mountains surrounding the beautiful blue lake with fast-flowing cold water of river Beas, Parashar lake is one stunning place to rejuvenate your mind. Along with the amazing setting, the stories of the lake is also quite intriguing. 

According to the legends, the lake was created as a dent in the land by Bheem, who was one of the Pandavas. Bheem smashed the land with his hands and created this gorgeous lake. The picture-perfect blue lake is a peaceful yet exciting place to visit. 

Trek to Parashar lake offers amazing views of several beautiful water streams and forest trails alongside the marvellous view of mountains in Kullu valley. Another exciting thing about the lake is that the depth of it is still not known. No one has been able to find the depth of the lake.

Distance From Delhi: 467 Kms

11. Sattal

Image Source : Tripadvisor

You may get mesmerized by the unreal beauty of this wondrous place that cradles seven different lakes together. The site of these freshwater lakes against the backdrop of tall oak and pines trees is out of this world. You would surely like to boat around in these lakes and enjoy the sunset. 

The desirable weather of Sattal makes it a perfect spot not just for travellers but also for migratory birds. If you visit the place during the season, you would be amazed to see so many different species of birds flying across the lakes. Hands down, the place is worth your time. 

Distance From Delhi: 333.5 Kms

12. Lansdowne

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This vintage hill station is a true testament of the royalty of the British Indian Army. It’s a cantonment town with the serenity of tall mountains and deep valleys. 

A few of the things that stand out in Lansdowne are Tip N Top View Point that sits atop a ridge overlooking the town, St. Mary Cathedral Church and the 150-year old cemetery which still is haunted if locals are to be believed. 

Serene surroundings along with pleasant weather lets the town host no commotion and hence, this place is one of best Weekend Getaways From Delhi.

Distance From Delhi: 345 Kms

13. Nag Tibba

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Nag Tibba range is an unadulterated beauty that is relatively still not known to many. It sits on the highest point in the Lesser Himalayas and offers a breathtaking view of the peaks of the Himalayas. 

The town is also known for some of the thrilling treks and is even considered among favourites of rookie trekkers. Lesser people travelling to this place has made it an exclusive spot. You would love to spend some quality time with friends and family alike.

Distance From Delhi: 328 Kms

14. Nainital

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There is nothing more soothing than a serene surrounding and soothing sound of the gushing lake water. If you don’t believe it, visiting the stunning resort town of Nainital will make you believe it. 

The place truly offers an experience that stays for a lifetime. This beautiful town also offers stunning views of a lake; you can hop on the ropeway ride and see for yourself how beautiful the lake looks from an aerial view. The 3-minute rope ride takes you to Snow Point which gives a mesmerising view of the Himalayas.

Distance From Delhi: 323 Kms

15. Jaipur

Image Source : The Economic Times

Weekend getaways from Delhi conjure up images of serenity and rejuvenation, a much-needed respite from the city’s hustle and bustle. But what if we added some royal grandeur and cultural richness to it? Doesn’t that sound appealing? With its magnificent forts, vibrant markets, and exquisite cuisine, Jaipur is one of the best weekend getaways near Delhi.

Jaipur, the ‘Pink City,’ is steeped in history and culture. It is a part of the Golden Triangle tourist circuit and its proximity to Delhi makes it an excellent choice among weekend getaways from Delhi. Just a five hour drive from the capital city, Jaipur with its splendid architecture and lively atmosphere, offers a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration.

Among the myriad weekend getaways from Delhi, Jaipur holds a distinct charm. It’s a city where history comes alive through its magnificent palaces and bustling bazaars. The iconic Hawa Mahal, the grand Amber Fort, the majestic City Palace, and the royal Jantar Mantar are must-visits, making Jaipur a favoured destination among places to visit near Delhi.

One of the most appealing aspects of weekend getaways near Delhi, such as Jaipur, is the chance to immerse oneself in local culture. You can spend hours exploring Jaipur’s colourful markets, which are known for their traditional jewellery, textiles, and handicrafts. Furthermore, the culinary delights of the city, from the famous Dal Baati Churma to the sweet Ghevar, provide a royal treat to the taste buds.

Distance From Delhi: 306 Kms

The journey from the chaos of the city to the charm of these getaways is more than just a journey measured in kilometres; it’s about the countless memories you make. These weekend getaways near Delhi have something for everyone, whether you’re a history buff, an adventure junkie, a spiritual seeker, or someone in need of a peaceful retreat.

So, the next time the monotony of city life gets to you, pack your bags, hit the road, and visit one of these enchanted places. A weekend getaway from Delhi could be just what you need to refresh your senses and try something new. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Weekend Getaways From Delhi

1. Which place is near to Delhi for a two day trip?

There are many places which are near Delhi for a two day trip, some of the most popular ones are Agra, Jaipur, Neemrana, and Rishikesh.

2. What are the less known getaways near Delhi?

Some of the best offbeat places near Delhi for weekend getaways are Lansdowne, Bharatpur, Kuchesar, Binsar and Mukteshwar.

3. Which hill station is near Delhi?

Mussorie, Nainital, Lansdowne, Kasauli, and Shimla are the most popular hill stations near Delhi which fall under a radius of 350 Kms. 

4. Where can I spend 4 hours in Delhi?

Some famous options where you can spend 4 hours in Delhi include historical monuments like Qutub Minar, Jantar Mantar, Red Fort, and Humayun’s Tomb. One can also spend some time at India Gate, shop at Chandni Chowk, visit a museum, or explore markets like Sarojini Nagar and Lajpat Nagar.

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